How to stroke the organza after washing

curtains Organza is perfect for curtains and fluffy skirts, but because of its subtlety and features of the threads requires careful handling. How to iron the organza so as not to burn? The answer to this question is useful to know every hostess.

Ironing rules

Not only curtains are sewn from organza. Light translucent fabric is perfect for sewing wedding dresses, dance costumes, fluffy skirts. Various decorative elements are also made of it, so it doesn’t hurt to learn how to properly iron the fabric after the next wash. There are several simple rules:

  • When washing products from organza you can not set the maximum spin. The number of revolutions should be 300-500, and even better to be washed without any spin. After that, the fabric will be slightly damp, and you will not have to make an effort to smooth it.
  • To iron the organza with an ordinary iron, you should put a thick cloth under it, for example, a towel, and put gauze or another thin cotton cloth on top. Sometimes they put tissue paper on top and iron it through it.
  • The temperature should be the lowest for the iron to be warm. If you warm it up strongly, it can cause yellowing of the fabric. In the worst case, a burn spot will appear on your curtain or skirt.

It is better not to iron the dress with a lot of folds and ruffle after washing. Wash it without spinning, hang it over a bathtub, a basin or outdoors, and wait for the water to drain.

Organza things after washing can be ironed with a steam generator. The temperature of the steam that goes under pressure does not deform the fabric, on the contrary, the material is equalized. The steam generator is suitable if you want to avoid washing. It can refresh the fabric, rid it of dust, remove stains.

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Features ironing curtains

To iron large curtains, you will need to be patient. Iron, pressing the iron and not holding it in one place for a long time. The same area can be ironed several times if necessary.

If you want to iron long curtains with an iron, put an ironing board in front of a sofa or chair. As soon as the fabric reaches the floor, shift it to the sofa and continue to work, gradually moving the board away. Wide curtains can be stroked, folded in several layers.

It is not necessary to use hot steam when ironing, because of this, waves can flow along the organza. Smooth dry cloth, as many advise, can only be if it is not much dented. To eliminate in this way strong bends is almost impossible. To eliminate the appearance of such bends, products made of thin material must be properly washed.

Turn on manual mode or delicate wash. As already mentioned, the spin must be minimal. After that, the curtains are hung over the bathroom, allowed to drain. As soon as the water stops flowing, they are ironed with a slightly warm iron through gauze.

It is possible not to iron a damp cloth at all. Hang curtains on the windows and give them the desired look. Artificial fabric dries quickly, and folds are smoothed under the weight of its own weight.

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