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Fresh bakery products can be extended.Fresh bakery products can be extended.

How to keep the bread fresh for a long time? This question bothers me for a long time, since our family pastry is always there. One day, I was determined to find out whether it is possible to store bread in the fridge and what to do, so it is not moldy. I share my notes.

Proper storage of bread

The home is very easy to maintain the freshness of a loaf of bread. But above all, we must avoid zacherstveniya and mold. Therefore I propose to find out how and where to store grain properly.

7 ways to prolong freshness

What are the options of storage of bakery products?

Picture recommendations
table_pic_att14939250921 Method 1. Cloth or paper

If you take a clean linen bag and wrap it in bread, the product will remain fresh for 7 days.

Instead of towels you can use parchment paper.

table_pic_att14939250932 Method 2. Plastic bag

Make shopping bags in a few holes that bread is not callous. So it will be fresh for 3-5 days.

Method 3. special bag

In larger shops you can buy a bag for storage of flour products. Special three-layer structure makes it possible to preserve the freshness of bread for 10 days.

The price of these bags is quite high, so you can make your own hands: in a regular linen bag is inserted into a perforated plastic bag and closed the gasket of X / B fabric.

table_pic_att14939250953 Method 4. proper cutting

Cut the loaf from the end and in the middle. Cut off from the middle of each half of the required amount of product slices fold and tightly to each other the remaining part rolls. So you renew the softness of the stick for 2-3 days.

table_pic_att14939250974 Method 5. In the freezing chamber

Can I store the bread in the freezer? It is possible, but only at about -18 ° C. The term will be up to 6 months (see photo example frozen products).

After the freeze-thaw product will grow stale quickly, so take only the amount that will be able to use immediately.

table_pic_att14939250985 Method 6. breadbasket

There are plastic, wood and metal breadbox. In a breadbox to keep the best product?

In Berestovs and juniper, as these types of wood have antiseptic properties.

table_pic_att14939251006 Method 7. An Apple

Save biscuit pastry soft for several days can be, if you put it in a sealed pan with green apple.

I will give some tips to the product has not lost its taste maximum period:

  • Putting the loaves in the refrigerator should not be. At a temperature of +2 ° C begins to actively grow stale bread.
  • The product, which was pulled from the bread machine or oven, it is necessary to cool. Hot loaf can not be packaged and frozen.
  • Do not put the house in one container products from different types of flour. They must be placed in separate sealed packages.
  • Regularly wipe the breadbasket vinegarTo disinfect a surface.
Different types of rolls must be in separate packages.Different types of rolls must be in separate packages.

How to bring back the freshness of bread?

Unfortunately, flour products can harden and mold. And if in the first case, a roll can still be saved, then in the second case there are no chances.

Why moldy bread? It's all about moisture and sealing the package. The finished product has a certain amount of moisture, so if the package does not allow it to "breathe", within the mold begins to actively proliferate.

Eat moldy food is hazardous to health.Eat moldy food is hazardous to health.

What can you do with stale product, as it is to revive?

Picture Guide to Action
table_pic_att14939251079 Method 1. Crackers

Cut loaf slices on a suitable size, air dry it in an oven or in a pan and serve as crackers.

If the dry bread, chop, you get the breadcrumbs.

table_pic_att149392510810 Method 2. Oven
  1. Sprinkle the loaf with water.
  2. Put it in the oven for 3 minutes at a temperature of 150 ° C.
  3. The taste is noticeably improved.
table_pic_att149392511111 Method 3. Thermos

Fold the sliced ​​loaf in a hot thermos. Its properties are restored.

This method will return the softness of the cookies and other sweet pastries.

table_pic_att149392511212 Method 4. steam

Cut the stale loaf into small cubes and fold in a sieve or gauze bag. Hold the pan over boiling a couple of minutes.

table_pic_att149392511313 Method 5. Casserole

Pour sliced ​​loaf of egg mixture and return to oven for 30 minutes. It turns out very tasty and satisfying dish.


Now I use only these methods, storage of bakery products. Well, if it happens that the stale loaf, I have to arming methods that give him a second life. Try it and you follow these tips to your table was fresh, fragrant and tasty bread.

Videos in this article show the visual instructions on how to keep the bread soft. And you have a way to store bread? Share secrets in the comments!

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