How to keep peeled garlic longer

Garlic refers to products that are quite common in food. Most use it in the preparation of various dishes constantly. Sometimes it turns out that after cooking you are left with a few cleaned teeth, which you did not have time to use. Then the question arises how to store the peeled garlic so that it does not spoil.

How long can you store garlic

The conditions under which it is necessary to store the fruits of a plant in a purified form depend on the chemical composition and the time of its collection. In order to find out how best to save it in order to avoid damage to the product, you need to take into account several factors:

  • Garlic is of two types: spring and winter( arrowhead).The second type gives a much larger crop than the first, but it can be stored for quite a short time. Gather it in the spring and it can be stored maximum until the fall. Accordingly, only spring is suitable for long storage( for the whole winter).
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  • The substances found in garlic have a strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. Thanks to them, this plant can not only be well preserved, but also serve as a natural preservative for various products.
  • Fresh garlic fruits are more likely to wilt than to destruction. That is, being in an inappropriate place for storage, garlic can become soft and flabby, which is undesirable for its use.

If you have peeled garlic cloves and are going to apply it soon, it would be advisable to put them in the fridge. There they will be able to lie safely for several days. The head with undivided teeth can remain there for about a month. If this period is not enough, you need to use other options.

Long-term storage of

If you have cleaned a certain amount of garlic, say, one or two heads, and it did not come in handy, do not be discouraged. The plant can remain in a purified form fresh and tasty for quite a long period, for example, all winter. There are several storage methods for this. They can also be used if you specifically want to store a large amount of peeled garlic.

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flour Prepare the right amount of glass jars with well-closed lids. Before starting the process of filling the jars will need to be sterilized. This can be done with boiling water or hot steam. Then dry the container and let it cool.

A small amount of garlic cloves is placed on the bottom, then flour is poured. Flour must be clean, dry and free of parasites in the form of bugs. Then close the container with tightly fitting lids and place them in a dark, dry place. In this form, flour is also well preserved, since the chemical composition of the plant does not allow pests to start in it.

With the help of salt

Peeled slices can be perfectly kept fresh and juicy, using regular table salt. It is considered a natural preservative, allowing products to retain their beneficial properties for a long time.

Take a clean, dry container with no holes. At the bottom of a dense layer pour salt. Then the cleaned teeth are also packed tightly and on top is another layer of salt. Thus fill the entire container. Close the container tightly and store in a special place for storage.

In vegetable oil

This method is a bit more complicated, but after storage garlic will acquire additional taste qualities. Take the required number of glass jars and prepare them by sterilizing. Garlic, peeled and disassembled, put the garlic in a jar, filling the entire container, and cover with vegetable oil.

Butter any, sunflower, olive and others. If desired, you can put in addition different spices, dried herbs, etc. Oil, soaked in spices, is further used as a dressing for salads.

Marinated in wine

You can also save garlic, pickling it in wine. Put the peeled slices into a glass container so that it is completely filled. Then fill it with any dry wine on top, the color does not matter. Close the container with a tight lid and store.

Universal Seasoning

You can make garlic seasoning, which you will later add to any dish as a universal one. Mix peeled and chopped garlic with salt in equal proportions. Add any dried herbs to your taste in the same quantity and mix well. Put in a dry clean container, close well and store in the cabinet.


You can also freeze garlic for long storage. At the same time the slices can be whole or finely chopped. Put prepared garlic in a dry container or in baking foil. Well close and put in the freezer. In order not to defrost the whole mass each time, divide the product into small parts in advance.

Garlic Puree

Another way to make universal seasoning. The teeth are ground into mush using a blender. Then add olive oil, in proportions of 2: 1.Mix well and put in storage in the refrigerator, close the lid. Such mashed potatoes are ready to eat at any time.

Storage Rules

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In addition to applying the above recipes, you must follow the relevant rules for keeping the product for a long time and without loss of quality:

  • For long-term storage, you need to take only fresh fruits of good quality, without any signs of deterioration.
  • It is better to store closed jars of harvested garlic in a cool dark place just below room temperature. In a warm room, the fruits of garlic can begin to deteriorate, so you need to periodically check them for suitability.
  • Cleaned fresh slices should not be kept in a closed plastic bag, as this will cause condensation to form. Mold will quickly appear on the teeth.

Observing all the necessary conditions, you can keep this healthy product fresh and juicy for a long time. Take care in advance of how you will store garlic, to use it as needed.

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