How to remove the smell of fish in the apartment and dishes

fabric Someone like fish smell, but for many people it causes irritation because it is very persistent, intrusive and specific. How to get rid of the smell of fish after its cutting or cooking?

How to reduce the fishy smell

Fish is a very useful product, and the characteristic smell is not a reason to refuse it. Fish can be fried, boiled, baked in foil under vegetables, cooked from it cutlets, aspic and soup. To prevent the fish smell from soaking the food in the refrigerator, keep it in a sealed container, wrap it in foil or freeze it in a bag. And even better to cook it immediately, bringing it from the store or from fishing, because fresh fish is the most delicious.

Before you clean and cut fish, hold it for 20-30 minutes in cold water with vinegar. Like acetic water acts beer. The fish in it seems to be marinated, and subsequently, when frying, it almost does not smell.

To cut fish products, you must have a separate knife and board. This is very convenient, since you will never mistake the kitchen utensils and, even forgetting to wash them immediately, you will save other products from fish smell.

Washing hands and dishes.

Many people are concerned about how to get rid of the smell of fish on their hands. You can do this with a lemon. Rub fingers and palms with a slice of lemon so that they stop smelling unpleasant. Lemon can be replaced with vinegar or dry mustard. Mustard perfectly absorbs grease and odor.

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If you ate smoked or dried fish, then rinse your hands with a small amount of beer, and then wash them with plain water and soap. From the smoked smell will not remain a trace.

The above methods will get rid of the fish smell on the dishes. In addition to this, there are detergents with lemon flavor. With their help, as well as using hot water, you can remove the smell from any utensils. You can remove the smell from forks and knives by wiping them with a slice of raw potatoes, carrots, or a piece of onion.

If you have only one cutting board, and you have cleaned the fish on it, rinse it with hot water and salt. Especially the method helps for wooden boards.

Getting rid of the smell of fish in the room

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When frying fish in an apartment, there is a characteristic smell. It can not be called unpleasant, but it permeates all objects and becomes intrusive. To eliminate it, use one of these methods:

  • Bring water to the boil in an open saucepan and add 3-4 large spoons of vinegar to it, which will kill the smell of fried fish.
  • Boil a lemon and a clove for a few minutes instead of vinegar.
  • Lightly roast coffee beans in a dry skillet. They spread a pleasant aroma around the room.
  • Burn the dry orange peel, then ventilate the kitchen.

Airing in the apartment helps quite well, but if the fish flavors haunt you, then you need to carry out a thorough cleaning. Wash the floor, wipe the furniture in the room with water with the addition of some fragrant detergent. Instead of detergent, you can use ordinary baking soda, dissolving it in warm water.

How to freshen the fabric

Remove all the vinegar from the fabric. Soak clothes, a towel or curtains in warm water with vinegar. An hour later, squeeze them and wash in the washing machine. You can add air conditioning, giving the fabric a soft and pleasant aroma.

Lucky for those who have a steam cleaner or a washing vacuum cleaner. With the help of technology you can bring perfect cleanliness in the apartment and make the air fresh.

There are tips to wash clothes with detergent for dishes. If you decide on this, then wash only by hand. If you add detergent to the washing machine, too much foam may form, causing a leakage.

After washing the fabric, rinse them several times. An extra rinse will make things fresher. Dry them in fresh air or in a well-ventilated area.

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