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The home appliance market is full of various offers from various manufacturers. However, how among them to choose a reliable representative of the goods, in particular, which washing machine to choose?

Today we will talk about Indesit washing machines, a brand known in all countries of the world, which has proved to be quite good ratings.

Brand History Indesit

Company with Italian roots. It began its existence in 1975, its competitor was beaten by the previously established firm of Aristide Merloni. Later, part of this company( production of washing machines) was transferred to Vitorio( the son of the founder).

However, the success of the Indesit brand grew, production flourished. In 1989, Vitoria managed to redeem the brand Indesit. Since that time, the two well-known brands Ariston and Indesit belong to Elettrodomestici, with the main office still in Fabriano.

Indesit brand products outperformed Ariston in the ratings. Therefore, Vitorio resorts to renaming the company from Ariston to Indesit Company( 2005).

. The production and assembly of washing machines are currently being done in different countries of the world and their list is constantly expanding.

The company annually releases approximately thirteen million items of goods. In terms of production, it ranks third in Europe.

Pros and cons of washing machines Indesit

Each technique has its own special advantages, but not without drawbacks. Sometimes they are absolutely not significant against the background of the prevailing signs. In order to objectively evaluate a particular technique, it is worthwhile to compare the pros and cons. Consider them.


Huge selection of models. The firm will satisfy the needs of every consumer. Depending on the parameters of the room and needs, you can choose the appropriate machine:

  • With a different type of loading: vertical or frontal( provides an overview of the washing process) loading.
  • Drum capacity: can hold from 3.5 kg to 9 kg of linen.
  • In terms of dimensions: standard and narrow. Some of the models are able to fit under the sink.
  • According to the program range, you can choose a washing machine: with the usual list of programs or with advanced functionality. Standard programs typically provide basic types of washing with no extra features. This allows you to choose the most economical option for the price.
  1. Modern models are equipped with the latest technology that significantly saves energy - Energy Save and Eco Time.
  2. Water Balance is an Indesit typewriter technology that allows you to control and reduce the amount of water used.
  3. Optimum price. Washing machines of this brand have an average price category, however, you can choose an economy version, which is represented by models with simple functionality. In general, the price is fully justified and consistent with the quality.
  4. The quality of washing at a high level.
  5. Rarely breaks.
  6. Practically does not produce excessive noise, provided proper installation.

With a quality assembly and components, the life time of the Indesit washing machine is approximately 8 years. These are the washers assembled in Italy.

Chinese assembly will last up to 5 years. According to the analysis, washing machines assembled in Russia on the basis of Chinese components are most often repaired.


Consumers do not express criticism during operation. Statistics show that they also break quite rarely. However, even if there are observations to the technique, they are associated with the failure of the machine( breakage).The following faults are most common:

  1. More often than the other components the bearings break and need to be repaired.
  2. The consequence of improper( poor quality) assembly is the presence of excessive vibration and noise in the work.
  3. The heating level switch often breaks down and needs repair.
  4. The control panel often fails due to poor quality unit. Especially sensitive model 2012 release.
  5. Frequent breakage of the heating element. The fact is that in these washing machines they do not have additional protection against scale. Therefore, this leads to frequent failure of the heater, and as a result of its replacement.
  6. Among the failures there are problems with the engine capacitor. Through combustion, it must be replaced.

Rating the best models

The world's leading Indesit washing machines have a wide range of positions. Among them, their particular models deserve special attention. In particular, the ranking of the best Indesit washing machines is presented by:

  1. The narrow-sized Indesit IWUB 4105 model, with a loading depth of 33 cm, which allows it to be placed in a small-sized bathroom. Allows you to load up to 4 kg of underwear with 1 thousand revolutions. Equipped with standard programs for washing different fabrics. Noted for low cost. In terms of functionality, it fully meets the needs of a small family.
  2. Indesit WIUN 81 is a front-loading model, with parameters 60x33x85 cm. Wash class and energy saving belongs to category A. It provides a standard, but absolutely satisfactory list of programs for washing clothes from different fabrics. For the price is a budget option. A feature of the model is the ability to switch programs in the running mode of washing, inherent only in certain types of machines.
  3. Indesit NWSK 8128 L is a model with front loading type with a hatch with a diameter of 49 cm. Standard dimensions( 85x44x60 cm).Includes 18 programs, spin allows up to 1200 revolutions. Provides for the regulation of heating temperature and speed.
  4. Indesit ITW E 71252 G - model with vertical loading. Allows you to download up to 7 kg of linen and the level of the press to 1200 rpm. Marked by a digital display. Includes 14 programs of washing different types of fabrics. For the price is not cheap. However, it is noted for compactness, ease of management and capacity.
  5. Indesit XWDE 861480X W - this model provides the drying function. When loading up to 8 kg of washing, it allows to dry 6 kg of the washed laundry. The high level of revolutions is up to 1400. The high quality of washing according to energy consumption falls into category A. In addition, it provides the remarkable “odor removal” function. Made in Italy, which makes it more reliable. Reasonable at the price, considering big functionality and the Italian production.
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