9 best combined gas stoves with electric ovens

  • How to choose a gas stove
  • Pros and cons of the combined devices
  • 9 best combined stoves

Most women often can not choose between a gas and an electric stove. The cooking process is easier and faster on the electric stove, but electricity prices are very high, so the hostess prefer gas stoves. But at the moment there is no longer any need to choose the best version of this household appliance for the kitchen, because gas cookers with electrofusion ovens have already appeared on the market. In this review, we will look at how to choose a combined gas stove with electric ovens, the advantages and disadvantages of this device, the characteristics and tell you about the best models.

How to choose a gas stove

Before you choose a gas stove, you must decide on the hob. Basically, the stove is selected based on the preferences of each hostess, but there are some characteristics that should be taken into account when buying.


Basically buying a stove comes from the size of the kitchen:

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  1. Planting depth - 50–60 cm.
  2. Width - 30–90 cm.
  3. Height - up to 85 cm.

It is recommended to get an extractor plate as well.


When choosing this type of equipment, it is necessary to take into account the material of manufacture:

  • Enamelled plates are practical and durable. This surface is one of the most accessible, easy to clean, but requires careful handling, because it does not suffer blows.
  • Stainless steel - these coatings are notable for their excellent appearance and heat resistance. Care for this surface is complicated by the need to use a special cleaning agent.
  • Glass ceramics - requires very careful handling, because the slightest damage may adversely affect the performance of the plate. Before you begin to clean this type of hob, it is necessary that it is completely cooled.
  • Aluminum alloy - this new coating can not be scratched, in the care is not picky, but its cost is slightly higher than the above models.


Basically, each stove has 4 rings, different in diameter. Note that their power is closely related to the size - 1–2.6 kWh. But the modern combined plates combine the following non-standard solutions:

  1. The principle of "languor" - the burners are covered with a special lid, so the heat is distributed evenly.
  2. Burners are located as close as possible to the surface, making them easy to maintain.
  3. Continuous burning - by chance such a flame cannot be extinguished.
  4. Burners with an unusual shape.

Pros and cons of the combined

devices When you purchase a combination plate, you must take into account all the advantages and disadvantages of such a device.


  • The gas level in the burners is adjustable.
  • The hob can be cleaned before it is completely cooled.
  • The oven warms up quickly and evenly.
  • Dishes do not burn.
  • Safety thanks to gas control.


  1. Oven cools for a long time.
  2. Installation complexity.
  3. Expensive.
  4. Operation is costly.

The advantages can also include several additional options that are not in the gas oven.

9 best combined plates

Every consumer wants to get a high quality unit at an affordable price. Buyers have identified the following models of combined plates. It should be noted that these units can boast of the presence of a grill and convection.

Gorenje K 55320 AW


  • Electronic control.
  • Timer.
  • Screen.
  • Electrical ignition.


  1. Turning on the burner is accompanied by a loud noise.
  2. In some cases there may be problems with the electronics.

Hansa FCMX59120

In terms of price, this cooker is on the same level as the previous model.

  • Mechanical control.
  • Timer.
  • Automatic ignition.
  • In the oven there is light.


  1. You can not control the level of gas.
  2. The package does not include a baking sheet.
  3. Inconvenient arrangement of burners.
  4. Large burners.
  5. More electricity consumption.

GEFEST 6102-03

This model of plate is much more expensive than those already listed, but good security completely pays for it:

  • Timer.
  • Automatic ignition.
  • Switching is carried out mechanically.
  • Function "gas control".

Gorenje K 67333 RW

The stove differs not only in price, but also in its unusual appearance.

Product specifications:

  1. Mechanical switching.
  2. Timer.
  3. Electrical ignition.
  4. Gas Level Monitoring.

Ardesia D 667 RCRC

Among the technical characteristics are:

  • Mechanical switching.
  • High quality timer.
  • Mechanical Electrical Ignition.
  • Function "gas control".

Gorenje KC 5355 XV

This stove is quite compact, but at the same time somewhat expensive. But when reading the specifications it becomes clear that the price is quite justified.


  1. Capacity - 70 liters.
  2. Coating - enameled.
  3. 11 operating modes.
  4. The package includes a baking tray.
  5. There is a grill function.
  6. Convection.
  7. Warming up is pretty quick.
  8. The function of heating dishes.
  9. Steam cleaning option.
  10. 4 glass ceramic hob.
  11. Sensor.
  12. Automatic ignition function.
  13. Function "gas control".
  14. Ability to cook at several levels at once.


  • No WOK burner.

Bosch HGD 745255

This model is quite large and has various functions. It will appeal to customers who prepare not only standard dishes, but also lovers of culinary experiments.


  1. Clock with timer.
  2. Protection against children.
  3. Automatic electric ignition.
  4. Ability to regulate gas in the burner.
  5. 8 heating modes.
  6. Grill and convection function.
  7. The capacity of the oven is 66 liters.
  8. There is a light in the oven.
  9. Assembly is carried out in Turkey.
  10. Class A power consumption.


  • Expensive.
  • Lack of WOK hot plates.

Gefest PGE 5502-03 0045

This model is made in Belarus and is characterized by a facade and a cooking surface made of glass. The cost of the plate is affordable, but it has an attractive appearance.


  1. Interesting design.
  2. 4 burners;
  3. Automatic electric ignition.
  4. Function "gas control".
  5. Touch Timer.
  6. Capacity - 52 liters.
  7. Class A energy efficiency.
  8. Accelerated heating;
  9. The kit includes a spit and shashlik box.
  10. Warranty service - 2 years.


  • No top cover.
  • Oven ignites manually.

GEFEST 5102-03 0023

This combination gas stove with an electric oven is a classic and in this category of units - the most budget. Judging by the customer reviews, this model is of high quality and reliable.


  1. Electrical ignition, which is mounted in the knob burners.
  2. Electric oven.
  3. Gril.
  4. Convection.
  5. Spit, included in the box.
  6. Timer, accompanied by a sound signal.


  • There is no information about the heating time of the oven to the desired temperature.

In this article, all the characteristics of combined gas stoves with electric ovens are disclosed and the best models of these units are listed. We hope that this will help you make the right choice and you will be satisfied with your purchase.

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