Ariston Refrigerators: Top 10 best models, reviews, tips on choosing equipment

Practical Ariston refrigerator complies with all the requirements of today to the cooling equipment. The product range has budgetary units, spacious middle-class model and the "advanced" premium model with touch controls.

The products the company provides a guarantee, provides customers with support via call-centers and quality service in the service department.

The content of the article:

  • Features of refrigerators Ariston
    • The types of control units
    • Display and audio signals
    • Especially the exterior design
    • Climatic differences between models
    • Proprietary design and functionality
    • The differences in energy consumption
  • What to look for when buying?
  • Top 10 best brand of refrigerators
    • Model # 1 - Hotpoint-Ariston HF4200W
    • Model # 2 - Hotpoint-Ariston HF4180W
    • Model # 3 - Hotpoint-Ariston HF5180S
    • Model # 4 - Hotpoint-Ariston HFP5200W
    • Model # 5 - Hotpoint-Ariston HF9201BRO
    • Model # 6 - Hotpoint-Ariston BTSZ1632
    • Model # 7 - Hotpoint-Ariston SXBD920F
    • Model # 8 - Hotpoint-Ariston E4DAAXC
    • Model # 9 - Hotpoint-Ariston BDR190AAI
    • Model # 10 - Hotpoint-Ariston HS4200X
  • What people are saying about this technique?
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Features of refrigerators Ariston

In 2007, Ariston and Hotpoint brands single brand Hotpoint-Ariston was formed, bringing together a powerful potential British-made with Italian traditions.

Under the joint name of currently produced equipment of medium and high price level. Trademarks are owned plants in the Lipetsk region, annually producing about 3 million units of home appliances.

Refrigeration equipment Ariston features an ergonomic design, spaciousness, good build quality, durability and attractive appearance. Among the available modules is:

  • Units without a freezer;
  • single- and dual-chamber-standing and built-in products;
  • Side-by-Side progressive instruments;
  • unusual mnogodvernye refrigerators (4 asymmetrical doors with handles).

The inner space of the cooling and freezer well-organized and allows you to comfortably accommodate and securely retain a large number of products.

The types of control units

three types of control provided for in Ariston products. Mechanical embodiment represented ergonomic adjustment levers temperature.

The digital display has several operating buttons and displays some of the parameters of the unit.

Control panel with buttons

Electronic display has a bright display. It is possible to expose not only the temperature level in the refrigeration compartment and the freezer, but the current exact time

The latest models are equipped with advanced touch screen. It is convenient to specify the required cooling temperature, adjust any settings work and get on emerging error messages.

Display and audio signals

Low-end models are equipped with only a minimum basic display. More advanced units of middle and luxury segments are equipped with the latest technology.

Lamp lights up green when the connection to the central power and pressing "on off».

The light of red color indicates that the overall temperature in the cooling chamber too high for high quality food storage.

With the controller having a range from 1 to 4 can automatically adjust to the desired temperature chamber deliberately strongly cooling the air.

Ariston refrigerator control display

When the refrigerator door is closed it is not tight, the display lights «b» letter and hear a loud signal. With this method of warning products will always be in excellent condition and does not deteriorate due to the fact that someone has inadvertently forgotten good slam the door

In addition, the premium models feature sound notifying the user arising during operation of the technical error.

Especially the exterior design

Restrained rigor and clarity of lines emit Ariston appliances, among other similar products. Basically, the model has a classic appearance and harmoniously fit into a variety of interior design solutions.

The basic palette consists of colors such as:

  • silver;
  • white;
  • stainless steel;
  • Silver and black;
  • shiny black.

Specific shades Company does not use, citing the desire to offer our customers only the elegant, universal model, assembles easily with any style design premise.

Refrigerator brand Ariston

Restrained colors options implemented in the latest models of the brand, allow refrigeration seamlessly fit into any decor. And when you want something special, you can pay attention to the recessed unit

Climatic differences between models

The manufacturer's recommended operating their appliances in a temperature range from +16 ° C to +38 ° C. The room where the unit is located, should be sure to warm up. To install in homes without heating devices are not suitable.

