How to remove blood stains from the couch at home

The bloody footprints that for some reason have spoiled the upholstery of the sofa are among the most difficult to remove stains. However, with the right approach to cleaning you can cope with them.

to apply a problem by applying the information and to get some information on how to do this as a problem and not in some questions and plans and not so some time and time then now apply 100. Then apply…at home, you need to know a few general rules. In addition, it is important to know what material the upholstery is made of and to take this into account when further cleaning.
  1. It is easier to remove fresh blood traces than old ones, so the treatment is carried out as soon as possible after the appearance of the stain.
  2. Blood is a protein compound that, when interacting with oxygen, thickens and coagulates. Under the influence of hot water, these processes are faster and more intense. The blood penetrates deeper into the fibers of the tissue, dries, gluing them together. It becomes much more difficult to remove such pollution, therefore blood stains on the sofa are treated only with cold water.
  3. All used means are applied not to the upholstery, but to a sponge, napkin or brush and with their help are distributed over the surface of the sofa.
  4. In order not to increase the area of ​​contamination and do not remain stains after the cleaning procedure, the stain is treated in a circular motion from the edges to the center.
  5. Before starting to remove the stain, the chosen agent is tested on an inconspicuous portion of the upholstery: on the back of the sofa, in the gap between the seat and armrest, etc. The cleaner should not discolor or otherwise damage the material.

Removing Fresh Blood Stains

If blood droplets have just splashed onto a sofa or couch, they are immediately blotted with a paper napkin - this prevents further liquid spreading. Then the polluted place is wiped with a damp cloth, after it with a dry clean rag. If the blood still managed to be absorbed, it is necessary to use stain remover or apply folk methods using improvised means.

Salt solution will help to quickly wipe the blood off the couch. Two teaspoons of salt diluted in a glass of cold water. The liquid is poured into a spray bottle and sprayed pollution. After 10-15 minutes, the upholstery gets wet, removing excess moisture. The procedure is repeated several times until the blood is completely dissolved. Then the treated area is washed with clean water and dried thoroughly.

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Removing old blood stains

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It is more difficult to get rid of old stains, so more aggressive methods and means are used to treat them: from hydrogen peroxide and ammonia to the use of spot removers for removing protein stains. In difficult cases, resort to the help of professional dry cleaning.

Cleaning using household chemicals

If available tools did not help to quickly get rid of traces of blood, use household chemicals. Modern stain removers penetrate the deep structures of the stained tissue and can remove even the most complex stain. It is better to give preference to proven manufacturers.

Not bad copes with the task of cleaning the blood universal remedy Vanish, it washes contaminants in cold water. Vanish is available in powder, liquid and spray form. On the upholstery of the sofa is more convenient to apply stain remover by spraying. After keeping for 3-5 minutes, the treated place is soaked with a clean absorbent cloth.

Powder Vanish is also used for cleaning upholstered furniture. To do this, it is diluted with water in equal proportions. The prepared mixture is applied to a pre-moistened spot, lightly rubbed and left for 20-30 minutes for exposure. Then the dried up powder is swept away with a brush, the treated place is washed with clean water and dried.

Liquid Vanish is also applied with a sponge on a wetted spot and left for 35-40 minutes. Then the contamination is thoroughly washed with water and dried.

The Australian remedy Frau Schmidt is less common. It does not contain aggressive chemicals, launders all types of fabrics without bleaching them.

Spot Remover Dr. Beckmann is designed to remove traces of blood and other protein stains: dairy and meat products, eggs, pus. Means has convenient packing of 50 ml, protects color and structure of fabric. The stain is well moistened with a stain remover, left for 5-10 minutes for exposure, then remove the residue with a damp cloth.

Any household stains, including blood, can remove the stain remover Udalix. It is available in powder, spray, liquid and solid forms. A pencil is especially convenient for cleaning sofas. Wet bloody stain rubbed with a pencil until foaming, incubated for 15 minutes, then washed with water. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

The Belgian product Ecover does not contain petroleum products, only vegetable and mineral components. The kit contains a brush that provides an economical consumption of stain remover.

Folk cleaning

Stain removers may not always be at hand. Then to save the sofa from traces of blood will have proven popular methods. The following methods are suitable for sofa upholstery of textiles: velor, chenille, matting, flock, tapestry.

Laundry soap

Laundry soap - an old and reliable assistant in the economy. The alkali contained in it helps to get rid of a lot of pollution. To clean the bloody stain, a wet, clean sponge is soaked until foam appears. Sponge-wiped from the edges to the center rub a dirty place.

After 5-10 minutes, the area is washed with a clean, wet wipe. Moisture is collected with a dry, water-absorbent cloth. The sofa is well dried in a ventilated room.

