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health and hygiene models are provided by the programm access programs for the ny flatsbegan to give preference to a healthy lifestyle.

One of the most important aspects in this issue is oral and nasopharyngeal hygiene, since it is in these places that the pathogenic bacteria that accumulate there from the outside world most often accumulate and multiply.

Experts do not get tired of repeating that healthy teeth and gums are a guarantee of the health of the whole organism, and in case of problems one visit to the dentist can and not get off. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and heart and others can become the result of neglect of this issue.

As for the need for rinsing the nose, this procedure is also incredibly important. After all, it is through the nasal passages that we breathe air from the environment, which is simply teeming with various bacteria and infections. If they are not washed out, they can cause the development of colds and even allergies.

Modern technologies have given us a number of excellent assistants, which allow us to take hygienic procedures to a new level and in the future save time and money on visiting doctors and purchasing medicines.

Flow-through irrigator SPA DENT

The model of flow-through irrigator Revyline Spa Dent is notable for its convenience and ease of use, as well as its compact size and versatile design.

It connects to the tap and is powered by water pressure, which can be adjusted using the built-in switch, so there are no expensive electric motors inside it that can fail and require costly repairs.

With all this, the flow irrigator easily removes plaque on the teeth, food debris stuck in the interdental space, and effectively removes bacteria that can cause diseases such as caries, gum inflammation and others.

The appearance of the model is rather laconic and does not differ by special design delights, which is absolutely not necessary for hygienic devices.

Ease of installation and connection to the water supply will ensure its easy installation by anyone, even without any technical skills.

Unlike irrigators, which have built-in electric motors that produce noise, this one works completely silently. The only source of sounds will be the faucet.

Special attention should be paid to the possibility of hydromassage of the gums, which has a very beneficial effect on the solution of such a common problem as gingival bleeding.

While using the irrigator, you can arrange a real spa procedure for your oral cavity, which not only brings pleasure, but also improves it.

Conveyor Assemblyfor nasal washing Revyline Nasal 300 was developed on the basis of ancient Indian practice, which suggests that it is a periodic nasal lavageIt has a positive effect on the organism as a whole, making it healthier, and also contributes to positive thinking.

Despite its novelty, the Revyline Nasal 300 has already won the hearts of consumers who bought this appliance and conveniently placed it on the shelves in their bathrooms.

Its use allows you to cope with such problems as colds, nasal congestion, various inflammations in the nasopharynx, as well as overwork, insomnia, and even headache.

The design of the nose washer is incredibly easy to use due to the special shape of the bend that allows you to direct the flushing fluid in the right direction.

A special valve inside the tank creates pressure, which directs the fluid into the nasal passages.

The use of such a device for rinsing the nose will be an excellent alternative to expensive pharmaceutical products produced in cans and jars, saving your budget.

Acquisition System for nasal lavage REVYLINE NASAL 300

  • fluid reservoir with a valve
  • Cover with
  • tube nozzle for adults
  • Nozzle for children
  • Operating Instructions

Features models

Flow irrigator SPA DENT has its own peculiarities and distinctive features:

  • design uncomplicated providespracticality
  • Lack of an electric motor reduces the likelihood of damage
  • Optimum price
  • Effective removal of plaque, food debris
  • Convenient usee

Nose rinsing system REVYLINE NASAL 300 also has its own distinctive features:

  • Convenient and compact nasal rinsing solution
  • Saving the budget
  • Suitable for both adults and children
  • Ease of use
  • Promotes the prevention of colds
  • Obsev Coughing sickness
  • Obsect Coughing diseases, quality care for yourself and your health can be inexpensive, but it is very effective. This is confirmed by both of our today's heroes of the review - the SPA DENT flow irrigator, which cares for the oral cavity, and the REVYLINE NASAL 300 nose wash system, which gives care for the nasal cavity.
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