What is better to choose a humidifier for flats and houses

dryness of the air in the apartment have a negative impact on household health, especially sensitive allergies and small children. Normalize microclimate helps moisturizer. The main thing - do not get lost in a variety of models, and choose the appropriate unit, the corresponding operating conditions.

To understand what a humidifier is better, it is necessary to compare the parameters of different devices, to assess their capabilities and efficiency.

In this article we will talk about how to choose the most suitable device for specific requirements. In addition, the article you will find a brief overview of the most popular models among buyers.

The content of the article:

  • Humidifier - fashion or necessity?
  • A variety of models and principle of operation
    • Traditional - evaporation humidifiers cold
    • Steam - Equipment performance
    • Ultrasound - economical and efficient installation
    • Air cleaning - cleaning and moisturizing
    • Combined units - multi-tasking system
  • Criteria for choosing a home humidifier
  • Overview of the most popular models
    • Boneco E2441A - the traditional method of humidification
    • Ballu UHB-400 - ultrasonic atomization steam
    • Boneco U7135 - representative of premium
    • Fanline VE-200 - Russian assembly unit
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Humidifier - fashion or necessity?

Humidity - one of the defining criteria of the room climate. For apartments is considered the best indicator of 45-60%, in a house where there are young children, the norm is increased to 70%.

Early autumn and spring comfortable humidity level is set naturally - through active ventilation. In summer and winter the situation is complicated - in hot weather and the air is too dry during the heating season.

Keeping the vents open in the winter will lead to cooling. At the same time, within 15-30 minutes after the closing of the window relative humidity decrease due to the active work of heating devices.

normal humidity

The active airing heat not solve the problem, because when the outside temperature + 30 ° moisture content is about 30%, and the level of the ventilation thrust substantially weakens

The optimal way to normalize the atmosphere in the "over-dry" the apartment - use a moisturizer.

Alternative methods (arrangement of the rooms aquariums and fountains, putting up wet towels on the battery, etc.) are ineffective and produce short-term results.

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Humidification in winter

The problem of overdried air acutely felt during operation of heating systems. Air heating radiators substantially reduce the moisture content therein

Device for increasing humidity in the nursery

Due to the lack of moisture in the air dry weight of mucous, difficulty breathing, suffers from headaches

The impact of moisture on the decoration and furnishings

The formation of a stable water level need not only living in apartments and private homes of people and their pets. By air drying suffer furnishings and decoration of the premises

Table humidifier

Get rid of the dryness and increase the level of humidity in the room to help small device that does not require connection to utilities

Miniature portable device

The range of instruments designed to humidify the air, there are small-sized devices that can take with you on vacation and business trip

Spectacular humidifier in the interior of the living room

Among the selling points, there are options that can perfectly complement the interior, and even become an original accent

Apparatus for washing and cleaning air

Those who wish to not only moisturize, but also clean and ionize the air suggested washing - multifunction devices with automated processes

humidifier disassembled

All kinds of air humidifying devices can be easily disassembled for cleaning and changing filters as needed, just as easy hardware components are assembled in the reverse order

Humidification in winter

Humidification in winter

Device for increasing humidity in the nursery

Device for increasing humidity in the nursery

The impact of moisture on the decoration and furnishings

The impact of moisture on the decoration and furnishings

Table humidifier

Table humidifier

Miniature portable device

Miniature portable device

Spectacular humidifier in the interior of the living room

Spectacular humidifier in the interior of the living room

Apparatus for washing and cleaning air

Apparatus for washing and cleaning air

humidifier disassembled

humidifier disassembled

A variety of models and principle of operation

Before choosing a suitable humidifier for apartments, it is necessary to understand the technical capabilities and operational features of the various units.

Traditional - evaporation humidifiers cold

The models differ in design simplicity, the classic work of representatives is based on the natural evaporation of moisture.

