Ways to store horseradish at home

Horseradish is widely used by experienced housewives in cooking and for making therapeutic infusions. But in order to use this product as needed, you need to know how to keep hell at home.

The most common storage methods are:

  • in the cellar;
  • in the refrigerator;
  • in the freezer;
  • in the kitchen cupboard as a dry powder.

Below we will tell you more about each of them. ..

Can horseradish be stored in the refrigerator

The root is kept in the refrigerator for an average of three weeks to a month. To do this, it is well cleaned from the ground and washed in cold water. After that, the product is dried for several days at room temperature and only then tightly packed in a plastic bag. The more hermetic packaging, the longer you can store the plant. Lack of air will ensure product freshness for three months.

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The root is also well preserved in the freezer. At the same time, he does not lose his taste and useful qualities. Clean the product, cut it in a convenient way and wrap it in a tight bag. As for the leaves, they are most often used for canning vegetables at home.

If you cannot use the leaves on the day of collection, they are stored in the refrigerator. The leaves are dried, packed in cling film or a bag and placed in the coolest place of the refrigerator. In this state, the leaves will hold on for 2-3 weeks.

Drying horseradish

It is very practical to store horseradish root in dried form. Most often, dry powder is made from dry roots, which is then used to make hot sauces and dressings. To dry the product in several ways. All of them are available at home.

The easiest way to dry the roots naturally. It will be necessary to lay out the brushed pieces on plywood and leave them on the balcony or expose to the sun, if there is such a possibility. But wait for complete drying will take a long time.

The case moves much faster if you use an oven or a special electric dryer. The procedure should be carried out at a temperature of 60 ° C.Finished pieces are invited to immediately put in a glass jar and turn into powder later or grind everything at once. Store such a powder at home can be a long time.

Other methods of storage of horseradish

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Horseradish root can be stored at home in the form of ready-made seasoning or sauce. To do this, fresh product should be grated or mince. In order to rub the rhizome better, leave it at night in cold water. Then add salt, sugar and lemon juice to taste. Put the prepared sauce in sterilized jars, close the capron lids and refrigerate.

In this form, seasoning is used for up to 5 days. If you made large amounts, use vinegar as a preservative. It will not allow the hell to quickly erode and lose its trademark pungent smell.

In addition, sand helps horseradish. You will need to prepare a box filled with sand for 10 centimeters. We place fresh roots in it so that they do not touch each other. After we fall asleep with sand to the top. In this form, horseradish root can be stored in the cellar for several months. For home conditions, this method is not very practical, but it is perfect for giving.

We have listed only the basic ways how to keep hell at home. The main rule of storing horseradish - tightness and sufficient humidity. If we are talking about a dried product, then, on the contrary, beware of moisture so that the powder does not dampen. And be careful when working with horseradish at home - do not let it get into your eyes. If this happens, wash your face with running water.

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