Cilantro for the winter: 4 recipes for long-term storage


  • 1 Green conservation features
    • 1.1 How to store in the refrigerator
    • 1.2 Preparation for the winter period
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Cilantro gives meat dishes a savory tasteCilantro gives meat dishes a savory taste

Cilantro or coriander is a spicy green herb with an amazing taste and aroma, which is especially appreciated in European, Asian cuisine and in the Caucasus. The enormous benefits, the most valuable essential oils and the piquancy of meat dishes make the housewives use fresh cilantro greens and as preforms for the cold season. How to store cilantro - tell you about it.

Green conservation features

Cilantro can be used not only freshCilantro can be used not only fresh

Coriander is called the plant itself, and cilantro is green twigs and leaves. As with any greens, cilantro can be used fresh and as winter supplies.

Depending on how much coriander is planned to be stored, the following storage and storage options are distinguished:

  • fresh in the fridge;
  • frozen in the freezer;
  • dried leaves;
  • salted in its own juice or dry salting.
It is possible to prepare spice for the winter in different ways, but fresh bunches are not stored for a very long time.It is possible to prepare spice for the winter in different ways, but fresh bunches are not stored for a very long time.
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How to store in the refrigerator

Cilantro can stay in the refrigerator for quite a long time and not lose its fresh look, taste, aroma, and, most importantly, its own benefit.

To keep the spice fresh for a long time, you need to follow some recommendations:

A photo Recommendations
table_pic_att15066450833 Tip 1

A bunch of fresh greens need to inspect for the presence of withering or decaying twigs. They must be removed from the bulk.

table_pic_att15066450854 Tip 2

To keep the green for a long time, it can not be washed.

table_pic_att15066450875 Tip 3

It is advisable to slightly cut off the tips of the stalks so that the tubules will open and better absorb water.

table_pic_att15066450876 Tip 4

Pour clean water into a small glass jar (preferably boiled or from a filter). Put a bunch of cilantro in the container.

table_pic_att15066450887 Tip 5

Wrap the greens in a plastic bag (it is important that the beam stalks remain in the can and the leaves are in the bag) and tie it up.

Thus, the spicy herb will delight with freshness and goodness for about three weeks.

It is possible that condensate will form on the surface of the bag, which can be prevented by putting a paper napkin inside. Periodically, and the napkin, and the package will have to be changed.

Preparation for the winter period

If you plan on harvesting greenery for the winter, then you will not be able to manage with a regular refrigerator. After all, long-term storage means that spice can be used even in winter.

In winter, homemade meat sauce is especially good.In winter, homemade meat sauce is especially good.

For you - the instruction in the table and simple recipes how to prepare cilantro for the winter:

A photo Description
table_pic_att15066450939 Recipe 1. Deep freeze

Greens for the winter, including coriander, can be simply frozen in portion bags and containers.

It is very important to freeze the spice in small portions, because the greens are not subject to re-freezing:

  • bunches are carefully washed and cleaned from stale leaves and stems;
  • after that, the cilantro is dried in a well-ventilated area until droplets of liquid evaporate;
  • Greens are chopped and laid out in packages. Sealed containers may be used;
  • for the preparation of cilantro nothing more is needed, then it is removed in the freezer for long-term storage.
table_pic_att150664509310 Recipe 2. Freeze in oil

One option is to keep cilantro for the winter fresh. Such blanks are perfect as an additive in salads, soups or sauce:

  • coriander sprigs are washed and dried;
  • after that, the greens should be finely chopped and spread into ice tins;
  • forms pour oil (vegetable, olive, melted and cooled cream) and send in the freezer;
  • when the butter is “grabbed,” the resulting cubes can be put into a bag or container and sent to the freezer.
table_pic_att150664509511 Recipe 3. Drying

Dried cilantro may not be as intensely green as when frozen, but no less tasty and healthy:

  • twigs are thoroughly washed and sorted;
  • greens cut into large strips;
  • the resulting mass is distributed on a tray, paper or a clean towel and dried in a well-ventilated room to a certain condition (the leaves should be broken, but not crumble into powder);
  • when cilantro reaches the desired condition, the resulting mass is poured into glass jars with the obligatory presence of tight closing lids;
  • cans are cleaned in a dark and dry place (for example, a kitchen cabinet, pantry, etc.).

Cilantro can be dried not only naturally, but also in the oven. There she languishes for several hours until completely dry.

table_pic_att150664509712 Recipe 4. Pickling
    • greens are washed and chopped, and then dumped into one large container;
    • add salt at the rate of 1 part salt in 5 parts greenery and mix;
    • put greens with salt in jars and press down to the formation of juice;
  • clean in the fridge or cellar.

Greens stored in the ways listed in the table are stored for at least a year.

You can not dry the spice in the scorching sun, because the sun destroys all the nutrients.


You can indulge yourself with spicy herbs and dishes with fragrant and savory coriander not only in the hot summer, but also in the winter season, if you prepare it yourself with your own hands for winter needs. Use in frozen, dried or pickled grass is a little less than in fresh bunches, but the price of the blank is a rich taste and aroma.

The video in this article will vividly tell about the options for preparing spicy coriander for the winter. If you have questions or you know other ways to save the spice for the winter - write in the comments.

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