We buy special clips for packages on Aliexpress

Many products should be stored in a dry place without access of air. Cereals, tea, coffee, dried fruits, bread - each of these products will stay fresh for a long time only if properly stored. But you do not always have the capacity of the required size. Alternatively, you can use regular packages. But how to close them tightly? Use clothespins or even ordinary scotch?

In fact, manufacturers have long solved this problem. In online stores special clips for packages are very popular. They tightly close the package. Thus, the air flow will not, and no insects will crawl inside. In addition, thanks to this device, the contents of the bag will in no way spill and crumble.

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Using the clips for packages is very easy. First you need to put the product in the bag, and then just close the clip on its top. By the way, in the same way you can protect your smartphone from water in the shower or while walking in the rain.

In addition, the clips can be used for tightly closing bags of milk and other liquid products. Now even deliberately fail to spill the milk.

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Advantages of clips for packages:

  1. Simplicity. The clamps are very easy to use.
  2. Versatility. Clamps are able to protect all products from the external environment.
  3. Compact. This device does not take up much shelf space.
  4. Durability. Clips for bags are designed for reuse.

Thus, the clips for packages must be in every kitchen. However, how much do they cost? In the online stores of Ukraine and Russia, this device costs 41 rubles. Pretty low price for this device.

However, on Aliexpress site for 5 pieces of exactly the same clips you need to pay only 60 rubles. That is, one clip costs 12 rubles. This is a fairly low price for such a useful device.

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Characteristics of Chinese clips for bags:

  • material - plastic;
  • length - 11 cm;
  • width - 1.4 cm;
  • color - blue, green, violet, pink, orange, yellow;
  • in a set of 5 clips.

As you can see, the clips for bags are great assistants in the kitchen that will keep any food fresh. However, this device should be bought only from a Chinese manufacturer. After all, its amount is much less than the price indicated by the domestic manufacturer.

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