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Installing a Dishwasher in the Kitchen - is a paradise for the hostess. Such an assistant will considerably save time and save her strength. The market is just overflowing with goods of this category. Different manufacturers represent products that, according to their characteristics, should fully meet the needs of each. However, how not to get lost and choose a high-quality dishwasher among a large number of offers.

No matter how the manufacturer presents itself, the best indicator for choosing is how the technique has proven itself in work. Therefore, buyers are guided by ratings based on consumer feedback and expert opinions. Based on these criteria, we propose to consider the rating of the best manufacturers of dishwashers.


It should be noted that this type of technology is not cheap. The price is usually included:

  • Brand.
  • Quality parts and assembly.
  • Functionality.
  • Cost Effective.
  • Design.
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However, in this direction, it can be conditionally divided into types by price category. In particular, select the dishwashers for the price:

  1. Inexpensive.
  2. Average for the price.
  3. Premium Class.

In each of these categories, we will consider the top rated firms, which fully correspond to price and quality. Consider in detail the features of each dishwasher manufacturers.

Such information is valuable enough for a potential consumer. As it gives a relative guide when choosing.

If the emphasis is on the best quality and ease of use, this will allow weeding out a number of manufacturers whose equipment is of an average or economy class. At the same time, if you are repelled from the planned budget, then this is a good opportunity to determine the best deals in the desired price category of the company.

Affordable dishwashers

In this category, companies that have long won a place in the world market, but have an economy-class dishwasher in their line, have come together. They offer quite acceptable equipment that meets the requirements of consumers regarding quality and service life. Among them, the best products are presented by the following manufacturers.


The Italian company, launched since 1975, and since 2014 has become part of the Whirlpool Corporation. Known in the world, the company has established itself as a bona fide manufacturer. The equipment is produced at an appropriate level, including high-quality equipment and good assembly.

Indesit produces various types of dishwashers - recessed and freestanding models.

Depending on the models, you can purchase the Indesit dishwasher with a mechanical or sensory control system.

The advantage of this company's technology is a very practical half load function. This allows you to use the destination is not completely filled with the machine and thus there will be a corresponding expenditure of resources. And also some models are equipped with a program - drying, which is especially important for glass and porcelain.

In general, according to reviews, the company holds good ratings and is in high demand.


American trademark founded in the early nineties. From 2015 it is referred to only as the HOTPOINT brand.

Washings of this company are particularly reliable. The manufacturer has devoted special attention to this, that even the simplest( cheapest) models are protected against leakage. Certain positions that go beyond the economy class are equipped with additional functions: “child protection”( locks the touch screen to prevent inappropriate activation).

The units of this company have proved themselves affordable and of good quality.

Models are equipped with various modes, drying( condensation) and is characterized by a small expenditure of water.


Turkish company, founded in 1950, and steadily holds the brand. All products are made exclusively in Turkey. According to the ratings, BEKO falls into the top 5 of the best among European manufacturers of household appliances, and is in the top ten of the world's best companies.

Simple models of dishwashers are available both separately and built-in type. Endowed with simple, however, sufficient for effective use of functionality.

In addition to the quality and practicality of work, we should especially note the low noise output of all BEKO models, most of which reach no more than 49 dB.This is a big plus for this technology, because its operation will not bother day or night.

Medium price category

This category is represented by companies that produce dishwashers of an improved type, in terms of their functionality and the latest technologies. In this connection, their price is somewhat higher than the economy class. The best units in this segment are offered by the following manufacturers.


The German company was founded in the early years of the XXI century, however, it conquered its perfection. The company produces only dimensional household appliances that are produced in Turkey.

Dishwashers amaze with their perfect design. No less attractive is its main functionality. Consumers say a particularly high level of cleaning dishes, even from the most persistent pollution.

Equipped with a number of necessary programs. Has an economical cost of water and electricity. Noise isolation makes her work barely noticeable.

If you decide to buy a sink for the average price, then this model is a great challenger.


Slovenian brand, founded 1950.The main production is carried out in Italy and China from where it is imported.

Models provide 4–8 programs and four-step water heating. Considered fairly quick to complete the wash cycle.

Machines GORENJE boasts its lacquered case, which is corrosion protection.

In addition, some species provide the ability to "fit" the technique to the desired size, thanks to a special button that regulates its height.

During service, it has proven itself to be a fairly economical option. Consumer reviews are unanimous that the machine actually consumes some water.

Equipped with a self-diagnostic system, which immediately indicates possible malfunctions.

The absence of a turbo dryer is a minus of this company's sinks.


German firms took their beginnings back in 1889.It is currently part of the GORENJE Corporation. Despite the fact that the equipment is made in China, consumers are satisfied with its quality. Along with it, they are also satisfied with the price, which is satisfactory for full functionality. In addition to standard programs, cars include features: "protection from children", "aqua sensor", "timer" and the like.


Russian company founded in 1997.Production is concentrated in China. By ratings she deserved the title of high-quality and functional equipment at a low or medium price.

Production includes many models, which are marked by modern design, which will succinctly fit into the interior of any kitchen.

In addition to the optimal price, Hans dishwashers are a fairly economical option for consumed water and electricity. In principle, in terms of resource costs, it is not inferior to more well-known brands, and also has good noise insulation.

Premium Dishwashers

This category is represented by the best brands, positioning the equipment of this category as the most advanced and adapted to all possible needs of the consumer. From so, and the price of such sinks is high.

In order to understand for which company a dishwasher is better in this category, let's take a closer look at the best brands that represent it.


German brand was founded in 1886.For a long time the market has achieved the best ratings, thanks to its technological progress and consistently good quality. Production is carried out in Germany, Poland and Spain. Bosch is the name of elite technology.

Dishwasher models are equipped with a much larger standard functionality. Have a modern and sophisticated design. Sufficiently roomy and economical in the cost of water and electricity.

Certain species are equipped with the Aqua-Sensor glass wash function.

The advantage of this brand of machines is low noise noise.

On its account has the best expert reviews and high ratings of grateful consumers.

But, sometimes you can hear remarks that according to the results of reviews Bosch dishwashers very often break. In fact, this is basically an exaggeration. After all, any technique can fail. There is an incredible number of vehicles from this manufacturer in circulation, so it is not surprising that it is the most discussed.


German company, founded in 1847.Well-known global company for the production of equipment. Manufacturing technology is carried out only in Germany.

The particular difference is impeccable quality. The same opinion of service experts. Noting that the sinks of this company fall for repairs much less frequently than others.

Production offers a variety of models: narrow;standard;compact.

In terms of functionality, it completely satisfies the needs of the buyer. Economically consumes water and electricity.

The brand assumes approximately 15% of buyers. This is a company that produces technology elite class. However, it is somewhat inferior to Bosch, which subordinates 45% of buyers. Therefore, if the Bosch dishwasher is a little expensive for you, then you can choose one of the SIEMENS models, which are also modern and high-quality in operation.


Swedish company, founded at the beginning of the XX century. In general, the company is in great demand in the market of household appliances of the middle and highest price category.

Production of dishwashers produced in Poland and Italy.

The models of this company are quite interesting and practical to use. Among other things, noteworthy are: “delayed start timer”, “aqua sensor”, “extruder” and the like.

Stylish design allows you to choose ELECTROLUX sink for any modern kitchen.

Among the convenience during operation, in particular, repair and maintenance, is the presence of the required number of branded service centers.

In general, the consumer often gives preference in favor of this brand, through the optimal ratio of price and quality.

We got acquainted with the main characteristics of companies representing the best dishwashers in each price category. Based on this consumer will be easier to make the right choice, evaluating its brand, value and functionality.

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