What to buy a heater for the apartment

The main question: gas or electricity supply to choose a warm home (less firewood and coal). With blue fuel you do not want to mess around, and heaters of this type can not be put in the bathrooms, but after all it is the tens of kW! Should think seriously about the owners of apartments-studios, where floor space is over a 100 square meters. There, where to spend more than 10 kW of energy, and space located even on two floors, is one. So, there is no need to buy a lot of equipment, if you have enough of one. See: Selecting a heater for the apartment depends only on housing construction.

Electric heater

Electric heater

Gas or electric heater

For a typical apartment gas heater is not necessary. Is that the residents love the tropics, do not heat the battery, and account for obschedomovye electricity costs rose strongly. Then the gas heater actually be cheaper. The builders originally lay in the winter and cool in summer light +18 - +22 degrees Celsius. Townsfolk it seems unacceptable, but the body in such an environment is functioning well. Following the advice on choosing an apartment heater, do not expect the incredible heat of 40 degrees. Also focus on standards and recommendations SNiPovskie maintain this temperature with a relative humidity of 40-60% even in the case of illness of domestic residents.

In our country is allowed to hit the holes in the walls of a coaxial flue, for example, gas heaters. If there are bends in the right place fireplaces feed gas. It is clear that in the high-rise building is hardly possible pleasure, and laying pipes through premises is prohibited. More precisely, the SNP says:

  1. Laying pipes through residential (or former residential) premises is prohibited.
  2. Laying of pipes in a building being opened exclusively. It is not allowed to hide the communication of false walls, niches.
  3. Emission of combustion products allowed through the wall of the building, if the project is coordinated with Gosepidnadzorom. It does not succeed in the high-rise building, although there are craftsmen in Exciting exhaust ventilation. Unfortunately, this leads to deaths.

On the site http://gaz.okis.ru laid claim to the Russian Federation. Obstacles enough, but the project may realize. For example, take a diversion along the wall in the kitchen, to break through the concrete in the direction of the room, providing fuel fireplace. The combustion gases through the wall is produced outside balconies, bay windows.

Gas heater

Gas heater

Doubt that SanEpid allow perforate monuments of Russian architecture, but in a typical building a chance to implement the ideas and obtain the necessary permits. We consider the issue of fuel resolved. Someone dares to beat the wall (the project is being developed by specific organizations), others prefer the socket.

Gas heaters for apartments

Consider the pros and cons of space heaters for natural gas. Firstly, they have enormous power (tens of kW). Available represented infrared and convection fireplaces. The first light forward in a straight line, the second transfer heat exchanger due to the blowing fan. Both options look pretty. It is understood that the decorative options are more expensive. There stoves that require wood. In SP42-101-2003 described as tailor them to gas. It contains excerpts of the reconstruction of heating stoves, fireplaces for the supply of blue fuel. The store price of wood-burning fireplaces reaches 20,000 rubles.

When choosing a gas fireplace you need:

  1. Ensure the possibility of combustion products exhaust fit manner. Through the wall it will be coaxial chimney.
    Gas Heater

    Gas Heater

  2. Rate power. For a typical room needed a symbolic amount of gas. When choosing aware that the maximum parameters are in the specifications. Ask what else invented modes. Best fit the so-called Small fire. You can even arrange a pilot burner without core.

The unit with the three gradations of power sold for 3,500 rubles. Suitable for home. Three modes (1,4; 2,8; 4.2 kW) consume, respectively, 90 - 310 grams per hour. Model for liquid fuel, but there is for natural gas. Filling the balloon is not so expensive. The balloon is filled with a volume of 50 liters of 85% according to the regulations, and must contain 22 kg of gas. Price refueling - 850 rubles. As a result, you can burn a full three days. For comparison, 1 kWh of energy is worth 1.92 rubles. Multiply 4.2 x 1.92 x 70 = 565 rubles. From the evaluation seen that use liquid gas disadvantageous. It is better to take an apartment for an electric heater.

Choosing a gas heater, decide on the installation location (apartment or house). In the first case, go to the network supply. And save a place, and do not need to worry about refueling. Natural gas is the price of 4-4.5 rubles per cubic meter. Take the heater favorably.

Electric heaters for apartments

If you want to buy a heater for the bathroom, the gas will not work. According to the SNP in the bathroom it should not be. It is taken to choose baseboard heaters with high degree of protection against ingress of water body and electric shock to persons. It is worth the purchase of expensive. Try to find a baseboard heaters Megador. For 2500 rubles sold appliances at 400 watts. For small bathrooms enough.

Heaters for apartments:

IR heater for the apartment

IR heater for the apartment

  1. Infrared popular today. Inspect the tube and ceramic model with a steel radiator. In both there are advantages. We recommend to pay attention to security settings and fragility. Lamp models are easy to beat, but the night light. In terms of power and other properties, the difference is small.
  2. Heat fans today decided to take the ceramic heat protection and downs. They are smaller air tourniquet, clean in addition. Look out for heaters with a fine filter. Sometimes these models are built humidifiers and ionizers. From the second does not give up, and the first buy with caution in the presence in the house of children and animals. Clean air pleasant and saturated with negative ions is also useful.
  3. Convectors is often called the best of the existing heaters. Devices are not very expensive: 3-4 thousand rubles can be equipped with two rooms. Do not forget to look at the power, in the amount not exceeding the limits of the shield (for a typical apartment - 5 kW). Inner electrician shock test before using the appliance. Convectors also produced with moisture and air ionization.
  4. Many trying to choose a good heater for an apartment, buy oil. He is reliable, is associated with a stove and has a huge reserve of energy. The disadvantages of oil heaters carry a large weight on the sharp corners of a minor injury. When choosing, remember: power output depends little on the heating element and is completely determined by number of sections. Aptly named scale oil cooler radiation hard. The figures appearing in the passport - maximum power. This is the fundamental difference from other instruments.

Closer to the oil heaters are heaters. The plate heats them up to the stop (temperature above several times) until the indoor air reaches the condition. Power is transferred to the air. In the case of an oil heater thermostat triggered by the radiator temperature.

If the convector or infrared heaters specified consumption of 2 kW, the same number is given and the room. In the oil cooler figure depends on the number of sections. The temperature sensor is limited (bimetallic plate), the device operates cycles (as multivarka in heating mode).

Remember these points when deciding on the choice of heater for the apartment.

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