Solar Garden Fountain Made in China

A small fountain made in China will become a garden ornament.

On the Russian-language website of Aliexpress, it can be ordered for 780 rubles, while it costs about 2000 rubles on Russian portals.

Upon delivery of China, the fee is not charged, and the company "World of Solar Energy" is ready to provide free shipping only when ordering from 3000 rubles.

The fountain is powered by solar energy. Unlike similar products, the solar battery is its case, in the middle of which is mounted a low hollow tube. On this tube, the water rises to the spray nozzle.

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There are 3 of them in the set, although they do not give a special variety of water dispersion. Hollow sleeve team, so that its mount on the body reliable.

The fountain receives energy from the sun through a circular floating base 50 cm in diameter. This decoration can be installed in an artificial pond, a pool( even an inflatable one), a special or improvised bowl. The larger the expanse of water, the more interesting the fountain looks.

Motor power 7V, about the same voltage give chargers for push-button phones. The motor is attached at the bottom of the battery. It has a rectangular shape, which gives a slight bias of the round base when installed on water.

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Decorative additions that increase the area of ​​the base will help to avoid a small roll. The cost of a fountain with decorative design increases by 2 times.

As can be seen from the photo, green PVC imitation of a leaf of lily, water lily, lotus organically fits into the landscape of an artificial pond. The quiet operation of the pump does not scare the ornamental fish. A floating fountain with a low-power pump is an ideal decoration that does not disturb the peace of underwater inhabitants. The pump is covered with a plastic casing. Small filter holes will protect the motor from damage, and small residents of the pond from injury and death.

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Aliexpress Another disadvantage of the fountain is that it will not work if there is no long-term sun. The more intense the sunlight, the greater the pressure of the jet. In a similar fountain, having a mount to the bottom of the bowl with suction cups, it is possible to connect to the network via an adapter, this device does not provide for such use. The difference between the fountains at a price( from the site of deliveries from China) is within 300 rubles.

More information about the fountain with the ability to work from the mains can be found in the video:

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