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customers Thermal thermos is a hybrid of an electric kettle and a thermos. It not only warms the water, but also keeps its temperature. All you need to do is decide what kind of water you need( 60, 80, 95 degrees) and that's it. Once warmed and use all day. Cool, right? Which thermowat is better to buy for home? Before looking for the answer to this question, think, do you really need this appliance?

If you are 100% sure that without this unit your life is empty and meaningless, then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the top best models of 2018, which have received positive feedback from consumers. And. .. Let's go!

Leaders among the

thermotats Let's start, perhaps, without lyrical digressions. Opens the top five best models in the price-quality category. The rating is based on customer feedback and expert opinion.

Bosch THD 2021/2023

The first thing that catches your eye is the design. The device looks quite concise, but it attracts the eye. The price tag of the device starts from $ 120.Expensive? It's worth it.

The unit can be called the "king" among the thermal pots, and even more so among teapots. Its power is 1600 watts. The capacity of the water tank is 2 liters. The device is equipped with an intuitive and simple functionality: self-cleaning, heating water to a certain temperature, a set of indicators.


The cost of this thermal wire starts from $ 100.Perhaps, in this ranking, he deserves the first place, but for some unknown reason, he was second. Just keep this moment in mind when choosing.

It is not big, stylish and reliable( at least 90% of owners say so).The power of the device is 1.45 kW, which allows you to quickly heat the water. It has a low noise level. What else do you need?

Panasonic NC-PH30WTW

The next “star” of the thermal kettle continues its rating. This brainchild was released by the company Panasonic. Model cost from $ 80.The unit looks good. See what he has to offer.

So, simple and intuitive management. Power 700 watts. Three-liter water tank. There is a hand pump( many users have assured that it is useless there).

One of the drawbacks is the weak smell of plastic( temporary phenomenon), the absence of an emergency stop of boiling. That is, if you set the water temperature to 60 degrees, the device will boil it first, and then keep it at that level.

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Great rivers Chaya-3

Russian producer Great Rivers cannot but rejoice in the poetic names of its products. But not only the name is worthy of your attention. The unit represented by the brand, not just found himself in second place.

First, what is worth noting is the design. Secondly, this electrical appliance is the perfect balance between the quality of materials used, build quality, reliability and price. And the aggregate of these criteria is already enough to become the public's favorite.

And now let's talk about the characteristics of the thermopot. A 360-degree rotatable body, a tank with a 3.2 liter usable volume, power 750 watts. As you can see, not bad for a home heater.

Vitesse VS-125

Closes the top of the best 2018.Is this a good thermopot? Consumers think so. And that's why. The French unit has a power of 750 W, the water bulb holds 3.8 liters of liquid( at least, the manufacturer claims so).The actual capacity of 3.2 liters( which is also not bad, but the stated parameters do not match).The body is stylish, made of plastic and metal. The cost is not high.

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TOP-3 best models of the rating according to

customers And finally, we present three more models that won the hearts of consumers and became sales leaders in late 2017.

Panasonic NC-HU301

For the cost of the device pulls in the first place, but on the technical specifications( or for other unknown reasons) to the best of the best did not reach. What does the company Panasonic offer to spend $ 115( starting price)?

Three-liter water tank, 910 W of power, simple( like all) functionality. Build quality is decent. Duration of service is quite long( 3-4 years).In general, credit and nothing else.

Panasonic NC-EG4000

Next model rating. From his brother, who is located in our TOP in the first place, distinguishes cost. If the first version required 25 watts to maintain the temperature, then this one only has 13 watts. In this regard, the cost was higher( start around $ 90).

Zojirushi CD-LCQ50

And closes our rating thermopotov model. This Japanese found himself in last place just because of the price. Not all mere mortals can afford the Japanese miracle of technology. It's a pity. Such a device is worthy to be a part of your life.

The device is made of high quality materials. In general, Japanese technology( whether it is household appliances or electronics) is considered the benchmark for quality and functionality. Zojirushi CD-JUQ30 is no exception.

Everything is here and even more: high power, spacious flask, automatic protection, self-cleaning function, water dechlorination function and even a slow feed mode for brewing coffee. No technical deficiencies were found during operation.

Which firm thermopot is better to buy for home? To decide only you. What is more important to you? Price? Quality? And, perhaps, the appearance? Of the above models, you can easily choose what suits you. But when choosing, consider that the rating is based solely on user feedback. Do not forget that the purchase of any unit must be meaningful.

On this optimistic note we say goodbye to you until the following publications. Do not forget to share your thoughts on which thermal wire is better to buy for the house( reply in the comments).See you again!

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