Dishwashing Liquid

The procedure for cleaning a sofa with dishwashing gel is the same as using soapy water. The product is diluted in water in a ratio of 1: 2 and whipped to a state of foam. The composition is left on the spot for 15-20 minutes. The procedure is repeated if necessary. However, it is not necessary to make great efforts, rubbing the stain, otherwise the blood will penetrate deeper into the upholstery.


Baking soda successfully removes salt when removing blood stains. The powder is mixed with water to a mushy state. The mass is applied to the upholstery, lightly rubbed with a sponge or brush and leave to dry. The remnants of the powder are brushed, the area to be cleaned is wiped with a wet cloth and dried.

Salt Lemon Juice

Salt more effectively removes blood stains in combination with lemon juice. An equal amount of freshly squeezed lemon juice and salt are mixed to a state of gruel. The composition is applied to dirty areas and leave for 20-30 minutes. The rest of the mixture is washed with clean cold water. If the bloody drips had time to dry, then the lemon juice is replaced with a more concentrated citric acid.


Acetylsalicylic acid is used to clean fabrics of white and light tones. Aspirin is known to thin the blood. This property is used when cleaning blood stains. Two tablets of aspirin are kneaded into powder and dissolved in a glass of cool water. Cotton pad moistened in a solution and wipe the stain in a circular motion. Leftovers are removed with a damp cloth.

Mixture of ammonia and borax

The combination of these two products eliminates dried blood stains. A tablespoon of ammonia is diluted in a glass of water. In a separate bowl, stir the same spoon of sodium tetraborate in 200 ml of water. Processing begins with a solution of borax, causing his napkin or brush on the spots. Then the plot is treated using a solution of ammonia.

The procedure is repeated alternately several times until the spot disappears completely. When the painted area becomes clean, rinse it with a damp cloth, then dry with a dry cloth. The room is thoroughly ventilated.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This remedy is considered to be the most effective against blood stains. Peroxide is quite aggressive, copes with old dried spots. However, there is a risk of damage to the fibers of the fabric and discoloration of the pattern. Therefore, before using this particular tool, it is necessary to check its effect on the upholstery fabric in the barely visible part of the sofa.

A dirty area is covered with a dry, clean cloth around the perimeter. A cotton pad or gauze cloth is moistened with hydrogen peroxide and applied to the problem area. The lotion is kept for half a minute. The resulting foam is collected with a wet cloth. The procedure is repeated until the disappearance of red or brown marks. At the end, the upholstery fabric is wiped dry and dried.

Meat baking powder

Natural seasoning, which consists of papaya extract and salt, is also used to remove blood from the sofa. Paste from a tablespoon of powder and two tablespoons of water is applied to a dirty area, lightly rubbed and left for 1.5-2 hours. Leftover seasonings are removed with a damp cloth, the upholstery is dried.

Blood Cleaning of Leather Upholstery

Expensive delicate leather upholstery is being tried to be cleaned of blood traces using the most gentle methods. After the procedure, the conditioner for leather products is applied to the surface of the treated area so that the skin does not dry out.


At first, they try to clean a recently soiled area with an ordinary aqueous solution of liquid or household soap. A quarter of a piece of soap is rubbed on a grate and thoroughly stirred until completely dissolved in a liter of cool water. A teaspoon of liquid soap or dishwashing gel is dissolved in a glass of water.

For greater efficiency, add a few drops of ammonia to the liquid soap solution. With the help of a sponge means applied to the stains, then thoroughly washed with clean water, wipe dry.

Tartar with lemon juice

Tartar is rarely found on the shelves of stores, although it is widely used in industrial cooking. This remedy in combination with lemon juice effectively removes old blood stains from leather upholstery. One part of the powder is mixed with two parts of the juice. Using a soft brush, the mixture is applied to the treated area and left for 5-10 minutes for exposure. Wash off the residues with a damp cloth, then wipe the stain dry.

Shaving Foam

This rather delicate product is also suitable for cleaning leather upholstery. A small amount of foam is squeezed onto a stained place, gently rubbed and left for 10-15 minutes. The remains of the foam is removed with a cloth dipped in cold water.

How to clean the upholstery of the leather substitute

Fresh drops or blood leaks from artificial leather are removed with cold water. If this is not possible, then apply a more effective way.

Ammonia dissolves protein compounds, thereby helping to clean blood stains. In a glass of cold water stir a tablespoon of ammonia and 5 g of dishwashing gel or liquid soap. You can pour the solution in the spray - so it will be more convenient to use it. Means for 5-10 minutes is applied to a dirty place, in a circular motion to clean the area.

The procedure is repeated until the disappearance of traces of blood. To remove residues, wipe the surface with a damp cloth. Complete processing with a dry cloth.

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