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Vacuum cleaner is an ideal aid in the matter of cleaning. Probably, there is not a single housewife who could imagine a quality cleaning without this miracle of technology. But how to choose a good vacuum cleaner? First of all, you need to focus on proven brands and reviews of other buyers. One of the best household appliances are the units of the company Dyson. They are comfortable, technological and able to quickly remove any, even very complex dirt.

We analyzed a variety of models on the market and compiled for you the TOP-best Dyson vacuum cleaners. Immediately make a reservation that the technology of this brand is quite expensive, and the high cost can be considered a common shortcoming for all models. Nevertheless, if you are ready to spend and focus exclusively on high quality cleaning, our rating of the best Dyson vacuum cleaners is for you.

Wireless Models

An excellent choice for those who do not want to mess with bulky vacuum cleaners, and prefers a quick and easy cleaning in just a few minutes. The indisputable advantage of such vacuum cleaners is mobility, light weight and the ability to operate without wires and sockets. The main disadvantage is the limited time of uninterrupted work, which may simply not be enough for high-quality cleaning of large premises.

Dyson V8 Absolute

The largest number of positive user reviews received this particular vacuum cleaner. The unit is battery powered and can continuously remove dust for 40 minutes. It can be used exclusively for dry cleaning.

Vacuum cleaner is very light and compact. He will not take much space in your house. The set provides a huge number of nozzles for a wide variety of surfaces. With Absolute V8, cleaning will be quick and efficient. The long tube will allow you to reach the most inaccessible corners of the apartment, and the maneuverable brush fits snugly to the floor. This makes dust absorption even better. Cordless vacuum cleaner Dyson V8 Absolute perfectly cleans in any position, they can collect dust even on the walls, even on the ceiling.


  • popular brand;
  • high-capacity cadmium rechargeable battery;
  • long battery life;
  • motorized brushes included;
  • perfectly collects animal hair;
  • large selection of nozzles;
  • does not have consumables in the form of a bag for collecting dust;
  • has a turbo mode;
  • power regulator;
  • light weight;
  • capacious trash bin - 0.54 l;
  • quality filter cyclone;
  • no power cord( nothing is confused and does not cling);
  • wall storage system.


  • cannot be used for cleaning fine building dust( alabaster, cement);
  • in turbo mode battery lasts for 10 minutes;
  • there is no container for storage of nozzles.

Dyson V6 Fluffy

Continues the review of not less demanded vacuum cleaner from the popular company. Compared with the previous model, it is a bit cheaper. However, the characteristics of his much more modest. For example, a fully charged battery lasts only 20 minutes of operation, and the cyclone filter is designed for only 0.42 liters of garbage.

The suction power of this model is also slightly less - 0.1 kWh. But it weighs even less than its predecessor, only 2.04 kg. The Fluffy vacuum cleaner can quietly crawl into the most remote corners, which makes it an indispensable tool in the cleaning process.


  • no bag;
  • many nozzles;
  • economical power consumption;
  • long composite tube;
  • electric brush for collecting animal hair;
  • low weight and modest dimensions;
  • wall mount;
  • maneuverability and lack of wires;
  • storage convenience.


  • is not a very long continuous work;
  • full charge in 4 hours.

Dyson DC30 Portable

This model is one of the smallest and lightest Dyson vacuum cleaners. Ideal for daily quick dry cleaning. The weight of the unit is only 1.23 kg, so even a very fragile girl can easily cope with it. The volume of the dust bin is 0.35 l.

This portable vacuum cleaner has a charging indicator. So you will notice in time that it's time to take a break. The device is equipped with high-quality lithium-ion battery, which is fully charged in 3.5 hours.

The kit includes a slotted and combined nozzles. With them you can remove both soft and hard surfaces. It is almost an ideal device for cleanly hostesses.


  • several nozzles;
  • very low weight;
  • capacious trash bin;
  • the most compact size;
  • battery charge indicator.


  • low suction power - 40 W;
  • there is no power regulator.

Dyson 360 eye

This vacuum cleaner is better for those who don’t want to touch the vacuum cleaner and are ready to pay for the brand. Dyson 360 eye is one of the most high-tech models. This robot vacuum cleaner will put an apartment in order without your participation at all. The caterpillar unit moves independently, and special sensors located along the perimeter will protect the device from collisions with furniture. For additional protection, the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a rubber bumper.

Dyson 360 eye is a great helper for very busy people who want to live clean and do not have time to clean.

Positive aspects:

  • long battery life - up to 45 minutes at low power;
  • availability of a remote control from a smartphone using a special application;
  • excellent suction power;
  • full battery only 40 minutes;
  • independently evaluates the fill level of the battery and finds a base for recharging;
  • has a function of self-recognition of objects( wires, curtains).


  • is sometimes confused between the legs of the chair;
  • does not always clean up; it can skip certain places;
  • is rather tall, crawls badly under low furniture.

Cylindrical aggregates

Such vacuum cleaners are preferred by those who are accustomed to more classic models. Devices are hygienic and easy to clean. You do not have to constantly buy extra bags for garbage. Filters are also easy to clean and do not require replacement. Even very large vacuum cleaners are quite easy to control. This is achieved through a specially developed ball system instead of the usual wheels.

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro

An excellent device for high-quality dry cleaning of the room. The unit has a high suction capacity of 0.25 kWh and a bulk garbage container 1.6 liters. To process different surfaces with high quality, you can choose one of the many nozzles.