Ariston refrigerator in the kitchen

Refrigerator purchased taking into account climatic conditions, will work longer reliably preserve meat, fish, fruits and vegetables and not give the owners any trouble

List of basic climatic class is divided into 4 main types:

  1. N - universal version for temperate climate. Smoothly operated at + 16... + 32 ° C. In the summer heat at a high level requires conditioning facilities, and in winter for heating.
  2. SN - more hardy type of technique that is resistant to temperature decrease below comfortable. Good feeling at temperatures of from +10 ° C to +32 ° C. Suitable for harsh conditions and ill-heated areas, such as basements, storage rooms, corridors and so on.
  3. ST - a good offer for the regions where the summer is quite hot weather. Assemblies with ST-coded thermal load withstand to +38 ° C, and even if the heat work correctly kept for a long time.
  4. T - the right choice for areas with extremely high summer temperatures. Devices in this class are more expensive, but the costs will certainly pay off long-term, full and reliable performance even at +43 ° C.

These parameters need to be sure to pay attention to when buying. Then, in the future do not have to worry and think about the fact that the unit will not sustain the load, will lose part of their working abilities or simply burn, not having fulfilled a period declared by the manufacturer.

In some models, it is taken into account climatic finer gradations, e.g., the combination of parameters ST and T, ST-SN, etc. it It allows the client to find a near perfect machine, 100% suitable for the area of ​​weather patterns residence.

Proprietary design and functionality

Ariston Research Center is constantly studying the market and conducts market research to improve products quality.

Experts of the company listening to customer's wishes and try to improve the technique, making it more modern, comfortable and beautiful.

Introduction of innovative technologies and progressive development expands the available functionality and significantly increases the level of operating comfort.

Function SuperFreeze + reduced twice during freezing of any product. In 4.5 hours with the temperature + 70 ° C falls to - 18 ° C.

Thanks to this innovative technology, microscopic ice crystals formed in the fibers in the process of freezing, turn out very small, do not destroy the structure and does not have a negative impact on the nutritional properties products.

Domestic refrigerator apparatus Aristo

In the past rulers Ariston refrigerators have a special inner walls antibacterial coatingPrecluding the formation of bacteria, mold and malodor. This innovation in times improves hygiene product storage conditions

the original ColdShower development implemented in modules with freezer. It evenly distributes the cold airflow, without affecting directly on products.

This processing method ensures maximum quality of storage conditions and does not give the food to deteriorate or lose some of their useful properties.

unique Active Oxygen option It allows for a long period of keep food in its original fresh state.

The refrigerator compartment produces ozone molecules. They quality purified air is reduced by 70% possibility of unpleasant odors and 90% slow the velocity of propagation of the bacteria without affecting the quality properties of the products.

progressive No Frost system works on the principle of air shower, remove from the freezer compartment excessive moisture and self-monitors, so that the walls and the surface was not formed snow "coat".

The client is no longer required to defrost the refrigerator. This happens automatically and is virtually invisible to the eye.

Air Tech Evolution Technology

latest Air Tech Evolution Technology enhances the basic quality No Frost system more effectively prevents the formation of frost and ice the freezing and refrigerating compartments improves the air circulation and provides stable temperature

By placing in the latest units Multiflow column air flows are distributed evenly over all the compartments and exhibit increased shelf life as a refrigerated and frozen products.

In some units implemented Ozonizer option. It saturates the air inside the refrigerator oxygen ions does not appear to spread smells, delivers long-lasting preservation of food supplies and helps extend their freshness.

The differences in energy consumption

According to the number of consumed electric power units are divided into five major classes. Models marked A +++ They are more expensive and "eat" a year, according to the manufacturer, 181 kW.

Devices marked with letter B, Are more voracity and the same term is used 475 kW.

As far as the difference of principle and whether it is worth the cost of additional solid amount of money buyers decide on their own.

Classes Energy and electricity consumption

Sales assistants in retail stores are usually strongly advise clients to purchase the model is a class A +++. However, users who already have experience with a refrigerator Ariston, argue that the economy is only visible when you purchase a large, mnogolitrazhnogo and very powerful unit

The budget articles and instruments of middle class saving is not so much significantly, and primary costs are compensated only if the very long-term operation.

What to look for when buying?

When considering the purchase of refrigeration Ariston, to consider the future location of the unit location. If he is allocated a place in a residential area, heated in winter and ventilated in summer, you can buy almost any model to your liking.

When the unit is scheduled to operate in an increasingly complex environment, it is necessary to carefully study the climatic purpose products and uses this information to make a choice.

