How to enable warm air heating: work split system heat

When the heat that a house has accumulated over the summer is over, and the central heating system and is not connected yet, there is an annual period of temperature discomfort. How to survive it without fever and the common cold?

You can, of course, turn up the heat, but why not take advantage of the installed split-system? After all, most modern air conditioners successfully perform both functions: cooling and heating. Information about the possibilities of technology listed in his passport.

One can only figure out how to turn the air conditioner for heating and learn features of operating a split in the cold season. These issues are studied by us and described in detail in the article.

The content of the article:

  • What to choose for efficient heating
  • Air conditioners: properties and classification
  • Bases device and the air conditioner
  • Nuances of operation during the cold season
  • Turn on the system in the heating mode
    • # Option One
    • # Option Two
    • # Option Three
    • Option # fourth
    • Option # fifth (sad)
  • Influence of mounting operation of the system
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

What to choose for efficient heating

Chilly autumn weather should not violate the usual state of comfort in your apartment. How to regain a sense of comfort and serenity, not knitting with many clothes, with which we are trying to protect themselves and loved ones from the ubiquitous cold and cold?

To adjust the temperature in the housing there is an arsenal of popular devices, ready to come to your aid:

  • torch gas;
  • infrared heaters;
  • heaters;
  • convectors;
  • oil coolers.

Incidentally, the air conditioning, which all summer saved us from the scorching sun, too, is capable of perfectly warm room. And he will do so in the very short period of time, which distinguishes it from the competitors listed above.

split systems work on the heat

Split-system configured to heat the room, has a number of advantages in comparison with other devices, which can also be used to produce heat

Another advantage is that the air he not only drains, and even slightly moisturizes. But that's not all. The main advantage - efficiency of the air conditioner for heating. The energy which is necessary for the functioning of the device, is not consumed for heating the air and for heat transport from the outside the premises.

To determine the effectiveness of the air conditioners used today EER ratio (Energy Efficiency Ratio), showing the ratio of generation of heat or cold (for heating or cooling, respectively) to the cost energy.

So, in modern models of EER greater than 4 units - the consumption of 1 kWh of energy they can provide 4 kW of heat.

Air conditioners: properties and classification

human health, its performance and the quality of life depends on the state of its environment. To external disasters affect us less of an impact, we create your own comfortable climate in the areas where we sleep, live and work.

Create, use and improvement of the air conditioner - response nature of humanity and its way of protection.


The structure of the window and portable AIO includes only one unit, which concentrates all the elements of the device, allowing it to perform its functions

Most modern models of this device is well known to us:

  • window and mobile monoblocks;
  • split system.

In turn, a split system consisting of indoor and outdoor units, divided into:

  1. wall. This option is most often used in offices and homes.
  2. Column. They appear as powerful columns are used in conference rooms, restaurants and hotel lobbies for supplying air to the ceiling space with its subsequent distribution.
  3. Ceiling. The air flow from them is directed along the ceiling or wall. Composed of the indoor unit and air distribution system for flows. It is predominantly cluster options installed in the attic or hidden behind a suspended ceiling systems.

To handle large objects used multisystem. They are characterized by the presence of a common outdoor unit and multiple indoor associated with the common outer and located in different areas.

Split-system, cassette-type

We used to see the wall split systems, although the lineup of these devices is very wide, for example, so look cassette air conditioners, which are mounted in the ceiling of a large store or warehouse

The main characteristics that distinguish one model from another:

  • power consumption;
  • performance;
  • acoustic comfort;
  • set embedded in the model functions: cooling, heating, air ionization, draining, cleaning and so on.

Prices for models of different brands depend not only on the above characteristics, but also on klassnosti device.

Split system in the living room

Familiar to the eye wall split-system consists of two units and is equipped with a remote control, by means of which it carried out management functions

All models can be divided into three classes:

  • Budget. Easy to manage, quite noisy but affordable devices that do not have a number of non-critical functions: protection against misuse, for example; This class is represented mainly trademarks domestic, Chinese and Korean manufacturers, including model LG and air conditioning Samsung.
  • Middle class. Still noisy but reliable products, characterized by high durability, the presence of the control functions and the mid-range. These include products Toshiba and Delonghi.
  • Elite. Cheap, these devices can not be called, but all the best qualities are concentrated in them: high efficiency, durability, quiet operation, reliability, self-diagnosis and at all levels protection. This, for example, products Panasonicand splits from Daikin.

No matter what class can be attributed truly modern air conditioning, it must be:

  • It is equipped with a remote control;
  • not only cool, but heat and dehumidify the air;
  • work in ventilation mode;
  • automatically maintain specified operating parameters;
  • have a timer on and off.

Incidentally, the cooling and heating - the two sides of the same process that takes place in a split-system.

Bases device and the air conditioner

No matter to any particular type includes your device, set its basic functional elements in diversity. This evaporator, a condenser, a compressor, a fan, and a valve (throttle).

