How to wash a greasy spot on the clothes - 12 popular recipes


  • 1 Preliminary preparation
  • 2 We deduce grease yourself
    • 2.1 6 recipes from fresh stains
    • 2.2 6 recipes from stuffy spots
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I know from experience that no matter how tried to be careful, sometimes greasy stains on clothes can not be avoided. Always upset, that in such cases the thing spoiled forever, and the way her one - for home use. But once I tried to bring a fat track, and now I know how to prolong the life of things. And I tell you what to wash greasy stains on clothes at home.

Do not rush to throw the victim thing - it can be cleaned with the help of folk remediesDo not rush to throw the victim thing - it can be cleaned with the help of folk remedies

Preliminary preparation

To remove stains from fat, be sure to prepare the item to be cleaned. Make it easy:

  1. Clean cloth dust. If the contamination is formed on the jacket, jeans, T-shirt or dress, the first thing they need to be cleaned of surface dirt and dust. Use a dry brush after - moisten it and repeat the procedure again.
First it is necessary to remove dust from clothes with a dry brushFirst it is necessary to remove dust from clothes with a dry brush
  1. Cook grease stain remover. You can use as a ready means of a purchased and prepared their own hands composition.
  2. Prepare a "tool". Typically contamination is removed with a cotton swab, brush or a piece of ordinary white matter.
For cleaning clothes can use old toothbrush, a cotton swab or a piece of white clothFor cleaning clothes can use old toothbrush, a cotton swab or a piece of white cloth
  1. test solution. Do not just clean the children's clothes from stains or other. At first brush with the prepared solution is small and inconspicuous portion of matter. If the fabric is not damaged, you can safely proceed to a full cleaning.

I note that the stain on the clothing is best to wash out from the wrong side. But do not forget to put under the material of white paper towels or a thick white cloth - they absorb the stain.

Before a full cleaning process the invisible portion, so as not to spoil the fabricBefore a full cleaning process the invisible portion, so as not to spoil the fabric
  1. After that, soak a cotton swab in a prepared vehicle, Treat them to spot the contours and then gradually move to the center of the contamination. Act precisely on such a scheme requires that the spot is not blurred on the entire surface.

We deduce grease yourself

Preparation - half the battle, but still like to wash off old stains and how to get rid of fresh dirt? I will prove that an effective cleanser can be made from simple ingredients.

6 recipes from fresh stains

Remove fresh stain of fat is not so difficult. The main thing - to act quickly and prevent pollution completely soak into the fabric.

The fresher the stain, the easier it is to bringThe fresher the stain, the easier it is to bring

Here are some simple recipes that will help solve the problem.

Illustration Guide to Action
Recipe 1. Laundry soap

This method is suitable for cleaning of almost any kind of matter. Rub the area with soap (at least 72%, as pictured) and leave it for 12 hours.

To enhance the effect, wrap the victim in cellophane clothes. Then wash the item in a conventional manner.

Recipe 2. Soap and sugar

This rapid method to help rid the cotton panties from stains. Lather contaminated area, sprinkle the top with sugar and a good scrub brush. Wait 15 minutes and wash your laundry in a familiar way.

Recipe 3. Salt

Fresh stains sprinkle liberally with salt, rub it in a little matter and chickened out. If the grease stain is not washed off, repeat the procedure again, or try other means.

Recipe 4. Blotting paper

This method can be used for the "resuscitation" of any tissue, which can be ironed:

  • blotter impose on the wrong side of the front and pollution;
  • spend on them a few times is not too hot iron;
  • If at first all the fat was left on the paper, repeat the procedure.
Recipe 5. Dishwashing liquid

It copes well with the problem, regardless of the type of fabric.

Undiluted detergent, apply to pollution, wait a few minutes and drench plot boiling water. Next, wash the thing - fat will disappear without a trace.

Recipe 6. chalk powder

Help without problems in the home to remove the stain with a cotton, chiffon, linen or silk.

Just sprinkle the powder stained the place and wait for two or three hours. Next, damp cloth to remove remnants of chalk and wash clothes in warm water.

6 recipes from stuffy spots

Fresh stains easier to handle, but how to wash adult and children's clothes from the old grease stains? With this more difficult - we need a more serious money.

Illustration Guide to Action
Recipe 1. Petrol

Soak a small piece of cloth or blotting with purified gasoline and gently pat it damaged product. When the stain disappears, carefully wash the thing.

Recipe 2. Ammonia and turpentine

Mix the ingredients in equal proportions - in the end you'll have an incredibly effective cleaning agent, which allows to remove the stain from the mustard sauce, vegetable oil and other things.

The resulting solution soak a swab, wipe the dirt and leave them otkisat for two or three hours. Then simply wash the product.

Recipe 3. Glycerol

To remove the old grease stain, put a few drops of glycerin and wait for about 30 minutes. After wipe the treated area with a cotton ball or a piece of gauze.

Recipe 4. Starch

To wash grease stain will hot starch. Heat it in any container and sprinkle contaminated place previously placing it on a clean white cloth.

Repeat procedure should be as long as the material does not become perfectly clean.

Recipe 5. saline

Dissolve in a liter of hot water 5 tablespoons of salt. Dip in solution soiled garment to its full purification.

Contaminated area can be gently rubbed. This is a very effective tool, whose price - a penny.

Recipe 6. steaming

This old stain with steam from the iron and hold over a water bath. After that it can be displayed one way for fresh dirt.


Now you know how to wash stains at home. Try one or more of the following ways, and return the favorite things the original appearance.

Even more useful recipes you'll find in the video etoys article. If you still have any questions on this topic, feel free to ask them in the comments. There you can share your own experiences in dealing with oily stains.

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