Customers living in areas with poor-quality supply of electricity (regular shutdown, swings, etc.) Should pay focus on the model, capable as long as possible to maintain the desired temperature level after switching off the central flow electricians.

Ariston refrigerator interior

Part modules capable of independently cooling the contents of the chambers for 13 hours. In the more expensive models this figure is 17-18 hours

Size freezers with different types of refrigerators varies from 100 to 350 liters. A family of 2-3 people would be enough for 150 liter freezer. For 4-6 people will need more solid option that can accommodate a large number of products.

The class of energy makes sense to choose the unit class A +. It will initially have a reasonable cost and in operation uses about 250-285 kWh per year. For the product from A +++ icon will have to overpay a solid, and the savings will become apparent very soon.

Top 10 best brand of refrigerators

Under the Ariston brand name, most extensive product line of household appliances for the home. The brand offers customers a low-end models, functional midrange devices and crammed with innovative technology luxury units.

To discover the best representatives of this manufacturer of refrigeration equipment based on their popularity among the real buyers.

Model # 1 - Hotpoint-Ariston HF4200W

Hotpoint-Ariston HF4200W - this two-chamber representative of the brand Ariston. At the moment he leads in the number of sales among the other models from this manufacturer.

Such popularity is due to the excellent value tehparametrov and cost. Refrigerator is equipped with technology Full No Frost - any of the two chambers will have to be defrosted manually. And all this will cost 25,000 rubles.

For my money, he has an impressive volume of 324 liters, 75 of them in the freezer. In this inner space is left to chance - each shelf, drawer or compartment allows to accommodate a maximum of products.

The dimensions of the unit make 60x64x200 cm, where WxDxH respectively. Such capacity provides optimum performance width and depth. And the two-meter width plays an important role.

So the problems with the placement of various stocks for a family of 3-5 people will not. Especially because if you want you can prepare for the winter berries or fruits collected in the country during the summer, using the freezer. It is located at the bottom.

Of the advantages of the refrigerator Hotpoint-Ariston HF4200W users point to the ease of use of sliding glass shelves and large drawers.

They also like the economical consumption of electricity, corresponding to the class A, full Nou Frost and spacious interior space.

Among the shortcomings should be noted a small freezing capacity (up to 2.5 kg per day), no particular design of the display and the handles.

Although the latter is a disadvantage to those only at first glance - in service owners say the benefits of such handles.

Model # 2 - Hotpoint-Ariston HF4180W

Another refrigerator Ariston brand, which enjoys demand among customers - Hotpoint-Ariston HF4180W. It is a common two-chamber of 298 liters, 223 of which - a refrigeration department.

This stylish machine with advanced features and technologies. It is characterized by spaciousness and looks elegant.

It does not require manual defrosting - refrigerators and freezers are equipped with No Frost system. It monitors the temperature, activates the air circulation, preventing the formation of ice on the walls.

Roominess, affordability and ease of use - the main advantages of this cooler. He electromechanical control, low battery consumption (class A). When you work generates noise less than 43 dB.

Among the shortcomings users point to the extremely narrow drawers on the door, in which each bottle is not possible to put. Also, the height of some owners in 184 cm it seems not enough.

Model # 3 - Hotpoint-Ariston HF5180S

Refrigerator Hotpoint-Ariston HF5180S refers to popular and buying patterns. Which is not surprising with such specifications. Thus, its total volume is 302 liters, 227 liters where necessary on the refrigeration, and 75 liters freezer.

The height of the unit is 184 cm and the width and height - 60 and 64 cm, respectively. Users report good capacity, comfortable and reliable glass shelves, a long cold preservation in case of sudden problems with electricity supply.

Also, the benefits of this include the presence of a refrigerator display antibacterial coating, economical consumption of Class A level, comfortable electronic control, light and sound display, full No Frost.

As for the drawbacks, it was not possible to detect critical owners. Some point to insufficient freezing capacity (up to 2.5 kg per day), but it is important for the fans to make preparations for the winter.

Model # 4 - Hotpoint-Ariston HFP5200W

Hotpoint-Ariston HFP5200W - this six-foot refrigerator for 2 cameras, has received the title of "consumer choice". It is provided with a display, audio indication, alerting the user to a decrease in temperature, it has an antibacterial coating.

Useful volume of the two chambers impressive both for its price and is 324 liters, of which only 75 liters accounted for the freezer. These dimensions make it possible to place a maximum volume for a large family of products without problems.