The system of thin copper pipe, which connects all the elements of the device, except for the fans, allowing them to move a special ingredient - the coolant, which is usually used Freon. Physical state of the refrigerant during operation of the air conditioner is changed from gaseous to liquid and back.

Scheme wall split-system unit

This diagram clearly shows a device of conventional wall split systems, which makes clear the general principles of its operation (+)

If the play mode to the cooling apparatus, will occur processes listed below.

The gaseous refrigerant goes to the compressor, where it happens while improving the compression pressure and temperature. In the condenser, where the freon go later, he will turn into a liquid, giving the resulting heat to the environment. Fan promotes process.

When the coolant will pass the throttle (valve), it will increase in volume, losing pressure and temperature. Entering the evaporator, it again begins to acquire a gaseous state by evaporating and absorbing heat from the air that is in the room. When freon falls again to the compressor, the cycle resumes and closes.

If the air conditioner will work on heating, the process will take place in reverse order. When the compressor pumps the heat from the compressed refrigerant to the room side, and the evaporator will operate as a condenser.

To visualize order air conditionerYou can see the video posted in the final part of the article.

Nuances of operation during the cold season

Our goal - to warm up, without damaging the device, which we're going to use. Reach it is very simple - you need to listen to the producers, which is contained in the instructions for use of the product.

The document specified temperature range in which the product will operate efficiently and stably. For most models - from minus 5 to plus 25 ° C.

But in the summer we often include air conditioning and large ambient temperatures. The consequences of such excess temperatures regime - reducing device performance. However, failure in doing so he does not leave. In winter, the violation of the recommended operating conditions can lead to very disappointing results.

Why is this happening? The most popular models condenser and a compressor arranged in the outdoor unit.

When there is a temperature drop below the stated in the instructions, so does the state of aggregation Oil in the crankcase of the compressor: it becomes thicker, stops moving elements envelop instrument. This has a negative impact on their operational resources.

conditioner icing

Iced outdoor unit of a split system indicates that the operation of this device is delayed until it is released from the ice captivity

By the way, a violation of the regime in the summer does not pass entirely unnoticed. If the external system unit is located on the sunny side, it is severely overheating, in which the oil can also thicken. In this case, friction parts, lacking lubrication, and wear faster.

When the function of heating the heat from the environment should be carried into the room. This refrigerant moving through the outer capacitor block (or evaporator) it receives from the outside air. If this temperature is too low, Freon is not heated as necessary, and thermal efficiency of split-system falls.

Furthermore, during operation the evaporator and the compressor-condenser are heated. Upon contact with cold air masses surface parts covered with condensate quick turning into ice deposits. In such circumstances, the device simply stops working.

However, this is not the only reason for its failure. Cold air results in the failure of the phase transitions of the refrigerant. In the evaporator Freon will not go into the gaseous state, as it should be according to operating conditions. Entering the compressor in such a state, it can cause water hammer.

Split with a visor, and without protection

Cause icing device can be not only in its mode of operation errors, but also rainfall, from which saves the same shade, time protection device

When the air conditioner operates in cooling mode, it passes through a large air flow. When it is in contact with the surfaces of the condenser and the evaporator, condensation outputted outside using the drainage system. Used for drainage hose disposed in a downward direction at an angle.

Inserting the device in the winter for cooling, we risk getting the cork out of the frozen water in the drain hose. The condensate that can not be output to the outside, will inevitably go on air conditioner, disrupting his work.

Of course, the extension of the temperature range of safe operation of the product - one of the priorities of the manufacturers of all models. To implement this, for example, heating oil in the compressor system or drainage warming. The results are impressive.

For example, products TOSHIBASpecially designed for Nordic may conveniently operated and at -20 ° C.

Turn on the system in the heating mode

Exploiting the split system, try not to use the method of random at random, read the instructions, because many models on the market and each manufacturer is trying to bring this product to the simple rules of its operation raisin.

Several configurations for the air conditioner to the heat and bring it to us in the right condition and we will try to describe.

# Option One

On the remote control key must be «MODE». It can be located under the hood. If you do it all the same have found, click on it until then, until we see the icon "sun" or the inscription «HEAT».

Remote control

On this remote control is visible to us the correct key "MODE", with which you can switch the mode of the air conditioner

Operating with the buttons "+" and "-" will select a temperature mode, in which we feel comfortable. Do not forget that for all actions that you perform, the remote must be pointed towards the device that will receive the signals sent to it and react to produce sounds.

You can perform all of these settings on the remote, and then send it to the air conditioning, while pressing the button «ON». Desired changes must occur within five minutes.

When included in the heating mode, the fan in the indoor unit turns on immediately.

# Option Two

Are you a good look at your remote control, but neither it nor the lid button «MODE» is not found. But you see, "droplet" icons, "fan", "snowflake" and "sun". We need to "sun", and select it.