Apparatus traditional humidifier

Basic configuration: water tray humidifying filter and a fan. Some modifications are equipped with a float for monitoring the liquid level and a silver rod partially cleaning air

The fan draws air masses, directing flows to a filtration wet element. Saturated with moisture, air flows back into the room. The porous filter is constantly in contact with water. However, if the wrong time "to fill the" tank, the appliance is turned off and will continue to work in ventilation mode.

Performance depends on the traditional humidifier humidity in the apartment. The higher moisture level - the slower the evaporation. Due to this moisture level is normalized naturally.

Service Features:

  • regular fluid replacement;
  • Filter cleaning twice a month - enough to rinse the sponge under the tap;

An important condition for long-term operation "cold" humidifier - refill with distilled, deionized water.

traditional humidifier

Some manufacturers complement the cartridge device, softening "hard" environment. This extends the filter service and allows you to use ordinary water

Advantages of traditional models:

  • reasonable price;
  • low-power (20-60 W);
  • suitable for aromatherapy;
  • security - the absence of hot steam.

The disadvantages consumers include noisiness of operation (35-40 dB) and a limited moisture (up to 60%).

Traditional units are suitable for children's rooms, but in the greenhouses of their performance is not enough.

Steam - Equipment performance

Steam devices operate on the principle of evaporation. Their construction and operation of a process reminiscent of household electric.

Apparatus steam humidifier

Components of the steam humidifier: tray and water tank, a heating element and a steam recovery chamber atomizer. For ease of use provided the fluid level indicator and an inhalation nozzle

Water dispensed is supplied to the heating element, it is converted into steam and escapes to the atmosphere. Hot evaporation allows for a few minutes to increase the humidity in a spacious room.

However, in the absence of the humidistat, this advantage becomes questionable - uncontrolled work unit is fraught with the appearance of dampness in the room.

The advantages of the air humidifier for the home include:

  • high performance;
  • work on the water of different quality;
  • rapid achievement humidity indicator - 60% or more.

The steam humidifier is easy to maintain - it has no filters to be cleaned and replaced. The only thing that is required - periodically clean the scale with a heating element.

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Work steam humidifier

For the filling of steam humidifiers do not need distilled water. They are perfectly normal tap evaporated

Lack of plaque on the plants and decoration

The steam generated by the steam appliances, leaves on the plants, furniture and decoration of white calcium divorce after his work no salt raid

Use as aromatizarota

Steam apparatus will saturate all the indoor air moisture, they may be used as flavorings and contactless inhalers

Trouble-free operation of the device

Break down and refuse to work the steam device is extremely rare. In their design there quickly clog nozzles and complex technical units

Work steam humidifier

Work steam humidifier

Lack of plaque on the plants and decoration

Lack of plaque on the plants and decoration

Use as aromatizarota

Use as aromatizarota

Trouble-free operation of the device

Trouble-free operation of the device

Cons "hot" steam-machine:

  • power consumption - 300-600 W;
  • the need to separately acquire the humidistat to maintain optimal humidity;
  • risk of burn hot vapor - air temperature at the outlet cloud about +55 ° C;
  • noise at boiling water.

Because of the danger of burns the device is not recommended in children's rooms. Steam device should be used in a flower shop, greenhouse or conservatory.

hot moisture

Water in the appliance is heated to 100 °, so it is important that the housing has a stable shape and was equipped with carrying handle

Ultrasound - economical and efficient installation

The use of ultrasonic vibrations in the development of the humidifier allowed to reach optimal ratio of efficiency and energy consumption.

Driving the ultrasonic humidifier

All the "filling" of the household appliance is enclosed in a plastic case. The basic structural elements: ultrasonic membrane filter system, a water tank, a fan and the sprayer

Presentation of the device humidifier will help to understand the scheme of work system:

  1. Water is poured into the tank and filtered.
  2. Liquid is supplied to the ultrasonic membrane or disc.
  3. When applying AC plate oscillates at a frequency greater than 20 kHz.
  4. Under the action of the vibration of water molecules detach from the surface - a cold vapor stream is formed.
  5. The fan blows the water mist through a rotary atomizer outwardly.

