How to wipe garnet stains from white and colored things

Every housewife knows that traces of fruits and berries are hard to remove from clothes and other things. In particular, the spots of pomegranate juice frighten their bright color and unpredictable consequences for clothing and other things. However, there are popular methods that reveal the secret of how to wash pomegranate juice from different fabrics without spoiling your favorite things.

How to remove a fresh spot

Pomegranate is a very useful product because it contains large amounts of vitamin and trace elements. But it is just as dangerous for tissues, since the juice of this fruit is quickly absorbed and difficult to remove.

However, there is one trick that has been used for many years by experienced housewives. The fact is that if you act "hot on the heels", then the spots from the grenade can be removed using ordinary hot water.

It is advisable to use boiling hot water with which the stain is poured from the kettle. The annoying mark left by the juice of this fruit disappears in just seconds. After this procedure, the thing can be washed in the usual way.

This technique has worked well, but it has one significant drawback: it is possible to wash pomegranate juice from clothes this way only if it has not yet been absorbed and dried on the fibers.

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What kind of laundry detergents to use

In cases where it is not possible to immediately lock in such blots, various detergents come to the rescue. Moreover, modern powders and folk methods have proved themselves well in this matter. But remember that things must be zastiryat before you put in a washing machine.

In order to remove stains from a garnet, you can use the following tools:

  • Hydrogen peroxide, which is used as a stain remover. Enough to pour this tool on the stain and leave for half an hour. The blot dissolves, and the thing can be washed as usual.
  • Vodka or alcohol also helps to remove pomegranate from clothes. The cloth should be dipped in a liquid and rubbed with a soft brush. This manipulation is repeated several times until the pollution is completely dissolved.
  • An effective modern remedy is oxygen-containing powders that fight even such complex stains.
  • Stain removers applied to the fabric before washing in some cases cope with traces left by pomegranate. However, practice shows that such spots can be removed in this way, if the contamination has not yet been absorbed into the fibers.

How to wipe pomegranate stains from white things

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Wetting the juice of a given fruit from old things is a big deal. This is due to the fact that if the washing rules are not observed, a blue or purple stain remains on the white fabric, which cannot be removed. A tablecloth or a strict shirt will be irrevocably damaged.

To avoid such an unpleasant situation, use one of the following tips:

  • boil the soiled thing with the addition of a few drops of hydrogen peroxide;
  • dilute the vinegar essence with water in a ratio of 1:10 and secure the fabric with this solution using a soft brush;
  • chlorine-free bleach successfully eliminates such problems by following the instructions on the package.

In any case, when a spot of pomegranate juice forms on the clothes, you should not panic. You can cope with this problem if you apply one of the listed methods or combine several tips.

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