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Flax seed oil can be stored for a long time under certain conditionsFlax seed oil can be stored for a long time under certain conditions

Apply linseed oil can and salad dressings, and add to homemade masks for hair and skincare treatments. But how to keep flaxseed oil after its opening, because then the shelf life is reduced, and the useful qualities evaporate quickly. Let's look at how to keep the oil from flax and how to use.

Features storage of linseed oil

Flax seed oil - a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. Useful features of this product are achieved due to the content:

  • large amount (in percentage) of Omega-3 (lanolic), omega-6 (linoleic) and omega-9 (oleic) unsaturated fatty acids;
  • vitamins B, including folate, C, F, vitamin E (tocopherol) and phytohormones, female estrogen analogues.

Flax seed oil is used in many areas:

  • Industry - means for making paints and floor coverings (linoleum);
  • in cosmetics, including for the preparation of home care products with their own hands;
  • in folk medicine and dietetics;
  • as a tonic food supplement and prophylactic action.
Very popular homemade mask with flax seed oil for hair restorationVery popular homemade mask with flax seed oil for hair restoration

Dish with linseed oil are popular with those who adhere to the rules of a healthy diet, watching figure and prefers to use only natural products. But is it possible to cook in the linseed oil?

This product can not be heated and thermally treating, as after exposure to heat are allocated epoxides, aldehydes, and other carcinogenic compounds. Eat foods fried in linseed oil is dangerous.

Storage methods: 5 Rules

The Regulations annexed to the manufacturer of each product from flaxseed necessarily contains information on the use and describes the optimum conditions for the storage of linseed oil.

After purchasing the linseed oil is stored in a refrigerator at about 5 ° C. You can position the bottle in the refrigerator, but the containers must necessarily be made of dark glass and firmly closed.

Oil flax is stored in a dark and tightly closed containerOil flax is stored in a dark and tightly closed container

Such stringent requirements due to some product features. For example, it is associated with the following properties:

  • In contact with oxygen The polymerization process occurs when the surface of a dense adherent film of fatty acid molecules. Of course, all useful qualities will be lost in this case.
  • Under the influence of heat and sunlight It occurs rancidity oil and emission of harmful substances.
Dishes with a useful dressing better to use immediately, leaving for laterDishes with a useful dressing better to use immediately, leaving for later

Dishes dressed with linseed oil is best consumed immediately after cooking, because in half an hour start irreversible processes, the product is rapidly losing all of their valuable qualities, and the changing tastes and smell. If the oil is bitter, then from its use should be abandoned.

What are the best ways to store and where to store flaxseed oil after opening?

Picture Description
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Well, if the bottle is made of dark glass green or brown. If the product purchased in the plastic container or transparent bottle, it is necessary to pour.

table_pic_att14995743055 rule 2

The bottle should be kept tightly closed at all times. Keep the oil can not be without a lid.

Ideal - Cover with plastic or dense natural cork. It is extremely important to minimize the contact with air, so that the product is not spoiled.

table_pic_att14995743086 rule 3

Optimal storage conditions - in the refrigerator. In a place where it will not freeze and does not crystallize.

It is possible to hide the bottle and in the kitchen cupboard or cellar, importantly, to cool (to 23 ° C) and dark.

Shelf life directly affects the useful qualities of the product, so it is important to comply with temperature control.

table_pic_att14995743117 rule 4

Butter is better when there is no light at all. Dark and cool place - a bedside table, cupboard or cellar - what you need.

table_pic_att14995743148 rule 5

Keep in mind that the shelf life of linseed oil after opening the bottle is reduced.

If the expression of feelings rancidity - shelf life has expired, and the product is not suitable for domestic use.

Acquire linseed oil is desirable in small bottles of dark glass with a tight lid, as pictured. The probability that you spend liter containers in a fairly short period of time - is minimal, but the smaller capacity to store easier.

Expiration dates and tips

Manufacturers may indicate a variety of information about the expiration date. But usually the shelf life after opening is not more than a month (30 days). Ideally, the contents of the bottle should be consumed within two weeks.

The shelf life of the oil in their original packaging, without compromising the integrity can vary from six months to 12 months. Therefore, choose the bottle with the purchase, the contents of which is "fresher".

Where to use the expired flaxseed oil? Unfortunately, as with any product the fuck up, it will have to throw out. Some manage to use it as a component of hair masks, but the positive and healing effect can not be expected.

The use of expired oil component as a mask for the hair does not carry any valueThe use of expired oil component as a mask for the hair does not carry any value


Beautiful appearance and good health - the price of the right lifestyle and healthy nutrition. The use of linseed oil in food and on a home cosmetics to care for themselves is extremely useful, because a rare product can boast such a rich composition.

Maximum preservation of beneficial qualities for the entire shelf life is achieved if you observe the storage conditions. That's what I told in detail. Videos in this article to match words with visual instructions. And if you still have questions - forward and comments.

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