The most advanced are equipped with a hygrometer modifications, constantly reading the moisture level. Regardless of environmental conditions and parameters set by the user environment changes frequency ultrasonic wave.

The steam humidifier

In order to ensure security in most models are available for automatic, breaking machine rollover or low liquid level

The advantages of ultrasonic spray:

  • quiet operation of the device - an average of about 25 dB;
  • the ability to set the moisture regime;
  • Safe operation - no outward served hot steam;
  • ergonomic and compact body.

Ultrasonic installation Disadvantages: higher costs and the need for periodic change cartridges (every quarter). humectants pattern without "emollients" filters require refilling with purified water. Otherwise, on the floor, furniture and plants will bloom salt.

humidifiers ultrasonic type suitable for rooms for different purposes: houses, apartments, offices, antique shops, greenhouses and others.

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Ultrasound - the quietest equipment

Powered Ultrasonic humidifying the air unit is much quieter steam device that allows you to install it in the nursery

Sensitivity to tap water

ultrasonic-type humidifier passes water through the ultra-thin membrane, whereby vapor supplied to the environment as a kind of spray. However, because of the membrane device can not be refilled ordinary tap water can quickly score its finest pores

Isolation of steam a pleasant temperature

A strong advantage of ultrasonic option is the ability to extract steam is not dangerous to the surrounding temperature. But at the same time, this device can not fight the bacteria, because It heats the steam to a maximum of 80 ° C

Humidifier air ionization

Among the ultrasonic models are the types of operating apart from increasing the moisture level of saturation of the air mass beneficial ions, has beneficial effects on the respiratory tract

Ultrasound - the quietest equipment

Ultrasound - the quietest equipment

Sensitivity to tap water

Sensitivity to tap water

Isolation of steam a pleasant temperature

Isolation of steam a pleasant temperature

Humidifier air ionization

Humidifier air ionization

Air cleaning - cleaning and moisturizing

Unlike household appliances of the above, "washing" a double function - clean air masses and at the same time moisturize them.

universal machine design is simple:

  • a water tank;
  • fan;
  • drum platen.

The device does not have replaceable filters. Their replaces complex polymer disks with the absorbent coating.

Air cleaning apparatus

The fan air is supplied to dry the blade drum rotating as a mill. Passing between the plates, airflow is cleaned of dust and saturated with moisture

Particles of dirt into the sump washed and disinfected by the action of silver ions. "Water bath" suppresses ionization of about 600 types of bacteria, combats allergens and eliminates odors. Some air cleaning feature flavors.

outdoor moisturizer

For sufficient saturation moisture air unit must operate continuously. Use washing to maintain a tropical climate in the greenhouses will not work

Operational features:

  • power consumption - 120-400 W;
  • low noise levels;
  • slow moisture saturation;
  • cleaning air masses of impurities larger than 10 microns;
  • It does not cause the appearance of limescale on objects;
  • the use of safety;
  • easy maintenance - weekly is necessary to wash the water tank.

Compared with the previous cleaning humidifiers are more expensive. For more information about Air cleaning can be found in this material.

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Air cleaning in the interior of the living room

Washing the air - an improved version of ultrasonic devices. Before serving in the steam room he passes multistage filtration, disinfected, ionized, saturated with fragrances

Control panel multifunctional equipment

Sinks are equipped with a wide range of programs that can automatically respond to changes in the microclimate of the room, turned off and be activated when necessary

Air cleaning with Electrolux logo

Produce washing both mechanically and with touch controls. The first is easier and more reliable, more comfortable in the second operation, but they are sensitive to violations of the rules of use

Indication of operating parameters

equipped with the latest generation of washing screens, which displays the operating parameters and error, if any

Air cleaning in the interior of the living room

Air cleaning in the interior of the living room

Control panel multifunctional equipment

Control panel multifunctional equipment

Air cleaning with Electrolux logo

Air cleaning with Electrolux logo

Indication of operating parameters

Indication of operating parameters

Wastewater treatment plant will be more useful for people with respiratory diseases and allergies. And about what type of air purifier is better to give preference to people with allergies, read Further.

