How to deduce the iron mark on black and light clothes

Improperly set iron on iron can cause unpleasant marks on clothes, light things appear on iron when ironed, unpleasant marks appear on clothes, light things appear on iron when ironed, irregular marks can appear on clothes, light things appear on iron when ironed, irregular marks can appear on clothes, light things appear on iron when ironed, the appearance of unpleasant marks on clothes can appear. Black, they look like a brilliant tan. No one is immune from such trouble, because every hostess at least once she happened, but knowing how to remove the iron mark, you can continue to use your favorite clothes without sending it to the trash. If you don’t have time to go to the hardware store, you can remove the stain on clothes with the help of available tools that are in every home.

How to get rid of shiny stains

Synthetic fabrics are most susceptible to the appearance of shiny stains; if the temperature is too high, their upper layers can burn, resulting in a brilliant reminder. Properly set ironing mode can protect against this, but if the trouble still happened, you should not be upset. Such damage in most cases can be easily removed if the necessary measures are taken in time. Among the popular methods of dealing with shiny spots on black clothes are the most popular:

  1. The easiest way to bring a brilliant mark is to iron its location through gauze dipped in soapy water. For the solution, it is better to take a laundry soap, for a quick result, its concentration should be large enough, you can also pre-wash the gauze separately, and only then moisten it in the solution. It is necessary to iron, without pressing on the iron, until the trace begins to disappear. After that, you need to remove the gauze and leave the thing to dry naturally, in no case should you iron it without gauze.
  2. Remove the shiny iron mark on the black fabric with vinegar. In containers with warm water it is necessary to dilute a little vinegar and mix the resulting solution well. It will need to soak the thing for 30 - 60 minutes without rinsing it, then squeeze and hang to dry naturally. The disadvantage of this method is that it can be used to remove only a minor stain, it will not cope with more serious damage.
  3. In the warm season, the sun will help to remove the unpleasant iron mark from the black fabric. The spot should be slightly moistened with cold water, sprinkle liberally with fine salt or drip a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. After this thing you need to hang to dry under direct sunlight, and when it dries, rinse in cold water. After complete drying, the iron trace should disappear.
  4. The next tool that will remove the iron stain from the fabric can be found in the kitchen, this is the usual onion. A small onion needs to be cleaned and cut in half. The cut should easily wipe the shiny trail until it disappears. After this thing will need to rinse and dry naturally.
  5. The following two components can also be taken from the kitchen - tea or milk. These are two separate ways, but the process of their application is the same. Tea should be well brewed, strain from the leaves and let cool to room temperature, then pour into the tank for washing. The thing is soaked until the stain starts to disappear, after which it is squeezed, rinsed under cold water and hung up to dry. In a similar way, clothes are soaked in milk.
  6. Some managed to remove the iron mark from clothes with an abrasive nail file, pumice or razor. However, you should be careful when choosing such a method, because you can irrevocably spoil a favorite thing that could still be saved.

These are universal ways to remove shiny iron marks from fabric that can be applied to clothing made from any material. In addition to them, there are separate ways to save natural and synthetic things with the help of scrap materials, which can also be successfully applied.

How to deduce a brilliant footprint with natural clothing

Clothing made of natural fabric is more valuable, and not everyone will like it because of the imperfections accidentally left by the iron. The most common natural clothing made of cotton or flax, in order to save clothes made from such fabric, you can use the first-aid kit. To remove a brilliant stain from such a fabric, it is necessary to prepare a solution of 1 tsp of 10% sodium hydroxide, the same amount of hydrogen peroxide and a glass of water. The resulting mixture must be thoroughly mixed and moistened with gauze, which a few minutes to wipe the shiny mark. When it disappears, rinse the item in cold water and iron it.

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If a thing is made of natural silk, it will be somewhat harder to remove the stain, because it is the most delicate fabric that is sensitive to chemical attack. First, you can handle a brilliant place with gauze soaked in wine vinegar, after which the thing must be put to dry on a ventilated surface. Second, baking soda and water can help. It should be abundantly lubricate the damaged area of ​​clothing to absorb, dry areas need to be shaken off, then rinse the item in cold water and hang it up to dry.

If you doubt the composition of the fabric, you can look at the label to choose the right way to remove iron stains.

Remove iron marks from synthetics

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If a polyester item is damaged, you can use boric acid, which is bought in a pharmacy in the form of a solution or powder. Using a piece of gauze, boric acid solution should be applied to the shiny trail and left to soak for 10 to 15 minutes. After the time has expired, you will need to wash the item in the usual way - manually or in a washing machine. Instead of boric acid, you can use natural lemon juice, it also removes stains from synthetics well. However, this way you can remove only fresh stains, so do not tighten with taking action.

In the event that clothing is viscose, then removing the stain is easiest. The iron mark should be washed off with clean cool water, after which the whole thing should be washed by hand with soap in warm water. Most often, such simple actions can save the viscose thing, leaving no traces.

Permanently remove the stain in any case is possible only in the absence of damage to the fabric. If, besides the stain, the iron has left the burned area, only a decorative ornament of the damaged place, such as an appliqué, will help.
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