How to store sauerkraut at home: 3 rule and 5 options


  • 1 Terms of prolonged storage
    • 1.1 Rule 1: Do the 3 conditions
    • 1.2 Rule 2: Choose a suitable container
    • 1.3 Rule 3: Use-additives preservatives
  • 2 Place sauerkraut storage product: 5 options
  • 3 Output
Technology Compliance with the preparation and storage conditions will ensure your table quality sauerkraut snack.Technology Compliance with the preparation and storage conditions will ensure your table quality sauerkraut snack.

Value sauerkraut - in the presence of vitamin C and a large number of crude fiber, essential for digestion and immunity. And thanks to the natural preservatives (lactic acid), and the right conditions, you can benefit from this product during 8 months. I'll tell you how and where to store the sauerkraut to it for a long time do not lose their beneficial properties.

Terms of prolonged storage

Even in high quality cooked product at the wrong storage unwanted microbiological processes are activated, leading to deterioration snacks. To prevent this from happening, follow these simple rules.

Rule 1: Do the 3 conditions

To create the ideal conditions follow the 3 conditions:

Photo Conditions
table_pic_att15105686291 Condition 1: Temperature mode.

The shelf life of the cabbage depends on the temperature:

  • Optimum temperature - from 0 ° C to +4 ° C. Under such conditions, all the useful properties of the product will continue to 8 months.
  • Minus lead to the loss of vitamin C and palatability. After thawing, the cabbage will be softer. Shelf life at this time - about a year.
  • From +5 ° C to +8 ° C the product is stored up to two weeks. Then there is the cabbage oxidation.
  • At +10 ° C in the preform resumes fermentation processShe turns sour on the third day.
table_pic_att15105686302 Condition 2: cabbage should be covered with brine.

The layer not coated brine, vitamins are destroyed. When exposed to air shavings cabbage begins to darken.

Your actions:

  1. Darkened layer remove their own hands;
  2. Put on top of the press that all the cabbage submerged in the liquid.
  3. If the brine is not enough, add freshly prepared.
table_pic_att15105686333 Condition 3: choose sealed container.

Storage sauerkraut under air leads to the formation of mold and mucus.

Rule 2: Choose a suitable container

The taste of the workpiece and the duration of the preservation of its quality is affected by container.

What kept ready pickled product:

Photo The nuances of storage
table_pic_att15105686354 wooden tub
  • This product will add capacity of antioxidants, it has preservatives that prevent oxidation.
  • Natural wood give a unique taste.
  • The shelf life of the sauerkraut in a tub - 8 months.
table_pic_att15105686365 enamelware
  • Examine the dishes - enamel must be splinter-free. Otherwise, the product is oxidized in contact with the metal.
  • Pots and buckets capped.
  • shelf life - six months.
table_pic_att15105686386 glass jars
  • Fill the container to the neck of a snack.
  • Firmly plug the.
  • Pickled product is stored in a glass container sealed to 6 months.
table_pic_att15105686397 plastic containers
  • Compact tank is located in the refrigerator shelves.
  • The packaging shall be new and free from foreign smell.
  • Fill the container to the edges, cover with a tight lid.
  • Shelf life in plastic containers - from 3 months to a year (in the freezer).

Rule 3: Use-additives preservatives

The preservative effect produces lactic acid (produced by fermentation) and salt. It can strengthen the substances inhibit the growth of microorganisms in the fermented product.

Photo instruction
table_pic_att15105686408 Preservative 1: sunflower oil

The container filled with cabbage, pour the oil.

Vegetable fat forms a film not permeable oxygen. This will prevent the proliferation of microbes that cause food decay.

table_pic_att15105686429 Preservative 2: mustard powder

Sprinkle blank relish.

Mustard seeds destroy microscopic fungi and have antiseptic properties. And the price of preservative - only 30 rubles.

table_pic_att151056864510 Preservative 3: cranberries

Mix fruit with sauerkraut.

Cranberry - natural antibiotic because it contains benzoic acid. Introduces new notes of flavor and taste.

table_pic_att151056864711 Preservative 4: horseradish shavings

Grate horseradish and generously sprinkle them topsheet snacks.

Horseradish stops the fermentation process, so add it only to the finished product.

Place sauerkraut storage product: 5 options

The finished snack place in a cool place, not to superoxide.

Photo storage options
table_pic_att151056864912 Option 1: in the basement or cellar.

Basement in a private home - the optimal storage location blanks provided good ventilation.

table_pic_att151056867113 Option 2: on the glassed-in balconies, loggias.

The home city apartment can be a long time to keep sauerkraut snack on the shelves in the loggia.

table_pic_att151056867214 Option 3: The cold cupboard under the window.

Away from the radiator heating the workpiece cabbage can be stored until the warm season.

table_pic_att151056867415 Option 4: on an open balcony.

For storage of sauerkraut, you can use the box on the balcony:

  • A light-tight box insulated.
  • At sub-zero temperatures to freeze the product, however, divide the blank into portions. After all, the cabbage can not be refrozen.

How to make a snack: Remove the Packed portion and move it in the refrigerator. During the night it is thawed, and will be ready for use.

table_pic_att151056867616 Option 5: in the refrigerator.

For a small number of blanks most accessible place - the fridge:

The answer to the question, how much is stored sauerkraut in the refrigerator:

  • Up to 8 months (just as in the cellar), determine if the containers on the shelf temperature up to +4 ° C.
  • Up to a year, if the starter is placed in the freezer.


Now that you know about the conditions and choosing a suitable option storage of sauerkraut, you enrich your diet this useful product. Follow my advice and clear advice in the video in this article. If you have a question - post it in the comments.

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