Combined units - multi-tasking system

Domestic climate installations provide a comprehensive approach to improve the microclimate of apartments:

  • purified air via the multi-stage filtration system;
  • refreshing atmosphere, removing unpleasant odors;
  • moisturize the treated air.

Klimatizatory equipped with sensors that respond to the dryness degree by dust, smoke and other options. Automation works to maintain hygiene and air moisture level normalization.

Integrated system

Driving device: 1 - container aromamasla, 2 - carbon filter, 3 - fan and engine, 4 - tank water, 5 - a purified air flow, 6 - air intake 7 - HEPA filter 8 - soft filter humidification

The quality of the climate system is not satisfactory. In spite of the bulkiness of the complex assembly low noise and is economical in energy consumption (up to 20 W).

The disadvantages klimatizatorov include high cost and significant maintenance costs. Filters should be replaced every 3-12 months.

Criteria for choosing a home humidifier

Having defined the optimal humidification technology, selected the most significant parameters of the device.

Conventionally, a decision algorithm based on the following selection criteria:

  • capacity of the device in accordance with the area space;
  • volume of the reservoir, defining the period of continuous operation;
  • noise level emitted;
  • method of installation and design;
  • control method;
  • additional functionality;
  • value for money.

Performance humidifier. The parameter indicated in milliliters or grams of water evaporated per hour. A more powerful device is capable to serve a large area of ​​the house.

performance humidifier

Performance Indicator conventional humidifiers does not exceed 300 ml / hr (3.5-8 l / day). Performance of steam and ultrasound equipment considerably higher - up to 14-16 l / day respectively

However, with a similar efficiency, the power consumption is significantly different humectants:

  • 40-50 W - Ultrasonic models;
  • 300-600 W - units on a hot couple.

performance choice should be based on the dimensions of the room. When this is taken into account the specific area of ​​the room. It is a mistake to think that buying a high-performance device to 60-100 square meters, it is qualitatively moisturizes the apartment. This is not the case - the air circulation between the rooms is difficult.

To maintain optimum microclimate in the house is better to install several humidifiers, designed to service a particular footage.

The volume of the tank. The value determines how often need to update the water in the tank. Often, the high power feature more humectants volumetric capacity.

The choice of the tank

If you plan to use the instrument room, it is best to keep an eye moisturizer with a spacious tub. To service did not cause too much trouble, the choice is recommended to focus on the performance table

Not all manufacturers indicate the time unit of continuous operation. Value can be calculated independently by dividing the volume of the tank to the flow rate per hour. For example, the capacity of the tank - 4000 mL, per hour consumption - 400 ml. Therefore, during 10 hours humidifier use up all the water.

The level of noise exposure. Do not neglect this indicator. Barely perceptible noise during the day, at night can be heard more clearly. This is especially important when choosing a humidifier in the bedroom and the nursery.

The noise level of the humidifier

The noise level of domestic humidifiers ranges from 5 to 50 dB. Score is based on the design features and power of the device. Low noise are considered ultrasonic and traditional models

Bedroom and children's room with a humidifier suitable indicator to 20 dB. In the living room you can put the device with a parameter of not more than 35 dB.

The installation method. All household humidifiers are divided into floor and table. The former, as a rule, are "sinks" and climate systems. The units are bulky and are not suitable for use in compact apartments.

Desktop humidifiers are mobile - they can be put on the bedside cabinet, the cabinet shelf or windowsill.


High occupancy more effectively - wet pair slowly fall down, water cloud gradually dissipates moisture and fills the room

The adjustment method. The choice is between the mechanical and electronic control. Mechanical units are cheaper, but have limited functionality - on the body displayed mode control knob and the operating time.

Humidifiers equipped with an electronic control of various indicators showing the level of water, humidity, temperature, current mode of operation and so forth. Dear units operate in "automatic flight", adjusting the operating parameters under the conditions of the apartment.

