"The head is a dark subject", so you need a helmet with AliExpress

The saying goes on with the words - "not subject to examination, so everything can be."This statement shows how important it is to keep your head from injuries and blows. In society, it is customary to neglect safety. As a result, many are already reaping the bitter consequences of their negligence.

The main task of the builder is to find a suitable model of protective helmet. The depreciation system should operate with weak and hard shocks. If she sits comfortably on her head, he will be able to work longer and more productively. One of the variants of such a universal helmet is presented on the website of Aliexpress.

Put on, and forgot

Many builders would agree that after a hard day of work, the feeling of a helmet on my head remains all night. This is the first sign of a malfunctioning protective cover. The features of the proposed model are:

  • the ability to adjust the belt from 52 to 62 cm;
  • provides a convenient lock with which you change the size with a single movement of the hand;
  • small visor with a corrugated surface;
  • waterproof surface;
  • the presence of pantnik( from 2 cm) in the frontal area, made of non-woven material or cotton;
  • shock absorbing side elements( 2-4 cm deep);
  • four elastic belts, connected in the center, tightly fit the head.
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The weight of the helmet is about 370 g. Therefore, the operator does not feel it on his head. Material products - bulletproof plastic series ABC.Thickness of a cloth is more than 3 mm. The gap between the upper part and the fixing belts is 4 cm.

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The helmet has a non-standard structure. In the center of the product is a convex bead. On both sides there are five holes of different caliber. Thanks to such a boxed ventilation system, the builder will not sweat much, which means that he will not chill his head. These hats are suitable for working indoors.

How to check whether a helmet is wearing correctly? In the locked state when tilted and lightly shaken, it should not fly off.

During the tests of this model, the helmet was checked for strikes with large, sharp and small objects. Flight altitude within 1-2 meters, but the result remained unchanged. However, the presence of a protective helmet does not provide an absolute guarantee of safety. Therefore, situations / places that threaten health and life should be avoided.

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Unique color solutions are offered by sellers on the marketplace of AliExpress. There are helmets of white, orange, blue, yellow and red shades. They cost only 1,031 rubles. In specialized online stores the price for such luxury ranges from 6,800 to 7,500 thousand rubles.

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