A high increase in the company with the optimal width and height (60 and 64 cm, respectively) provide space savings even on the small kitchen.

Of the advantages of this cooler it is worth noting resource savings, which is manifested in the energy efficiency class A, electronic control type, no need to deal with defrosting - both cameras are equipped with No Frost.

Users will also enjoy the presence of superzamorozki opportunity outweigh the door to the other side, roomy and sturdy glass shelves.

Among the shortcomings of some owners called the lack of a variety of colors, as the fridge only in white color.

Still do not like the noise of a palpable operating unit, although a controversial last minute - the manufacturer claims a total of 40 dB.

Model # 5 - Hotpoint-Ariston HF9201BRO

Refrigerator models HF9201BRO Ariston brand is among the best-selling original models. The chip unit - black coating company with stylish handles. However, such a design is not fit in every kitchen.

Besides the visual attractiveness of this model has full Nou Frost - refrigerator and freezer Camera does not accumulate ice coat, from which then the user would have to manually get rid.

The total capacity is an impressive 322 liters. And only 75 of them in the freezer. In this case, a lot of space thanks to the unit does not take two meters tall.

Sufficient indicators width and depth corresponding to 60 and 69 cm, allow pan and 7-liter and deliver a 3 liter jar with pickled tomatoes / cucumbers. Sturdy glass shelves in a position to support their weight.

Besides spaciousness refrigerator freezer has excellent capacity capable of coping with 9 kg of frozen meat / strawberry or other products per day.

Another plus of this model - the economical consumption of energy corresponding to the class A +. Of the additional features like the presence of the owners and superzamorozki supercooling, light alert you when the heat.

Significant shortcomings owners are not found, the only thing that confuses - soiled handles and black surface. However, after treatment with tissue fingerprints disappear.

Model # 6 - Hotpoint-Ariston BTSZ1632

Hotpoint-Ariston BTSZ1632 is economical monogastric refrigerator capacity 102 liters and class A + power consumption.

Interest among buyers, this model is primarily the ability to be integrated into the furniture. And the modest size of 58 × 54,5 × 81,5 cm, where WxDxH respectively, allows you to put in a small room - in the country, in the office, a tiny kitchen.

As for the cost, it is somewhat high when compared with freestanding refrigerators.

The design provides a small freezer unit of 19 l. It is located at the top and can accommodate small packaging with dumplings, cutlets or boxes of ice-cream.

Of the advantages of the model, in addition to economical energy consumption, it should be noted the possibility pereveshivaniya doors and quiet operation corresponding to 40 dB.

Among the shortcomings merit a high price tag and the need to carry out manual defrosting - the refrigerator is equipped with a drip system.

Model # 7 - Hotpoint-Ariston SXBD920F

Of no less interest among buyers is model Hotpoint-Ariston SXBD920F. It is a typical representative of refrigerators Side by Side - he freezer of 192 liters arranged laterally.

As for the cost, it is quite acceptable for this kind of technology. Moreover, with a total capacity of 537 liters can be called the price very attractive.

Facilities of this refrigerator is also at the highest level - there is ice generator, sound indication, signals the opening of the door and temperature changes, the values ​​of which are displayed on a digital display.

Also in this model uses a No Frost technology, e-government, there is mode of "Vacation" and provides for protection of children, there is not in all models.

Despite the dimensions (WxDxH) 90,2x75x176 see a refrigerator consumes power sparingly - this figure corresponds to the class A +.

A significant drawback, in addition to the cost, size typical cuisine of panel flats is unlikely to fit Side by Side type technique. But for a country house and a large family such a decision is optimal.

Model # 8 - Hotpoint-Ariston E4DAAXC

Hotpoint-Ariston E4DAAXC - most unusual and progressive cooling unit with 4 asymmetrical doors. It equipped with refrigeration and freezer compartments.

This silver handsome with electronic control type has an antibacterial coating. Also, it is equipped with door baskets and containers for vegetables.

In the refrigerator at a special shelf canned, packed in cans. For easy storage of eggs have a separate tray, located in the side compartment.

Due to the large number of plastic crates, the inner space is used as much as possible rationally and placed into the unit to 20% more food than in similar products of the same engine displacement (470 l).

On the freezer has to 156 liters of total volume. For all three cameras realized the system No Frost, which allows to eliminate build-up of snow coats in offices.

