Which electric BBQ stove is better for home

  • Do you need a BBQ at home?
  • Selection Criteria, which cannot be ignored
  • Vertical or horizontal
  • TOP 7 barbecue players in 2018 rated by users

Do you like barbecue? Still would! Nourishing, fat, juicy and fragrant - it makes your heads spin both adults and children. What a pity that it is possible to feast on this wonderful dish only in the warm season. It turned out due to technical progress, today there is such a thing as a kebab maker on the market of electrical goods. Another question is how to choose a BBQ for the house in 2018?Now write it down! Ready? Then go shopping!

Do you need a BBQ at home?

Electric barbecue maker - money for wind or household items, without which you can not live. When buying a barbeque, people usually paint a picture in their imagination, to put it mildly, far from reality. Therefore, before buying, it is still better for you to realize that an electric barbecue machine can never “repeat” the taste of meat roasted over an open fire. But to say that the taste can not be worse, because it is different.

So, the buyers of this item of technology are divided into two types:

  • disappointed after several "hot".Why? Yes, because a lot of meat can not pozharish, and wash the device troublesome. In general, money down the drain.
  • Satisfied owners of an alternative to open fire, who with great pleasure arrange a "kebab weekend" in a circle of seven or friends. They just enjoy the process and communication.

If you have decided which type of consumer you are, the most time is right:

  • or close the article, as you are confused by the washing of dishes after a hearty lunch.
  • or read the text further and choose for yourself the best "barbecue" unit.

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A selection criterion that cannot be ignored

Buying any appliance is an investment. And, of course, she must always be justified. Do not chase stocks and other marketing "pieces" that block your common sense. Even if it seems to you that it is very profitable. Believe me, when the euphoria passes, a hard break begins.

To avoid regrets. Check the purchase from "A" to "Z".Pay special attention to the material from which the electric BBQ was made. So, the home "cook" can be aluminum or stainless steel. Aluminum is a light material that is convenient to take with you. But to call it durable is quite difficult.

The stainless steel is strong, but it weighs quite a lot, so you don’t wear it with yourself and often. Here, of course, you decide what is more important: strength or mobility. And further. Like it or not, and the barbecue must be kept clean. To facilitate the task of caring for the device, buy a collapsible type design. It will save both your time and kilometers of your nerves.

The main parameter - the performance of

. Like any other device, the barbecue house for the house attracts with its power. After all, the higher this figure, the more opportunities are “embedded” in the unit. For example, a “600 kelt barbecue cook will be able to cook some meat at a moderate pace. It will suit you if you never hurry anywhere.

But if a lot of hungry friends are hanging over you, who run off the scent, a “weak aggregate” will only spoil your mood. You are the “soul” of the company, and your home is the territory of holidays and parties? Immediately choose a powerful 2600 watt unit( i.e., a device with maximum performance).Such a "kebab machine" will cope with a large amount of meat in 10-30 minutes. While the meat is cooked, treat your guests with a tasty salad and a funny history. In extreme cases, start reading poetry. It will definitely confuse them and distract them from thoughts about food.

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Vertical or horizontal

As you continue to read this post further, you have really serious intentions to get an electric barbecue keeper for the house. Then we start to choose the unit.

If to speak frankly, all the barbeque for one person. Therefore, in appearance it is quite difficult to determine whether the device is of high quality or “bullshit”.Structures are divided into two types: vertical and horizontal.

  • Vertical. Have a cylindrical shape. Heater( heating element) is located in the middle( the optimal location for even roasting), skewers are placed around it( 5-10 pieces per approach).The heating element itself is covered with a glass( heat-resistant) cap. Below, under the skewers, is placed a container into which “meat juice” and fat get into during the frying process.
  • Horizontal. "Grind" on the grill. The size is much smaller and more spacious. In a single approach, such a barbeque maker can cook one and a half, or even twice as much meat as the vertical one. The heating element is usually located at the top or bottom.

TOP 7 barbeque makers of 2018 by

user rating Let's speak frankly. In such quantities as we( the former USSR), nobody eats kebabs. Therefore, the market is filled mainly with Russian-made units and, to a lesser extent, China. How to choose if the BBQ of a domestic manufacturer is not credible? Let's get acquainted with the rating of the highest quality units for cooking kebabs according to buyers.


This model takes the first place in the Hit Parade. This is a vertical barbeque maker of the Russian company “Hydroagregat” with a characteristic name. The model has proven itself from the best side. Its only minus can be called a small load( the kit includes five 18 cm skewers and 5 bowls for collecting fats).That is, at one time the device will prepare 850 grams of meat( or other products).

The device is made of stainless steel, equipped with unheated plastic handles and a protective screen for even cooking kebabs. Device power - 1000 watts.

Kitfort KT-1402

The electronic unit attracts attention not only for its technical characteristics, but also for its pleasant design. Body materials - stainless steel with plastic. The package includes five skewers with comfortable plastic handles and five containers for collecting fat.

Power 1000 watts. Infrared TEN "dressed" in a heat-reflecting casing. Rotating skewers. All this - a set for a fun pastime. The disadvantages are the high cost and low load.

; Smile GB 3313

But this model of a barbeque differs from its own kind in the presence of a timer. This means that you can safely put the meat( or something tasty) for a certain time( up to 40 minutes) and calmly do other things. And follow the process of cooking kebabs, you can instruct your cat and, of course, the timer.

Great Rivers Hunting-4

What an inspiring title. By the way, the brand is Chinese. But the barbecue "Hunting-6" is also a kind of muse. .. Muse of "home picnics".And the unit is in demand no less than the previous models of TOP.And that's why.

  1. Price. The design is collected on the conscience and from good materials. Moreover, its cost is quite “lifting” for most lovers of tasty food.
  2. Reliable, and most importantly a simple heating element, the power of which( think) 1400 watts.

Simply press the button and you can immediately start cooking kebabs. Enjoy your meal!

Mystery MOT-3321

Horizontal “brother” of the grill with great opportunities for cooking various products( for details, see the device passport).Equipped with heat-resistant glass, the capacity of the camera - 21 liters, power - 1500 watts.

Wonderful EL-8

With such a unit to feed a large company - just spit. After all, it holds up to 1.8 kg of raw foods. Power - 1450 watts. Despite its spaciousness, the device is compact and relatively light.


Already from the name you can guess that the unit is roomy. And it is true. In it at a time you can cook up to 2 kg of favorite foods. Power device - 1800 watts. Of course, with such spaciousness it is impossible to achieve compactness, and this is completely unnecessary. The advantages of the model cover such a small disadvantage as size.


When buying any electrical device, first read the document passport. Usually this is never done( well, almost), but in vain. In it you will find a lot of useful information that will not only help you understand the functionality, but also significantly extend the life of the device. The manufacturer knows better how to properly care for his “child”.

We finally reached the home straight. We hope this article has helped you figure out how to choose a BBQ House in 2018.In any case, do not be lazy to leave a comment! See you again!

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