How to remove the stain from suede: tips on a note

Everyone who has a suede clothing has a problem like greasy stains. Many are afraid to remove them on their own, because there is a high risk of damaging the product. If you still decide on the procedure, you need to remember a few rules.

Cleaning Tools

In order to properly clean the suede without damaging it, there are special brushes that can be found in a store with suede products. These brushes are made specifically for gentle suede cleaning, they do not damage the structure of the material, do not leave traces on it, and easily allow you to remove any contamination.

Villi are made of rubber or hard rubber, which raises suede, makes it more attractive and removes large accumulations of dirt. Rubber villi do well with both small particles of dirt and greasy places. If you do not have such a brush at hand, but you urgently need to clean your favorite thing of dirt, you can resort to using the usual clerical eraser, it can easily clean the stain.

Recommendations before cleansing

If you have such a problem with suede, like a greasy stain on it, you must first be patient because this material is very capricious and requires careful care. Before starting the procedure to remove grease stains on suede, it is best to follow these recommendations:

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  1. In no case do not start work with suede, if it is wet, you need to dry it, but without using special heating agents, it is betteraway from batteries and direct sunlight.
  2. Before removing grease stains, clean the item of dust and dirt to reduce the risk of new contamination, make it a special brush.
  3. You need to prepare in advance the means by which you will remove the problem.
  4. Before applying the grease stain remover, check it on a small piece of material to see how it affects it.
  5. Do not rub a damp suede with a brush, you can easily break its villi.
  6. In order to clean the suede from grease stains, take extreme care so that the tool does not hurt your hands and suede. Be sure to read the instructions and the method of storage, because the damaged product can be very harmful.

Anti-fatty staples

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Currently, there is a huge amount of products that can easily remove a greasy stain from suede and clean its surface. You can easily find them in any suede store, even in hardware stores, the demand for them has always been great, and the range has grown from this. Means to combat grease stains can be found at home, these substances are not inferior in their effectiveness shop, they are easy to use and always at hand. To remove the greasy stain, it is not necessary to run to the laundry; this can be done with ease at home.

Suede consists of small villi, which swell very quickly from moisture, and then shrink strongly when dried, which can affect the comfort when wearing such a thing. For this method you will need to suede was dry, dry it under normal conditions. Take the absorbent, which usually plays crushed chalk, talc or ordinary potato starch, these tools absorb well. Then fill the problem area with one of these products and leave for 30 minutes so that the fat is absorbed and it is easier to remove. Over time, you need to clean the absorbent suede with a special brush.

To remove and clean the surface of suede use river sand and salt. The essence of this method is that these substances perfectly absorb fat from the surface of products. You need to heat the river sand or salt in a frying pan, then wrap them in a small bag, always made of natural fabric, loose. Fix the bag on the problem area and wait for the suction of fat from the suede. The main thing is that this tool be an acceptable temperature, which will not leave a mark on the fragile suede, since in the future it will be difficult to eliminate. Lastly, you need to clean the suede to give it a beautiful look.

An excellent method at hand is a solution of ammonia and liquid soap, which you can easily prepare at home, because housewives always have these components. The solution should be prepared in equal proportions of soap and ammonia with the addition of a small amount of warm water. Take a sponge, wet it with the resulting solution and slightly wipe the product out of suede, then wait a while. Wash off with a wet brush, be sure to dry and clean the suede. This tool makes it easy to remove the greasy stain from suede without harm to it.

Fat stains from suede can be removed with the help of such a well-known anti-stains remedy, such as table vinegar. To do this, dilute 1 teaspoon of table 9% -exus in one liter of water. Wet the sponge and wipe the product, then suede does not need to be cleaned. Give her a little time to dry and brush the villi to give an attractive look with a rubber brush. A solution of vinegar perfectly helps to remove the stain from suede. Remember, if you exceed the concentration, the thing can deteriorate and change color.

It is important to know that any chemical agent, if used improperly, can harm your suede product. If it is used in high concentrations, the thing may permanently deteriorate, lose color, change the structure of the villi, or even erase them.

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