Tying up clips made in China

The center of the suburban area often becomes a greenhouse, which takes a lot of time and effort from gardeners. Carefully grown or purchased on the market, seedlings need constant care. Traditionally, tomatoes and cucumbers are planted in greenhouses, which provide the whole family with healthy salads in the second half of the summer season and stunning preparations for the winter.

Tying up plants is a laborious process that we would gladly refuse, but this is simply impossible. The severity of the future crop threatens the stalks, the fruit can eat pests on the ground, and due to excessive moisture, the process of leaf rotting starts. In other words, it is impossible to avoid tying up tall plants, but it is quite possible to facilitate this process.

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Special plastic clips are sold in Russian online stores. This simple device allows you to fix the plant on both vertical and horizontal support.

Clips made of polypropylene, the price depends on the number of products in the package. For example, a set of 20 clips for garter plants will cost 47 rubles. Despite the low cost, the products are very durable and will last you for more than one season.

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Clips are not presented in all domestic stores, so gardeners prefer to order them on the AliExpress website immediately after the New Year holidays. Plastic rings with a diameter of 23 mm are sold in packs of 50 or 100 pieces.

Transparent clips, unlike ordinary ropes, “sit” firmly on the stalks, provide reliable support and do not injure the plants.

Reviews indicate a reduction in the time for the care of vegetable crops, because to install the clips do not require special skills. In addition, transparent clips are almost invisible and help maintain order in greenhouses. When the plants are neatly tied, watering, processing and harvesting is much easier.

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