Create a new look of the garden with a vaccination tape from China

Fresh and tasty apples or apricots are not always propagated with seedlings. Trees with fruits of different shapes and shades look much more effective. Therefore, for pruning( kidney) and copulation( cuttings) use special pruning shears and a vaccination tape. Thanks to these devices, much can be achieved.

Purpose of the tape

These works are carried out at the end of the summer. The first grafts are planted with seeds( apricots and cherries), and then with seeds( pears and apples).Considering these features of cultures, the grafting tape should perform the following functions:

  • fix the shoot;
  • serve as a protective film against pests( insects, fungi and pathogenic bacteria);
  • to prevent drying of the cut;
  • accelerate the engraftment process.
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To achieve this result, you need to choose the right material for grafting trees and shrubs. The future of the germ depends on its quality and chemical composition.

Benefits of the

inoculum If you use ordinary scrap materials for inoculation, you will have to spend a lot of time, effort and money. In addition, there is no guarantee that you can achieve the desired result. Therefore, a special vaccine film has several advantages:

  1. It is made from bio-degradable material. Sunlight destroys the shell in just six months, which is environmentally friendly and quite practical.
  2. Self-adhesive base, which begins to stick only when stretched. In the composition there is a small percentage of wax, as well as polyolefin. As a result, at the junction of the plant there will be no stagnant moisture.
  3. Elastic film. When processing wood, it fits snugly to the trunk. Stretched as the branches grow. It does not form constrictions that block the flow of nutrients. Moreover, the escape is not injured.
  4. Width - 2.5 cm, and length - one meter. Such parameters allow economical use of the tape. One vaccination takes from 3 to 5 turns. So, the gardener has enough product for several hundreds of buddings.
  5. The film has a transparent and porous structure. This allows you to observe how the sting takes root. However, the bark can "breathe", providing access to oxygen graft.
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The winding procedure should be carried out from the lowest point and to the top. At the same time it is necessary to stretch the film as much as possible in order to avoid dehydration. Also, do not strongly tighten the canvas. Ultimately, a new kidney will be able to cut through the material and grow freely.

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This innovative tape is cheaper to buy on AliExpress, because its cost here is 121 rubles.(62 UAH.). In online stores in Russia, the price of goods is more than 2 times.

For residents of Ukraine, prices are even higher.

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