How can I wash suede at home

Although there is an opinion that it is difficult to take care of suede, it is not quite so. It turns out that suede can even be washed at home, unlike other leather products. But this must be done correctly and in rare cases. Let's learn how to wash gloves from suede, bag, skirt or suede jacket.

Rules of washing and drying

Suede bag or jacket can be washed in warm water without a strong spin with a mild detergent. Water temperature should not exceed 35 °.Spin in the washing machine is carried out at a minimum number of revolutions. If chamois unscrew strongly, then it can stretch out and lose its shape.

Drying the product should be on a hanger or fastened with clothespins to a rope so that there are no kinks. It is impossible to dry things from suede near the included heaters. Drying at home should take place in a well-ventilated area or outdoors.

Hand wash features

In order to wash a suede product, it will take a little time and effort. Many women do this at home, so it’s worth a try if there are no prohibition badges on the label.

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  • Dissolve shampoo, liquid soap or liquid powder in warm water.
  • Dip the bag, jacket, or other item you are about to wash into the solution.
  • Brush rub the most polluted places.
  • Rinse the product in clean water. It is necessary to change the water until it becomes transparent after rinsing.
  • Slightly wring out the product and hang to dry.

You can not soak suede things for a long time. Wash should be quick and careful.

If the product is on a lining, then it is not recommended to wet it completely, but it can be washed with a brush or foam sponge soaked in soapy water. When rinsing add water ammonia. It will remove greasy polish from suede. You can also add vinegar, which will soften the product, make it more velvety.

Sponge can be used to wash faux suede, spreading it on a flat surface and first processing on one side and then on the other.

Wash suede gloves only when heavily soiled. They should be put on and dipped in a soap solution, gently rub the dirt spots, rinse several times in clean water. Then the gloves are wrung out, wrapped in a thick towel.

So that gloves do not lose their shape, it is best to dry them on a mannequin. You can make yourself a frame of thick wire, hard cardboard, or just put paper in your fingers. Just do not fill the paper tightly, as this can deform the suede gloves.

How to clean things

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If there is a label on the suede product that denies washing, then such things should be cleaned with a dry brush or dry-cleaned. There are several ways to freshen gloves, bags or other suede clothing at home. In this case, completely wet and wash it is not necessary.

  • To remove a greasy stain from suede, sprinkle it with tooth powder or crushed chalk. Iron a warm iron through parchment paper or a napkin.
  • Brown suede things can be cleaned with a brush dipped in fresh coffee grounds.
  • White gloves and other bright accessories are cleaned with a mixture of warm milk and soda.
  • To make the chamois soft and lift the nap, rub it with an eraser or a special suede brush.
  • You can remove glossy spots by holding the product over hot steam.

With the help of a pair, you can upgrade your suede bag, which is rubbed and worn. Boil a kettle or saucepan with water. When the steam goes, hold the bag for a few seconds so that the steam gets to the most jammed places. After that, lift the pile with a stiff brush or flannel rag.

Good effect on a bag of suede vinegar solution. Mix two parts of water and one part of vinegar, soak a clean cloth or cotton wool in the solution and wipe the contaminated places.

If the item is expensive and you are afraid of cleaning or washing it at home, then dry-clean it. Currently, there are several ways to clean suede, and one of them, by the way, is an aqua-brush with water.

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