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In today's world, every person at home has household appliances that help save not only time but also money. For example, with the help of a juicer, you can make fresh juice at home, and not buy at a store or go to a cafe specifically to enjoy this drink. On the market there are several types of this device, which differ in the principle of operation, manufacturer, cost and capabilities. One type is the rotary juicer. In this review we will describe how to choose a rotary juicer, what kind of device it is, how it works, and consider its features.

Varieties of rotary juicers

All centrifugal units on the market are divided into:

  • Conical.
  • Cylindrical.

They differ from each other in form and principle of operation.

Centrifugal cylindrical juicers

This type of household appliances is characterized by a vertical wall of the fruit receiver. This structure allows the fruit not to fall out and not to scatter when it enters the juicer through the neck.

During the operation of the apparatus, pieces of processed products fit most closely to the walls. This is achieved by using centrifugal force, the action of which does not stop until the device is working. This indicates that the amount of juice obtained depends on the time during which the rotational movements take place. So, with each rotation, the liquid flows into the container. The more spins, the more juice is obtained at the output.

After making the juice, you need to do the cleaning of the centrifuge. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Clean using the handle located on the unit cover. In any rotary juicer with the option of semi-automatic cleaning, there is this feature.
  2. If there is no such lever, then it is necessary to manually start cleaning and this must be done qualitatively. It is better to study the instructions for use before this, because the whole process is clearly and in detail described in it.

Cylindrical conical juicers

With the help of the special structure of the walls of the cake cone, which is obtained by squeezing the juice, rises to the edge and accumulates in a special container. This process is automatic and does not require human intervention. Due to the fact that the operation of the juicer occurs in automatic mode, therefore, it will not be possible to intervene in the spin process. For this reason, rotary models squeeze out significantly more juice.

If we talk about conical models, their performance is much higher, because the process of obtaining juice occurs continuously. All centrifugal juicers have a feature with which you can get absolutely pure juice. This was made possible thanks to the presence of a special fine mesh through which the fluid passes and does not get cake. Without the use of this element juicers can be cooked fresh mashed potatoes.

How rotor juicers work

Each rotor juicer is equipped with a motor and a centrifuge, at the bottom of which a special disc-shaped grater is placed. The power unit makes the centrifuge to work, so that all the particles of the products are attracted to the grid, and squeezed juice. After the operation of the juicer, the liquid flows into a special tank.

The principle of operation of the rotary type juicer is as follows: the high speed of the separator affects the products that are crushed under high pressure and produce juice. The unit can actually work at high speed - from 3600 rpm. In the process of operation of this apparatus, a lot of waste is always obtained, which is one of the drawbacks of this device, therefore, it must have a system for the removal of oil cake. If it does not exist, then a problem will arise - the net will be constantly clogged, and stopping the juicer for the purpose of cleaning will increase the time required for obtaining juice. For example, instead of 2 minutes, this process can take 10 minutes.

Benefits of

The main advantages include:

  • Speed ​​- rotary juicers operate at fairly high speeds. If you compare it with a screw juicer, then its speed per minute reaches 70, and for a cylindrical juicer it reaches 3600.
  • Wide mouth - all products are laid entirely, therefore loading is fast and very convenient.
  • Pulp Powder Functions - this option will make cleaning the juicer and its operation much easier.
  • Power - high power gives you more juice.
  • Affordable price.
  • Ability to process the fruits of any hardness.

In this article we have tried to tell in detail about rotary juicers. If you are still faced with a choice regarding the purchase of a device for obtaining juice, we hope that this review will help you make the right choice.

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