How to choose a washing machine under the sink in the bathroom

For owners of standard “Khrushchev” and “small families”, the issue of arranging modern appliances, for example, a washing machine, is quite acute. Residents are simply forced to seek a solution to the problem. The lack of space, access to work and the outlet, storage of related materials forces it to be placed in the kitchen, in the hallway, pantry, but a washing machine is often installed under the sink in the bathroom.

  • Versions of washing machines
  • Criteria for choosing equipment
  • Optimization of the design of the washing machine under the sink

Varieties of washing machines

  • Installing a washing machine under the sink
  • Varieties of washing machines

  • space. Therefore, the same principle washing machine can be placed under the sink in the kitchen. The sequence of choice, the purchase of a mini model remains in this case unchanged.

    Among a wide variety of modern household appliances, and in particular washing machines, you should pay attention to models with the following parameters:

    • Compact washing machines.
    • Narrow cars of standard height.
    • Stationary complex consisting of a mini car and a sink.

    Criteria for choosing equipment

    Choosing a small washing machine under the sink in the kitchen or a washing machine under the sink complete with a sink for the bathroom, you should pay attention to some parameters, the presence of which will not only facilitate the installation, will free up space, but will not affect functionality.

    Consider them in more detail:

    • The height of the washing machine is within 70 cm.
    • The width of the washer should match the dimensions of the washbasin installed over the sink. In the event that a table top is installed over the washer, its width must be taken into account.
    • Depth up to 51 cm.
    • Laundry load up to 3.5 kg.
    • Front loading type.
    • Rear( side) arrangement of nozzles.

    Compact washing machine models are almost identical in function set with bulky laundry cleaning equipment. Often mini washing machines automatic contain at least 10 of the most popular teams used by housewives at home.

    The number of such programs for mini-machines includes:

    • Gentle wash.
    • Wash in cold water.
    • Washing of synthetic products.
    • Washing cotton products.
    • Economy Mode.

    The most popular and trust among buyers deserved washing machines under the bathroom sink from 3 manufacturers, namely: Eurosoba, Electrolux and Candy.

    It should be noted that in case of complete repair and re-equipment of the bathroom, experts recommend to pay attention to the ready-made kits: washing machine + sink. They are the ideal option for the interior, precisely coordinated with each other.

    Often the built-in washing machine under the sink, is equipped with additional protection against the ingress of moisture on the control panel. The slightly modified dimensions of the kit provide more features and convenience of working with the equipment. In addition to the aesthetic appeal is worth noting the financial aspect. The price of the finished set is much lower than the separate purchase of each item.

    Advantages and disadvantages of compact washing machines

    Among the many advantages of modern appliances, compact washing machines for a bathroom sink have several individual advantages:

    • Installing a mini washing machine in accordance with its functional purpose, ideally combined with the interior of the bathroom, kitchen and other rooms.
    • A small washing machine is more resistant.

    Despite all the attractiveness of compact washing machines, the automatic bathroom has several disadvantages, among them: the laundry capacity and equipment cost are up to 30% more than their fixed-size counterparts.

    • Availability of additional protection on the electronic unit.
    • The washertop should be placed under the sink without contact with the drain pipes.
    • Equipment, sink( kitchen countertop) end on the same level, that is, should not act.

    Varieties of sinks

    When choosing a sink for combination and installation over a washer, it is recommended to pay attention to such nuances:

    1. Overflow. Most shells of this type are equipped with a beautiful overflow with a stationary decorative cap.
    2. Depth. Choosing a sink, you should consider the depth of the model, the possibility of water entering the equipment. In that case, if the components are purchased, and their sizes do not match - the tabletop is the ideal way out. It will protect the equipment and bring a zest to the design of the room.
    3. Drain. When choosing a model for the bathroom, you should give preference to a side or bottom drain.

    Today you can find a wide selection of washing machines with a sink in the store. Such models of washing machines will ideally fit into the interior of your bath and will save time on choosing a washing machine and sink separately.

    Installing a washing machine under the sink

    Buy a compact model for household appliances. Select and purchase the appropriate model of the sink. Located on one level, and possibly "drown" in the washing. During installation, position the drain pipe from the sink at the back of the washing machine, without touching it. Set the sink at a comfortable height for residents over appliances with a small supply of free space.

    Listening to the recommendations of experts, you will only have positive emotions from the design, selection and installation of the washing machine.

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