What can wipe off corrective touch with clothes

If it is embarrassing to open a bottle with a stroke, it can be very easy to overlap. White liquid soaks the fabric and immediately there is a problem to wash the clothes and wash all the objects around, which the touch fell on.

It turns out that the complexity of the task is determined by what the correction fluid is made of. The stroke is prepared on the basis of water, on the basis of alcohol or solvent. There are also dry touches, but they get dirty much less often.

While the stroke is not frozen, it is very easy to wipe it off with a damp cloth or sponge, and the remaining marks should be washed off the clothes in the typewriter. But if the splashes you did not notice in time or postponed cleaning before coming home, then the spots form a thick film, which is more difficult to fight. In some cases, you will have to accept the fact that clothes are damaged and you can’t dress them for show.

Corrector on water

After reading the composition of the corrective substance, and making sure that it is cooked on water, you can not worry. To remove it from clothes, you must first soak the “whitewashed” things in cold water. Let them lie down and otmyknut, and then you wash them, as you usually do. Even from black trousers, white spots can be washed off completely.

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Similarly, the corrector-tape is washed, only a little water can be added to the water during soaking, and before washing it is necessary to remove the tape.

Corrector for alcohol and emulsion

Acting on the principle of "similar is removed like", this bar will have to be erased with alcohol or vodka. At worst, you can use a tonic that is also alcohol-based.

  • Dampen a cotton swab in vodka.
  • Wet stains and try to remove them with a light erasing motion.
  • Leftover white residue will have to be removed by washing clothes.

You can first try to clean the stained spot with a brush or with a knife, and then use alcohol.

Solvent-Based Correction Fluid

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In this case, the water will not help, and the stroke will have to be washed off with White spirit or acetone. First, check its effect on a small inconspicuous piece of clothing, for example, near a seam.

  • Turn the clothes inside out so as not to damage the fabric from the front.
  • Place a napkin or a piece of waste fabric under the stain.
  • Soak a cotton swab in a solvent and wipe the stain with it.

A deeply ingrained stroke, which could not be completely dissolved, will have to be washed in warm water by hand, and then also in a washing machine.

Stain removers can be used, as well as special products such as Amway preparations, which are intended for certain types of pollution.

If it so happens that the spray from the corrector got on expensive clothes, then think, can it be better to take it to the dry-cleaner? It is especially difficult to wash gentle silk, natural wool, velvety and very thin fabrics. Before cleaning, you cannot clean your own cleaning, otherwise you can fix the stain even more.

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