How to choose a microwave for home

  • The principle of operation of a microwave oven
  • Criteria for choosing the best microwave oven for home
  • A brief overview of popular models

Various household appliances have become firmly established in our daily lives. We can’t imagine our everyday life without a washer, vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, these devices allow us to save time and effort. Well, in the kitchens settled electric kettles, food processors and other devices that make it possible to show our culinary talents without much effort. Our article will tell you how to choose a microwave for your home in 2018 so that this purchase can become a reliable, durable and efficient helper in your kitchen.

The principle of operation of the microwave oven

The microwave oven was “invented” quite by accident. This is one of those examples where developments in the field of heavy steel industry are successfully applied in everyday life. By the way, the microwave oven celebrates its birthday in December, it is already over 60 years old!

The main working element in the microwave is a magnetron. It produces super-high frequency waves, and then they are converted to heat within the heated product. The walls of the microwave and the rectangular shape are reflectors of the flow of free electrons, and they, in turn, “accelerate” the product molecules. So, your dishes are heated without contact and very quickly. The housing of the device does not allow these radiations to the external environment - that is, the microwave does not penetrate into your room and in no way can affect you and your well-being.

On the store shelves you can find a huge number of microwave ovens with different functionalities, programs and different configurations. How to find the optimal model? How to choose a microwave and not overpay extra money? That is what we tell our readers.

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Criteria for choosing the best microwave oven for home

Let's look at the technical specifications and parameters that will help you decide on a purchase.


Microwave ovens are recessed and free-standing. The built-in appliance will allow you to create a harmonious and mature interior of your kitchen - no appliance will stand out from the overall composition. The built-in microwave oven can often be found in the author's design projects, especially if the style of the kitchen does not match the modern era. You can place stand-alone microwaves in any corner and on any flat surface. Moreover, they, if desired, can be rearranged, the main thing is to have a socket nearby.


The range of this indicator ranges from 10 to 40 liters. The most compact and inexpensive models, designed only for heating and defrosting a small number of products, have a volume of up to 17 liters. If you want to cook using a microwave - choose model, volume from 17 to 25 liters. Need a grill? Filter the search microwave - you need a volume of 25 liters and above. If you have a large family and you need to reheat several servings at once, buy a microwave oven with a capacity of 30 liters or more.


This is the most important indicator of the speed of work. Low-power microwaves will heat food longer. Also, it is necessary to observe direct proportionality: the larger the microwave size, the higher the power should be. Otherwise - to reveal and appreciate all the advantages of using the furnace will not work.

If you need to heat small amounts of food or cook simple dishes( hot sandwiches, pizza, etc.) - then the power of 300 - 800 watts will be enough. If you plan to use the microwave oven for cooking complex and multicomponent dishes, then the power indicator should be from 900 watts.

Internal coverage microwaves

Enamel - will save your money, it is easy to clean it, but in such devices there is no grill - after all, high temperatures and enamel coating are incompatible. Ceramics or bioceramics are economical, durable, models with such a coating consume a smaller amount of electricity per unit of time, and it is just as easy to wash them. But for such a microwave, most likely you will have to pay more, consider whether it is worth overpaying? Stainless steel or steel - reliable, stylish, easily tolerate any temperature, but need careful care after cooking.

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experts? Type of control

Mechanics or electronics. Mechanical controls are simple round knobs that switch with a click. They are simple and reliable, rarely failing their master. Electronic control - buttons or panel-sensor gives more room for settings, and you can also experiment with the appearance of the microwave when buying. However, sometimes such management delivers additional trouble in the repair of the device.


A modern device is always “cluttered” with additional capabilities. The microwave is not an exception and it has various functions:

  1. Grill - quartz or tenovy. The first - cooks faster and more economically consumes electricity. Tan - evenly heats the product to a crisp due to its mobility, models with such a grill are a bit cheaper.
  2. Convection or hot air circulation - ideal for dough and baking, this microwave oven is a complete replacement for the oven.
  3. Inverter power control, smooth adjustment, which allows you to gradually increase or decrease the power of the microwave during cooking, in order to preserve the texture and useful properties of the products.
  4. Automatic defrosting or warming up - will allow you not to count the minutes in your mind - just put the dish in the appliance and turn on the appropriate mode.


In most models, there is a minimum set of operating modes for a microwave oven - warming up and defrosting. But sometimes the device you choose may have settings for cooking liquid dishes, side dishes, meat and fish, baking, roasts, etc. Some microwaves may have memory settings and options for saving your own recipes.

Additionally, you can pay attention to the package bundle: a recipe book, a grill grate or a special crispy dome dish.

Also, keep in mind that sometimes microwaves can fail, and the ability to repair them without problems, buy the necessary parts or take the device to a service center is an important advantage.

Sure, these 7 parameters told you how to choose the right microwave for you and your preferences. Embed or set separately? With a grill or just for healthy food? To warm-defrost or to prepare complex culinary delights? Choose you!

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experts' tips A quick tour of popular models

Choosing a microwave in 2018 will help your brief review and rating of the most popular and discussed microwave ovens. If we talk about manufacturers, then such brands as LG, Panasonic, Bosch, and Samsung enjoy great prestige and trust among customers.

Also, we identified 9 of the most popular models, which were most often bought in 2017-2018 and which received the most positive reviews.

  • The best low-cost solo models: LG MS-2042DS ( child protection, volume - 20 liters, power - 700 watts, display, several modes of operation), Samsung ME81KRW-1 ( 23 l, 800 watts, uniform systemwave distribution), SUPRA MWS-1814 ( mechanics, 17 L - volume, power - 700 watts).
  • The best models with the grill function: Samsung MG23H3115NW ( volume - 23 liters, power - 800 watts, grill, backlight, lock), Bosch HMT 84G461 ( 900 watts, 25 liters, grill, 99 minutes).Panasonic NN-GF574M ( touch control, 27 l, 1000 watts, inverter adjustment).
  • Microwaves with grill and convection: Samsung CE118KFR ( 32 L, 900 watts, 2 own recipes, 6 operating modes and timer), Panasonic NN-DS592M ( 27 L, upper and lower grill, steam cleaning, steam cleaning, 27 l, top and bottom grill, steam cleaning, 27 modors).
  • The most popular built-in microwave - Samsung FW77SR-W ( 20 l, 800 watts, buttons and display).

A convenient and multifunctional microwave will help you show your culinary skills and help pamper your household with fresh and always warm delicacies. We told you how to choose a microwave for your home in 2018, now you can safely go to the hardware store or to any selling site and make your choice. I wish you successful shopping and "delicious get-togethers" with friends and family!

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