Storage of grapes for the winter - 2 proven methods, rules and nuances


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It turns out, you can enjoy juicy grapes in both summer and winter.It turns out, you can enjoy juicy grapes in both summer and winter.

My family is very fond of fresh grapes. In the summer, these tasty and healthy berries always decorate our table. Unfortunately, in such a short period of time do not have time enough to enjoy this product. I was wondering how to store for the winter grapes at home. Let's look together.

Choosing the right grade

There are many kinds of grapes. They differ in their taste characteristics and storage capacity. Here are some factors that determine whether you can keep certain varieties of grapes:

  1. ripening time. For long term storage suitable grade middle and late ripening.
  2. berry size. It is much easier to keep the grapes for the winter, if he has large berries and seen in the context of a dense and thick skin.

The shell thickness depends grape ability to retain moisture.

  1. Method care and productivity vines. Statistics show that the fecundity of the bush, the more chances to save the berries.

What grapes can be stored for a long time:

Picture Sorts

Middle-grade. It ripens in mid-September. Berries are very large with firm flesh.


Late variety, ripens in late September - early October. This grape is resistant to transportation and very long-term storage.

Autumn black

Middle-grade. Distinctive feature - oblong berries. It has a high frost resistance and good transportability.

jubilee crane

Middle-grade. It has extended the pink berries. Such grapes are kept perfectly and tolerates frost.


This variety is middle-ripening. The sale comes as early as 20 days of August. Different saturated sweet taste, so its price is higher than other varieties.

The following table lists the most popular grape varieties for our region. Also on offer can be found a rare, well carrying long-term storage. For example:

  • Criuleni;
  • Negrul memory;
  • Nistru;
  • Straseni;
  • Liang;
  • Tahir.

The nuances of storage

We look at how to keep the grapes fresh for a long time.

Method 1. Cooling

Properly storing grapes at a temperature of from 0 to +7 °C at a relative humidity of about 80% of the premises. Based on this rule, and choose the right place. Instructions are presented in the table below:

Picture recommendations
Method 1. suspension

Tie the bunch of rope and hook on the wire. For this purpose, suitable attic or loft.

storage lifeup to 1 month.

Hang bunches at different heights, they should not come into contact with each other.

Method 2. On the green crests

You need to leave about 20 cm above the vine bunch. Then lower the vine stems in a water bottle.

So it is possible to prolong the preservation of grapesfresh up to 2 months.

The stores usually sell bunches with cropped vines, so it's perfect if you cut the grapes from the bush with his hands.

Method 3. The cases and boxes

The bottom of the box you need to lay a parchment paper and spread out on top of the ridges bunches up.

So the grapes remainup to 2 months.

Periodically, clusters need to ventilate, to avoid the appearance of mold and mildew.

Method 4. Fridge

Spread out on grapes containers legs upward.

At about +2 °C shelf life will be from 4 to 7 months.

Method 2. freezing

Is it possible to freeze the grapes and how to do it correctly?

To begin, you need to properly prepare the berries:

  1. Bunches must be flushed, To remove small leaves.
  2. Then you need to dry the berries. For these purposes, you can use a hair dryer with a minimum temperature or a home fan.

It is not recommended to dry the grapes in the sun, so it is possible to turn the juicy berries in the raisins.

  1. Next you need to cool the berriesSending for a few hours in the refrigerator.

You can freeze the grapes for the winter in several ways:

Picture recommendations
Method 1. Bunch or loose

Place the whole cluster or disassembled berries in bags. Then send them in the freezer.

In what form to freeze the grapes - you choose. Consider only that in the form of bunches of product will occupy a lot more space.

Method 2. The sugar

You can freeze the grapes for the winter in the Sahara. Pour berries with sugar and place into containers, then send it in the freezer.

Method 3. The syrup

Boil the sugar syrup: 1 cup sugar 2 cups of water.

The sealed jars lay the berries and pour the syrup. Then cool and putting the refrigerator 2 hours, and send it to the bottom shelf of the freezer.

Method 4. In the form of puree or juice

Prepare mashed or squeeze the juice in any way possible. Add the mixture of sugar: 2 cups of puree (juice) 1 cup sugar. Mix and place into containers. Place in freezer.

Not necessarily choose the remnants of the skin, it is possible to freeze the mixture right with it.


Eat fresh grapes can be at any time of the year. Choose a storage method that you prefer. Videos in this article will show some more nuances to preserve juicy berries. If you know of other methods, such as long time to keep the freshness of the grapes - write in the comments.

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