How to clean a winter jacket at home

As a winter clothing, not everyone prefers fur coats, many like to wear warm jackets that are more suitable for some regions of the country than long furproducts. But although jackets are easier to clean, they should be regularly washed at least at home, otherwise they will lose their original appearance after a few seasons, becoming faded and greasy. It is important to carry out the washing in such a way that the internal material of the product does not lose its shape, otherwise it will not be possible to quickly dry the product, it will have to be straightened by hand for a long time.

Basic rules

The easiest way to refresh your winter jacket is to dry-clean it, where professionals quickly select the appropriate washing method and do everything without unexpected surprises. However, this solution is not suitable for everyone, since it requires certain financial costs, so many people prefer to wash the product on their own at home.

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The most important component of a winter jacket, which you need to pay attention to before washing, is its insulation. For an unmistakable definition of this material, you need to look at the tag. In most cases, the filling is synthetic winterizer, which can be written on the tag and in English - "polyester".This material can be cleaned at home both manually and in a washing machine, it does not pile and does not deform under the action of water and powder. However, there are several features to consider before starting the process:

  1. The label on the jacket should have a corresponding mark stating that it can be washed by hand or in an automatic washing machine at home.
  2. If the top layer of the product is made of mixed materials, it can only be cleaned by hand or dry-cleaned.
  3. In the presence of leather inserts washing in a washing machine is impossible, the same applies to the membrane material.
  4. Before you start washing, you need to empty the pockets from the contents and fasten all buttons and zippers.
  5. Before cleaning the product manually or in a washing machine at home, you need to detach all belts, buckles and fur inserts.
  6. First you need to check all the seams of outerwear: the sintepon should not look out anywhere. Otherwise, if you wash the jacket in this form, you can permanently spoil it.
  7. Replacement of any parts of the product should be carried out before washing, and not after it.
  8. If there are any obvious stains on the outer material, they must be removed before the main wash in any suitable way.

All the basic information on how to wash a winter jacket can be found on its tag. It shows the preferred method of cleaning stains( hand, in the machine - machine or dry cleaning), as well as the recommended temperature of washing. As a rule, fillers for winter products do not withstand too hot water, in particular, it is recommended to wash outerwear on a padding polyester at a temperature of less than 40 degrees.

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Even if it is necessary to remove a persistent stain, it is not necessary to increase the permissible temperature, it must be removed in another way.

You should also pay attention to the washing mode in an automatic machine. The synthetic winterizer is a synthetic material, therefore it is possible to wash the jacket on the appropriate mode. You can also use a gentle, delicate or especially delicate mode, which will not allow the heater to coil and lose shape.

Special attention should be paid to detergent, since ordinary powders are not very well suited to clean winter outerwear. It is best to use a liquid detergent. Firstly, it dissolves quickly in water and provides a more efficient result, and secondly, it treats the material more delicately.

Small tricks when washing in the machine.

. To quickly wash the winter outerwear in an automatic car at home, you can use a method that has long been used by experienced housewives. We are talking about ordinary tennis balls, which are placed in the drum of the washing machine with the product, and the more of them, the better it will look after the process is completed.

During washing, the balls do not allow the synthetic winterizer to be tied, as they will constantly knead the material. After you have managed to wash the jacket in this way, it will be possible to easily and quickly dry it, without resorting to complex manipulations to restore its original shape. Balls, in turn, need to be dried and removed until they are needed again.

How to wash the park

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The park is a popular winter outerwear made from nylon, denim, padding polyester and cotton. Such products can be seen on students, adults and even retirees. This is due to the undeniable merits of the parks: it does not allow the wind to pass through and pushes away moisture, which makes it an indispensable thing in winter frosts.

Most products of this type can be washed in an automatic machine, just select the correct parameters. You must first turn off the spinning and drying, select a temperature of 30 degrees and, if possible, delicate or particularly delicate mode. Rinse, as in the case with a sinteponovoy jacket, you need to hold several times. It is necessary to dry the park only horizontally, without putting towels and sheets under it.

Features rinsing and drying

If you decide to clean the jacket from stains in the washing machine, you need to set a certain rinse mode. In modern models, you need to choose "extra rinse" or "double rinse."In the old models, in the absence of such modes, you will need to start the re-rinse after the first one is completed. This will allow to completely wash out the remnants of detergent from the product, which will prevent the appearance of stains, especially noticeable on light material.

After you manage to clean the winter jacket without unforeseen circumstances, it should be properly dried. It is not recommended to squeeze the thing in the washing machine, as from this it can lose its shape and original appearance. It is also not recommended to twist the product with your hands for the same reason.

To dry the jacket, you need to spread it on a flat horizontal surface, without putting other things - towels, sheets, etc. During the whole process you need to regularly level the insulation with your hands so that it does not lose its shape. The whole process should take no more than two days. You do not need to use the battery or hang the product on a hanger to dry it faster, because of this it will irretrievably lose its shape.

If, nevertheless, it was not possible to clean the jacket so that the synthetic winterizer did not fall down, you need to return it to its original appearance, otherwise it will be unsuitable for wearing. First, you can try to hang the product on the hanger and repel it with a bamboo stick or a clapper for carpets, and this should be done when the thing is not too wet, but not dry. If this does not help, you can walk around the thing with a vacuum cleaner, dragging the sintepon from the accumulation sites to empty areas. An extreme measure that may be required if nothing else helps is to open the seam and distribute the padding polyester manually.

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