Advanced functionality. Among the most important features include the availability of the humidistat. Element controls the level of moisture and prevents the appearance of dampness in the room.

backlit Humidifier

Well, if the humidifier has built-in lighting and aromakapsula. Using the options ionization and ozonization partially replace the full operation of air cleaner

The balance of quality and price. In this regard, important role is assigned to the manufacturer.

A wide range of humidifiers decent quality in the price range from economy to premium brands are:

  • Sharp (Japan);
  • Boneco Air-O-Swiss (Switzerland);
  • Philips (Netherlands);
  • Polaris (England);
  • Electrolux (Sweden);
  • Shivaki (Japan);
  • Winia (Korea);
  • Fanline (Russia).

Release of low-end models of good quality companies is adjusted: Vitek, Scarlett and Supra.

Overview of the most popular models

Below are the most popular moisturizers used in everyday life. Demand for the model due to their reliability, ease of use, efficiency, and is equivalent to "price-quality."

Boneco E2441A - the traditional method of humidification

The device is the award-winning industrial design Red Dot. The original form along with the efficiency and effectiveness of the model is left among the top sellers. The principle of operation is based on the self-regulating evaporation.

Boneco E2441A

For top filling the water casing is provided a funnel-shaped opening. The liquid level is controlled by a float function. Recommended method of installing floor

Distinctive features Boneco E2441A:

  • antibacterial humidifying filter;
  • silver ionizing rod ISS;
  • mode indicator;
  • power selection - 2 levels (normal and night);
  • estimated cost - 120-180 dollars. USA.

To maintain the quality of work should be on a quarterly basis to change the filter every week to clean the water tank.

Ballu UHB-400 - ultrasonic atomization steam

Despite its compact dimensions, the humidifier efficiently and quickly to cope with its task. The exterior looks like a night light, the model is available in three colors.

Ballu UHB-400

UHB-400 specifications: type - Ultrasound, a noise level of - 35 dB, mechanical control, the presence of the water level indicator, the method of installation - floor or table

The apparatus is equipped with a primary ion exchange filter for water purification. The cartridge is designed for 150L. Provided the daily operation of the humidifier 8 or more hours, filter replacement should be carried out every 45 days.

Ballu The cost is about $ 40-50. USA.

Boneco U7135 - representative of premium

Ultrasound device with a convenient electronic control. Model equipped hygrostat automatically regulating the moisture level in the apartment.

Boneco U7135

Note: water flow during normal operation - 400g / hour, at the transition to the "hot steam" - consumption increases to 550 g / h

Distinctive features Boneco U7135:

  • humidification control intensity;
  • Cleaning indicator;
  • filter with silver particles;
  • disabling the shortage of water;
  • water disinfection system - preheating to 80 ° C.

Lack Boneco U7135 - its high cost (about $ 150. USA).

Fanline VE-200 - Russian assembly unit

Multi-tasking machine designed for small spaces service - 20 sq.m.

Air cleaning performs three cleaning steps:

  • strainer - provides coarse filtration, delaying wool, hair, and dust;
  • Plasma cartridge - removes pollen, of the harmful micro-organisms;
  • drum with moistened disks - doochischaet and humidifies the air.

Mechanical control panel has an on / off button, ionizationReinforced filter, lights, ozonization and toggle adjustment performance.

Fanline VE-200

Continuous operation Fanline VE-200 - 8 hours. Acceptable use of tap water and adding aromatic oils. Consumables and replacement filters are not required

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Practical recommendations on the selection of the household appliance to increase humidity:

Testing different humidifiers in the home:

It is possible to summarize that for the apartment the best fit an ultrasonic humidifier. When you purchase it is important to compare the performance of the device with an area of ​​the room. An important argument in favor of a model - no noise and easy maintenance.

Still you can not find a suitable humidifier? Or have any questions relating to this article? Ask them in the comments section - we will deal with. Or maybe you have already purchased a humidifier. Please tell us on what model you have chosen, whether you are satisfied with his work?

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