How to wash the stain on coffee on white and colored clothes

Dark coffee stains are really very persistent, so they should be removed immediately as soon as they appear. But what to do if coffee stains appeared in the morning when we rush to work? Leave everything until the evening, or did you spend a few minutes on soiled clothes?

Dried spots

Of course, it is better to freeze the coffee stain immediately, and if you don’t have time, you can soak clothes in warm water with added soda, andalready in the afternoon or in the evening thoroughly wash using special means. But it happens that time is running out, and all the pollution remains to dry on your favorite blouse. Well, old spots can also be removed.

When the coffee stain is already dry, it will be much more difficult to wash it off. It is recommended to first soak the clothes in saline solution, and after a couple of hours, wash with powder and rinse thoroughly.

There is another way.

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  • Mix one small spoonful of glycerin and ammonia.
  • Add some water to it.
  • Soak a sponge or cloth in the solution and wipe the stain of coffee.
  • A few minutes later it should disappear.

If the pollution is extensive, then the number of components should be increased proportionally.

Coffee on wool or silk

These two natural types of fabric require special handling. If you put a stain of coffee on a woolen or silk product, then immediately cover it with an absorbent napkin, and go to make a solution of soap with ammonia and water. In this solution it is necessary to wet a clean rag and wipe the stain with it. After cleaning it is necessary to wash the stain in the traditional way - it should completely move away.

A very useful thing - glycerin. You can buy a bottle at the pharmacy and keep it in case there is a complex contamination or to soften leather clothes, bags, shoes.

  • Mix glycerin with salt.
  • Apply the resulting slurry on coffee stains.
  • When it dries, rinse your clothes and wash them if necessary.

You can lubricate the stain with one slightly heated glycerin. After 10-15 minutes, it will soften the fibers and contribute to the easy washing out of the coloring components of coffee.

White things

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Especially noticeable stains from coffee on white fabric, so you want to bring them out so that there is no trace.

If the fabric is natural( linen, cotton), then it can be bleached by boiling, adding whiteness and laundry soap to the water. You can simply soak in water with the addition of bleach. For more delicate fabrics, try first soaking in water with soda ash( a large spoon of soda for 1 liter of warm water), then washing as usual, and at the last stage, treat the stain with hydrogen peroxide, wait half an hour and rinse the clothes.

Any clothes will be easier to wash if you first immerse them in a solution of soda ash. Soda softens the water, and all sorts of laundry products are beginning to act more efficiently.

Special products

Do not forget that there are special stain removers that can help eliminate coffee, wine, fruit and all other stains. If you have not yet acquired such a tool and do not know where to stop the choice, then you can ask your acquaintances, friends, parents. Someone will certainly tell you a wonderful drug.

In addition, pay attention to the advertisement of stain removers. Buy in stores that you trust, because even the best stain remover, if it is fake, will not help you.

Special chemicals include oxalic acid and sodium hyposulfite. They are bought in stores of chemical reagents or household chemicals. A small spoonful of oxalic acid is diluted in a glass of water and treated with this solution is a white cloth on which a coffee stain is planted. Hyposulphite is dissolved in the amount of two teaspoons per 200 ml of water, and is also used on light tissues.

It happens that there are no means at all at hand, and women use ordinary dishwashing detergent. If the coffee was with cream or milk, then this is indeed a good option. But warm salty water and glycerin helps best, since these products are suitable for almost any fabric of any color. So, try, one of the methods will definitely work.

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