Storing toys: 11 amazing ideas for order and cleanliness


  • 1 Compact storage of children's toys
    • 1.1 4 ways
    • 1.2 Method 5. Mailbox system
    • 1.3 Method 6. wall of honor
    • 1.4 Method 7. Just like adults
    • 1.5 4 embodiment finished repositories
  • 2 Useful tips to save space
  • 3 Summary
If toys are placed on the place - in the house of comfort and order!If toys are placed on the place - in the house of comfort and order!

I'm sure I'm not the first who faced with a toy in the apartment a mess. The idea is to keep the toys in the children's room, he came to me when my son was only 6 months. Gradually, through trial and error, we derived a perfect tactic. All that we have been able to try and how to make the most compact storage of toys in the children's room, I tell you.

Compact storage of children's toys

By order of the children should be taught from the cradle!By order of the children should be taught from the cradle!

Container for toys - it can be almost any capacity. It you can do with your hands, or find somewhere in the house.

4 ways

4 talk about my favorite techniques.

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Picture recommendations
table_pic_att14939265212 method 1

Soft toys can be stored anywhere, thanks to their natural plastic. The child will be interesting hammocks or Velcro tape.

table_pic_att14939265224 method 2

Wall baskets or planters will be different boxes for different things. Children will appreciate the fact that the balls and plush friends can throw at them.

table_pic_att14939265245 method 3

Mesh bags on suckers for entertainment during washing. They can both make your own, and find in the children's store.

table_pic_att14939265266 method 4

Make a table of transparent containers. So keeping toys and parts designer simplified by finding and fields for games and drawers in one Mete.

Storing toys will no longer be a problem for you, you can be interested in cleaning your child. I agree, it's not easy. I offer for your consideration of my ideas and tips that are sure to appreciate the kid. What exactly, offer the favorite child?

Photo: will be able to interest the child - you forget about the long cleaning forever.

Method 5. Mailbox system

It would seem that way to old toys themselves. For centuries, mosaics, designers and plush friends they thrust into the box... and that's it. How can interest the child to store toys in containers without causing it?

Each toy must be the placeEach toy must be the place
  1. Have your child make houses for the different subjects, in other words, sort them. Machines live in the first, Barbie - Second, posudku - in the third, etc...
  2. All organizers, label designs.
  3. Teach for harvest gradually and in conjunction with the parent.
  4. Turn your hobby into a competition. You collect pencils, son - of the railway, the type "who is faster."
  5. When the child understand that every object has its place, the main thing - to monitor the correct execution of their tasks.

If a kid is lazy and dumped all the toys in one box, hide those that "live in other houses." Baby tell me what they were upset, they went to look for your home and get lost. Adjust so that each spillikin found only a couple of days.

Boxes will be a compact space for toys, if you start to teach children things unfolding in places.Boxes will be a compact space for toys, if you start to teach children things unfolding in places.

Method 6. wall of honor

You've probably noticed, each baby prefers any particular kind of trifles. Dolls, trucks, Lego, books, puzzles and so on. D.

If you have more than 10 items of the same type, toy storage system can be in the form of a certain podium.

The original idea, to pens and pencils to collect in one placeThe original idea, to pens and pencils to collect in one place

Every time guests come with children go brag collection - spend the extra 10 minutes, the baby will be a pleasure, but a habit to take care of such subjects will last a lifetime.

Picture recommendations
table_pic_att149392653810 EXAMPLE 1

So it could look version with open shelves, where parked cars.

table_pic_att149392654211 EXAMPLE 2

Women's variation - a doll, rassazhennye together. You can come up with some scenes where the characters toys.

Method 7. Just like adults

As an incentive to clean, you can use the child's desire to be like a parent. Play a simple everyday situations. To your attention the options for both boys and girls:

Picture option
table_pic_att149392654412 For boy

In the presence of free space you do not even need a box of children's toys. On the floor organize parking:

  1. Stationery tape mark the area of ​​the floor.
  2. Teach your child exactly to park vehicles.
table_pic_att149392654613 girls

Storing toys your daughters will not be a problem when you have forged a dollhouse. Baby dolls will put themselves and all their accessories into place.

4 embodiment finished repositories

Children and furniture stores are full of offers ready-made furniture to suit every taste and color. Tanks for the storage of children's clothes do not occupy the last place in them.

I compiled a list of the main types of storage of their rates and benefits. All 4 tested on himself - for us and his son were the most comfortable containers and mats.

Picture recommendations
table_pic_att149392654714 Option 1. Pad-sac

Price: 500-1000 rubles

Benefits2 in 1 - and the carpet, and storage. Dolls, cars and even small animals are not going to have to - simply tighten the rope.

Option 2. Wardrobe containers

Price: 3000 - 5000 rubles

Benefits: Compactness, strength, versatility to store toys of all types and shapes, capacity, perfectly fit into the interior.

table_pic_att149392655115 Option 3. outdoor basket

Price: 1000 rubles for 3-5 pieces

BenefitsOriginal design, perfectly suited for the storage of both soft toys and clothes.

table_pic_att149392655416 Option 4. Hanging baskets

Price: 500-1500 rubles

Benefits: Compact, versatile storage children's clothes, capacity.

Before buying the finished containers ensure its durability, safety and comfort for your child.

Useful tips to save space

Finally, I want to give some tips on how to properly save space:

  1. Separate the items into groups.
  2. Encourage your child to the concept of "all things in their proper place."
  3. Throw away broken toys.
  4. Give what the baby is already forgotten.
  5. Fill in the boxes for toys available, unused spaceFor example, under the bed.

Encourage your child to come up with where to hide toys and get the general idea - that children invent themselves, they perform more diligently.


Here, perhaps, all successfully tested my ways. Try at least a couple, and you will surely find the right one. If you have your own ideas on how to keep children's toys, I'd be happy, if you share them in the comments.

Want to know how to store Lego, then watch the video in this article.

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