The icons on the panel

In this diagram the remote control of the air conditioner HITACHI clearly visible icon in the form of a sun, snowflakes and droplets (+)

Temperature is set so as to be greater than that which is already in place. For example, if you now + 18 ° C, expose + 25 ° C, the difference was felt immediately. Again, we make sure that the signal has been accepted by the system. When the wireless controller response will sound when wired - lighted up at the front of the lamp unit.

After about five minutes you should feel the result of your settings.

# Option Three

On the panel there is no key to «MODE» inscription, «HEAT». It is not an icon and "sun", although the "fan", "snowflake" and possibly "droplet" are present.

This suggests that your model is not designed for space heating. Do not ask her what she is not able to give you.

Option # fourth

The desired mode can be set directly on the air conditioner. To do this, turn on the device by pressing the power button. We find the selection key «MODE» mode, with which you want us to ask mode.

Press this button until the desired us to «HEAT» appears (heating). Typically, this function will be the fifth row after the automatic mode, cooling, drying and ventilation.

Now we will need a remote control to set the desired temperature. With its help it is possible to order and the desired speed of the fan device.

Pay attention to the operating temperature range, which is in the form of tablets for certain specified for your specific model instructions. Please refer to these recommendations of the manufacturer, as long as possible to enjoy a properly functioning climate-control system.

Option # fifth (sad)

It does not matter when the heating system does not provide for the simple reason that it is not included in the list of its functions. But it is certainly an inexpensive model that the conscience will delight you on hot summer days. It is much worse when you have purchased an expensive model and you know that on heating it is simply obliged to work, and start the process fails.

In this case, all the operations you have done in full accordance with the instructions that still had to look, but the result is not obtained not only through the promised five minutes, but even After an hour. Check the batteries in the remote situation is not clarified: they who were serviceable.

Well, you have to repair the air conditioner. Perhaps the reason for failure was the incorrect installation of the device, which may only be the people who know what and how to work afterwards. And now, if you do not want to permanently destroy the device, disconnect it from the power source and look for the master. Further use of the instrument is not yet possible.

Influence of mounting operation of the system

Wrong to assume that the split system will work properly regardless of who and how to install it. And here and there. Installation of such a difficult device - it is quite a complicated process. It has its own nuances and tricks that you need to know and consider.

Since the device itself - not a cheap pleasure, it would be enough to save its installation than its ruin safely.

Split under the visor

One of the nuances of proper installation of split systems is the installation's such sun visor, which is able to protect your expensive device from rain and sunlight

Mistakes made on installation phaseMay result in insufficient heating of the space when the device should work on heating. One common mistake - the wrong air circulation. Air masses must not only have easy access to the system, but also a free outflow from it.

Should be treated carefully and install to the following points:

  • outdoor unit should not flush against the wall: using brackets or anchor it to be strengthened at a sufficient distance;
  • strictly horizontal installation block check building level;
  • for the air conditioner is better to provide a separate machine on your own plate and cable;
  • Protect outdoor unit special canopy from precipitation and direct sunlight;
  • moisture should not stagnate inside the system, which means that the drain pipe should be installed at an angle;
  • between inner and outer block may have a certain height of drop, but within reasonable limits: not more than 20 m;
  • indoor unit is better not mounted directly above the heating batteries or other sources heat, air paths can not be curtains, and from the device to the unit must be at least three meters;
  • avoid such a device location, where the air flows emanating from it will be used directly to the people - to earn in such circumstances, pneumonia, even in the summer heat easier simple.

Do not wait for breakdowns or other confusing situations to start learning instructions. Knowledge of your purchase, the rules of its operation and the nuances of caring for it will help you to exploit it is not only long, but also on health, not harm.

air conditioning service

Timely and professional care of the air conditioning extend its useful life, and helps maintain the health of all residents of the house where it operates

Clean the device, change its filters or carry coolant refill - it features a specialized organization. Do not attempt to repair the air conditioner - it is dangerous. Disconnect it and invite masters.

However, if you are used to do everything yourself and believe in their own abilities, we recommend pre-learn the rules maintenance of split systems.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

To understand exactly how the air conditioning, it is necessary to imagine the whole process clearly. Do it will help a little, but very informative video that we offer.

If the installation of the system - it is hard work to be undertaken by professionals, the device switches from cooling (or any other) for heating - it is an elementary process that you need to learn how to perform independently.

Nevertheless, we have a video that focuses on those who are better once to see, than hundred times to read.

Answers to questions, what happens to the air conditioning, if you turn it on heating with significant sub-zero temperatures, you will learn by watching this video.

Modern appliances bring comfort into our lives. They are designed to make us feel better, regardless of the outside weather conditions. In order to use the opportunities that they provide to us, to the full, you need to know their rules of operation.

In this case, the air conditioning will ensure you do not have bronchitis and pneumonia, and good health and well being.

Do you have experience of using the air conditioner in the heating mode? Tell us how this option is effective, useful if you turned to this option is a split system. Leave a comment for publication, and to participate in discussions can be in the form below.

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