Dimensions of this unique refrigerator 70x76x195,5 see where WxDxH respectively. Power consumption is a Class A +.

A significant drawback - the price. Not every typical family is able to pay for a brand new refrigerator about 60 thousand rubles.

Model # 9 - Hotpoint-Ariston BDR190AAI

Hotpoint-Ariston BDR190AAI - an embedded model refrigerator. Its uniqueness lies in the presence of the drawers in the absence of the freezer.

This unique design in the domestic market is extremely rare, especially since this technique can be integrated into any kitchen furniture. If desired, even place under the sink - the dimensions of the unit (Wxdxh) comprise 89.8 × 54.7 × 83.5 cm.

Total volume of the two boxes 190 L, also has anti-microbial coating. As for frugality, the power consumption of this model is a Class A +.

Of the advantages of the refrigerator of his original design, economy and the ability to embed.
Cons owners show more - it's inflated price while the build quality is questionable. I do not like the pull-out drawers, reminiscent of a cheap move furniture accessories.
And also there is no complete front facade and the handle, i.e. refrigerator can only be used after it is embedded.

And the capacity of boxes is able to satisfy every user is not - the bank's 3-liter does not fit.

Model # 10 - Hotpoint-Ariston HS4200X

At the last place ranking settled novelty manufacturer Hotpoint-Ariston HS4200X. Is this worthy of a refrigerator to a higher place in the ranking show time and the activity of transactions entered buyers.

This unit is an affordable price tag at good capacity - its total volume is 339 liters. In the lower part of the structure is provided freezer of 87 liters.

Among the advantages of the model compact dimensions (WxDxH) - 60x64x200 cm. Due to the high growth of the unit takes up less space in width. The truth is stunted problematic users will reach the top shelf.

Electricity consumption corresponds to the class A, it is possible to outweigh door provided notification of change in temperature.

Significant disadvantages: the need for periodic defrosting thanks to the drip system, high price with modest abilities. For the money you can buy an older model, equipped with a No Frost system.

What people are saying about this technique?

Buyers good reviews about Ariston refrigerators. They note the reliability of technology, capacity and endurance in active operation.

Highlights the opportunity Repositioning the door, rearrangement of shelves to your personal needs and a moderate noise at work.

Inner shelf with antibacterial coating

Inner chamber shelves are made of tempered glass of high strength. The outer edge has a protective rim anodized metal. Thanks to this reliable products located on the surface and does not slide off even during heavy door is opened

The noise level in the two-chamber modules varies between 40-43 dB. In single-chamber, this figure does not exceed 35 dB. Part of the owners said that it is normal.

However, some customers say that the work of a small urban apartment Ariston heard too much and sometimes interfere with normal rest and sleep.

Manufacturer in this case, recommends installing equipment on a firm basis, strictly verified by the construction level. Then the sound effect is markedly reduced and becomes virtually invisible.

Refrigerator air ionizer

Clients appreciate the model with the ionizer. Due to the presence of this element in the refrigeration compartment are formed odors, food odors do not mix, and the food stays fresh for a long time

Highly praised users option Total No Frost, self-regulatory process timely defrosting. In most models, it is a long time, clearly and smoothly.

However, over time for the correct functioning of the system requires cleaning of pipes through which coolant circulates working.

This simple and inexpensive procedure. Its easy performed by a service center staff, if the unit is under warranty still. When the warranty period expires, you can contact a workshop for repair of equipment, and the problem will be solved quickly.

If parallel even replace Freon, freezing quality will strengthen the unit. But this moment is relevant only for refrigerators, have worked at full capacity for at least 5 years.

Sometimes Ariston made at the Lipetsk plant reproached poor build quality, unsatisfactory casting and oxides in the soldering zone the cooling circuits provoking rapid evaporation of refrigerant from the freezer tube.

But these nuances are not widespread and most are considered to be rare unfortunate exception to the rule.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Features refrigeration manufacturer of Ariston discussed in the following video:

A detailed review and analysis of the main points that you should pay attention when choosing the optimal models of refrigerators for the home:

By purchasing a refrigerator, released under the brand Ariston, the client receives a reliable, high quality technique ideally coping with cooling and preservation of any products, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables.

A wide range of Ariston allows you to choose the best option of refrigeration equipment that combines operating comfort, availability of required features, attractive appearance, the right color and the right cost of.

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