Hydrometer from the Chinese manufacturer

About thirty years ago, SNT( gardening non-profit partnerships) began to appear like mushrooms after rain. On the cherished six hundred square meters, the owners built first modest change houses, and then small wooden houses.

Many holiday plots today are empty most of the year. Gardeners are active only from May to September, so no one bothers about central heating in summer houses. An ordinary stove is enough to keep warm in case of bad weather, if you take care of a supply of firewood in time.

Low heat, soot and smoke - probably, each of us at least once had problems when trying to kindle a fireplace with raw wood. To this method, the furnace masters advise to resort only in extreme cases, in order to avoid damage to the brick furnace. Reliably determine the humidity of the tree will help a special device - a moisture meter, which is in the range presented in the Russian online stores.

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Moisture measurement is carried out using special spikes that come into contact with the surface of the tree. The result is displayed on a small LCD display. The optimal values ​​for wood suitable for kindling the furnace, 15% -20% humidity. The device weighs no more than 350 grams, runs on batteries."Budget" model with a range of 5% -40% costs about 1000 rubles.

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In domestic stores, you can easily find more expensive devices - from 2,000 to 5,000 rubles. Such moisture meters are designed for professional builders and are distinguished by advanced functionality( measurement of humidity and temperature), the presence of USB for downloading data, as well as memory capacity that allows you to save over 30,000 values.

For home use, it is best to purchase the appliance on AliExpress. Digital moisture meter with a range of 5% -40% costs about 500 rubles. Measurement accuracy is provided by four steel studs. In addition to the device, the kit includes instructions in English and a convenient case for storage. The moisture meter has the function of memory and automatic power off, and on the LCD display, in addition to the values, a low battery indicator is displayed.

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Customers note a small error in the measurements - up to 5%, therefore it is undesirable to use the device during carpentry work. The moisture meter from China works with the help of Krona batteries. Reviews advise using a gadget to measure the moisture not only of wood, but also of peat, sand, cardboard, chipboard and other materials with low density.

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