How to choose a silent washing machine

  • What determines the noise of the washing machine
  • Which washing machine can be considered quiet?
  • Technologies that make the washing machine virtually silent
  • How to reduce the noise from the "washer" at home?
  • How to choose the quietest washing machine?
  • Rating the quietest washing machines

Silent washing machine - myth or reality? This question is especially relevant for families with small children and for those who are trying to save money, therefore, it washes them at night. In this article we will understand what the noise level depends on, we will determine the optimal volume indicator and present the rating of the quietest models.

What makes the noise of the washing machine

depends? We are beginning to hear the first sounds from the washing machine even at the stage of filling with water. With some models, this sound can be quite loud and unpleasant. Then the engine turns on. The sounds that he makes, we hear throughout the process. In some units it can be a slight buzz, in others - the sound can be quite loud. In addition, we will listen to the rustle of the rotating drum and the "squish" of water in it. The most loud and unpleasant sounds home “laundress” publishes during the spin cycle. At this moment, the most rapid rotation occurs, and the characteristic “chomping” of the pump, which removes water, is also connected.

There are several types of noise that the machine can make. Among them are:

  • Service signals, which are provided by the electronics, notifying the user of the beginning or end of a process.
  • Sounds of working mechanisms.
  • "Squish" of water and linen in the drum.
  • Noise from worn parts - various unexpected sounds that may indicate some kind of breakdown.

The easiest way to not only reduce the noise level, but also to extend the life of the washer is the correct installation. It is best to install a washing machine on a special sound-absorbing rubber mat. If you do not have this, then you need to install the "washer" on a completely flat floor. Can not boast a perfectly smooth finish? Use the adjustable legs, they are in almost every model. Use a construction level and a wrench to achieve a perfectly level position.


Leg adjustment should be carried out diagonally. Adjust the right leg in the near part of the machine first, and then the left in the far. Do the same with the other two legs located diagonally.

Which washing machine can be considered quiet?

If you have already planned to purchase several models and can not make a choice, look at the passport of the machine. The noise level, including washing machines, is measured by a unit such as decibels( dB).It is very difficult for a person who is not familiar with practical dimensions to understand how much this or that indicator means in reality. For example, 70 dB - is it a lot or a little? To sort out a little, you can remember the following:

  • 40–43 dB - a normal conversation( not a whisper!) Of two or three people in a small room;
  • 80–85 dB - the noise surrounding a person standing on a busy city street.

So, in the technical operating manual you should look for the column where the noise level coming from the washer in normal operation is indicated. It is worth noting that the volume of the sound during the washing and spinning will be different, so that the passport is sometimes prescribed not the exact number, but the range. Sometimes, however, indicate two separate parameters.

The lowest rate that can be found in the registration certificate of washing machines is 39 dB.The highest level can reach 85 units. The norm, as you understand, is somewhere in the middle. In a good machine, the optimum figure is about 60–62 dB in the process of spinning underwear.

If you look at the manual laziness, you can carefully inspect the "laundress" itself. Very many companies paste over their products with special stickers, on which they put the most important information in a compressed form. But if you want to choose a washing machine with a low noise level, you will still have to look into the manual.

Silent washing machine is simply obliged to have good sound insulation, and this must be mentioned in the passport. Practically, it looks like this: the inside of the machine body is sheathed with a special material that can absorb a variety of sounds. Of course, no one will allow you to disassemble the unit and look inside you, but this manual should be required. If you haven’t found one like this, don’t believe the words of a consultant who says otherwise.

Technologies that make the washing machine almost silent

When buying, it is worth remembering that the data on the noise produced by the machine during operation is removed from the new, ideally working unit. As you understand, over time, your home assistant will wear out, the details will become a little loose, and the “washer” will make sounds louder than stated in the passport. So when buying it is better to choose the model with the lowest rates.

In order to interest the consumer, development companies regularly invent new and new “chips” designed to make the work of washing machines even better. This also applies to anti-noise technologies.

For example, one of such developments is the “washer” with direct drum drive. The secret of innovation lies in the fact that the motor in this design is “mounted” directly on the drum. The pulley and belt, which are used to provide torque in a conventional washing machine, are completely removed from the construction. Due to this, the rubbing parts in the structure become smaller, which means that the sound they created is lost.

Consultants in the home appliance stores position these "washers" as completely silent. However, in practice, this is not entirely true. Direct-drive washing machines, of course, are much quieter than traditional ones. But the quality of the assembly, parts and specifications also matter a lot. According to experts, some new models with belt drive and excellent noise insulation, are much quieter than washing machines with direct drive.

Another new technology that allows to reduce the noise level during washing is the inverter motor. This motor has no brushes, the sound of which we hear when operating the engine.

