How to quickly and efficiently wash iodine from any surface

Iodine stain is not a sentence for your favorite thing. Soiled clothes can be washed off without much effort, it is only important to know what and how to clean the fabric at home.

Removing stains with natural substances

Someone who, and our grandmothers, knew exactly how to wash out iodine without "chemistry."Therefore, if you encounter such a problem, it’s enough to arm yourself with milk! To do this, contaminated clothing is placed in a bowl of milk for 20 minutes. After the time has elapsed, the contaminated place is additionally washed with soap.

An equally effective way of removing stains from clothes is using potato starch or raw potatoes. Place with a spot sprinkled with starch, lightly moistened with water and left for 12 hours. If there is no starch on hand, it can be replaced with raw potatoes. For greater effect, clothes are rubbed on both sides with half a potato tuber.

Don't worry if the potato-treated fabric turns blue - this is a normal reaction. Everything will disappear after the thing is washed again.

When removing dirt, use lemon juice. The soiled place is moistened with juice or water solution with citric acid, leave for some time and washed with cold water.

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Chemicals in the fight against iodine stains

Wash clothes, a sofa or a soiled carpet with chemicals. In this case, the most commonly used:

  • acetone;
  • ammonia;
  • Vanish.

Acetone is not recommended for cleaning colored fabrics. The polish remover may discolor the place of contamination and the thing will be permanently damaged. For cleaning itself with a cotton pad or soft cloth, apply the solution to the place of contamination and clean the surface with light motions without rubbing. This procedure must be repeated several times.

Iodine on white things is best removed with ammonia. Contamination should be treated and left for a while, then rinsed under cold water.

You have undoubtedly seen advertisements on how to wash out iodine with Vanish. And indeed it is! This method is very popular for cleaning carpets or sofas, because the solution acts quickly enough and does not change the color of their surface, unlike other chemicals.

The most important thing in removing iodine stains is timely action. A well-absorbed stain is much more difficult to remove than the one that began to be removed immediately.

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