The vacuum cleaner is designed so that when it falls, it returns to its original position. It is quite maneuverable, so you can easily remove even a very cluttered room. For convenience of cleaning special hinges are built in a handle. With their help, you can rotate the brush 360 degrees.

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animalpro is a very economical device. For quality work you do not need to buy bags or often clean the filters.


  • constant suction power;
  • bulk dirt container;
  • replacement nozzles with just 1 button;
  • telescopic tube nozzle for inaccessible places;
  • very long electrical wire —6.6 m;
  • has a fine filter;
  • provides a movable hinge on the handle;
  • large selection of nozzles, including the "turbo";
  • very maneuverable;
  • automatic cord winder.


  • there is no power regulator;
  • considerable weight - 7.7 kg.

Dyson DC29 dB Origin

Excellent cyclone vacuum cleaner with high suction power. Perfectly is suitable for dry cleaning of the apartment, does not demand change of bags. Simply pour the dirt from the container, by the way, quite roomy( 2 liters).


  • is quite economical, takes only 1.4 kWh from the network;
  • volumetric trash bin;
  • long cord - 6.5 m;
  • filtering is fine;
  • acceptable weight - 5.7 kg;
  • selection of nozzles;
  • automatic cable wiring;
  • rubber wheels;
  • storage space for attachments;
  • good power.


  • no power adjustment.

Dyson DC37 Allergy Musclehead

Another quite worthy model from the company "Dyson".With a power consumption of just 1.8 kWh, the device pulls dust with a power of 350 watts. The container is quite voluminous - 2 liters, and filling it does not affect the operation of the unit.

Included is a fine filter, so that as a result of cleaning the air in the house will be clean and fresh. The cord length( 6.5 m) allows you to reach into the farthest corners of the room. The set provides a large selection of nozzles, including for cleaning under low-standing furniture.


  • low weight - 4 kg;
  • autolock cord system;
  • range of action - 9.3 m;
  • can be used in rooms where allergic persons live;
  • good maneuverability;
  • high-quality cleaning;
  • is fairly quiet;
  • interesting design;
  • high assembly level.

Negative moments:

  • there is no power adjustment.

Vertical vacuum cleaners

Unlike stationary cyclonic vacuum cleaners, vertical ones have much smaller dimensions and are more maneuverable. Such devices are much easier to penetrate into remote corners of the house and provide fast and high-quality cleaning.

The fact that in the process of cleaning the hostess has to move the entire vacuum cleaner as a whole can be considered a significant drawback of all models. And the weight of individual models can be very noticeable.

Dyson DC51 Multi Floor

Excellent handheld vacuum cleaner that easily penetrates under cabinets and beds, maneuvering between chairs, armchairs and sofas. Despite the fairly high suction power, the device works fairly quietly. He quickly bring order and not too disturb the household with its noise.

The unit is compact enough and takes up little storage space. The kit includes several attachments and also a turbo brush.


  • quick and efficient cleaning;
  • perfectly removes animal hair;
  • thoroughly cleans the air;
  • can be used by allergies;
  • 800 ml cyclone filter;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • turbo brush + set of nozzles;
  • filters do not require replacement( wash and dry);
  • silent operation;
  • good suction power;
  • fine filter;
  • is easy to maintain;
  • compact.


  • no power adjustment;
  • is quite heavy - 5.4 kg;
  • there is no cord autoloader;
  • is not very stable.

Dyson DC42 Allergy

Completes the rating of the best vacuum cleaners "Dyson" new super-agile unit. Specially designed system allows you to control the unit with just one hand. The vacuum cleaner penetrates all remote corners and is able to unfold literally on the spot.

DC42 Allergy is equipped with a special electric brush. Its base is able to independently determine the type of coating and adapt to it. On the bare floor, she perfectly collects even very small motes, and on carpets and other surfaces she carefully winds cat's hair and long hair.

Special filter system allows you to capture microscopic dust particles. So this vacuum cleaner will be very pleased with allergies. The cyclone system does not require a constant change of bags. The vacuum cleaner is cleaned with just one hand movement.

The kit provides a quick-detachable tube, with which it is very convenient to clean on the steps and a variety of high surfaces. The DC42 Allergy does not have a standard powering system. It is enough to tilt the unit to itself and the smart machine will determine the desired mode of operation.

Positive qualities:

  • excellent suction power;
  • electric brush with a separate engine;
  • high maneuverability;
  • ease of management;
  • cyclone filter does not require the use of consumables;
  • shockproof housing;
  • quality filtration system;
  • wide selection of nozzles.


  • no automatic cord winding system;
  • works only from the network;
  • fairly tight flexible hose;
  • when working with a hose it is impossible to fix the vacuum cleaner itself.


We have brought to your attention the TOP-best vacuum cleaners "Dyson" and honestly told about their shortcomings and merits. When choosing a suitable model, it is best to focus on your own needs: the frequency of cleaning, the dimensions of the apartment, the load on the rooms with furniture and appliances.

For frequent cleaning it is advisable to purchase lighter and more compact models, and powerful multifunctional vacuum cleaners are perfect for general cleaning of the apartment. Those who have in their home animals prone to regular molting, special attention should be paid to the presence of a complete electrical or turbo brush, as well as suction power. Enjoy the shopping!

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