How to reduce noise from the "washer" at home?

If the purchased washing equipment still works a little louder than we would like, you can try to fix the situation. Above, we have already talked about the importance of placing the unit in terms of level and the need to substitute a special noise-reducing mat for it. But if you are sorry to spend extra money on a rubber mat, then you can replace with four small sponges made of dense foam rubber or soft rubber. Just put them under the legs and it will work much quieter.

Another simple way to reduce noise - do not put foreign things on the cover of the machine when it is turned on. If the washing machine is installed in the kitchen wall or some kind of shelving, it can be further isolated. Just buy some soundproofing material and glue over the inner walls of the niche.

How to choose the quietest washing machine?

In order not to make a mistake with the choice, do not “bite your elbows” and do not plug your ears, you should not hurry with the purchase. Looking at your favorite model in the store, set aside the acquisition itself for a couple of days. Try to carefully study the reviews of other users, moreover, the most attention is paid to negative comments. It is no secret to anyone that 70% of positive responses about a particular product are written by the sellers themselves or by specially employed people.

Ask for help to your friends. Perhaps some of them already have just such a home assistant. In this case, you not only can hear a true first-hand comment, but also ask for a visit to listen to the process in reality.

Carefully read the data sheet. As already mentioned, the optimal parameters for sound are 45–62 dB in wash and spin modes.

Rating the quietest washing machines

In order to make our readers a little easier to choose, we present to your attention a small overview of the most reliable washing machines with a fairly quiet mode of operation.

Hansa Crown WHC 1246

This model is considered one of the quietest front-loading machines. The noise figure declared in the spin mode does not exceed 54 dB.And indeed it is. In this case, the machine is quite roomy. The volume of the drum can hold as much as 7 kg of linen. This is quite enough for a family of 3-4 people.

Hansa Crown WHC 1246 is able to offer a fairly extensive selection of programs. There is also a mode that prevents creasing of fabrics, and a delicate wash. Families with young children will appreciate the quick stain remover program. For those who love very thoroughly rinsed clothes, there is an ecological wash with a lot of water.

Whirlpool AWE 2215

And this is one of the most silent top-loading washing machines. In the normal washing mode, it gives only 59 dB.Homework with this helper turns into a real pleasure. It does almost all the work for you, you just have to choose the right mode, and there are 13 of them here. The maximum loading of the unit is 6 kg, but it takes very little space.

The super-economical energy consumption indicators made it possible to classify this model as Class A +, the best that a washing machine can have today. Electronic control, locking system for children and many more nice features.

Samsung WD80K5410OS

One of the representatives from the Samsung brand continues our list of silent washing machines. The noise level during normal operation is about 53 dB, which is quite acceptable for a small room. With a great desire, you can put as much as 8 kg of dry linen in it, so that it can cope with the service of a family of 4-5 people.

Model WD80K5410OS has 3 drying modes and 5 temperature regimes for washing laundry. A distinctive feature of this "washer" is the technology Addwash, which will greatly please scattered hostesses. Its essence lies in the fact that if you forget to wash something, and the process is already running, you can simply open a special compartment and add laundry directly during washing. By the way, you can also extract things at any time, it is not necessary to wait for the process to finish.

The Samsung WD80K5410OS washing machine still has a lot of positive qualities. But she has a significant drawback - the price. In some retail outlets it can reach 63–65 thousand rubles.

AEG AMS 7500 I

And this is perhaps the quietest front-loading washing machine. The model is also not cheap, but in the process of washing it practically “whispers”, issuing only 49 dB in normal mode. In minutes, the spin rate increases to 61 dB.

Well-developed control system, the function of drying clothes, high-quality and reliable protection against leakage, technology to prevent creasing of the fabric, express washing, and many more pleasant things.

Child protection is also provided and foam levels are monitored. Not only the price pleases. The cost of such a "washer" reaches 40-50 thousand rubles.


In no way can we bypass in our rating the "pioneer" in the production of washing units with revolutionary direct drive - LG.Model F-10B8ND - one of the rather successful developments of this manufacturer.

When washing such a unit makes a sound equal to 54 dB, and at the time of spinning the indicator increases to 67 dB.This is quite a good indicator for a washing unit with a high spin speed. According to consumers, this is one of the most silent washing machines, which, by the way, can boast of other characteristics.

Delay start until 19 o'clock, laundry load detector, total protection from children, leak control, intelligent washing, 13 different programs. This is not a complete list of the advantages of this model.

When choosing a home washing machine, try to take into account all its characteristics as comprehensively as possible. Remember, there are no units that would work completely silently. The main thing is that the washing machine regularly performs its work, be economical and functional. A quiet work let it be a nice addition to all other parameters.

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