How to choose a good vacuum cleaner at an affordable price?

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  • for the needs of the developers;.It's not even about living in a cleanliness more pleasant and comfortable. Household dust is a dangerous allergen and can cause severe asthma attacks. That is why the main assistant to any hostess is a vacuum cleaner. As technological progress strides forward quickly and confidently, choosing a good vacuum cleaner can turn into a huge problem. How to choose a good vacuum cleaner for the house in 2018?What you should pay attention to? What kind of devices are these? We will try to answer these and other questions. And also we will present a rating of the best models of vacuum cleaners for the house.

    Aims and Objectives of

    Before you go to the store, you need to correctly determine the purpose of cleaning. It would seem that everything is obvious - you need to get rid of the dust. But not everything is so simple. The choice of a suitable model will depend on what types of flooring is in the house. Do you have a lot of upholstered furniture? Are there children or elderly people in the apartment? Are there any allergies in your family? Does your cat or dog have a lot of wool? Answers to all these questions will help to make the most correct choice. It is likely that you need a device with reduced noise or a stepped filtration system. Or perhaps a knockout function or a powerful turbo brush is needed.

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    What else to draw attention

    There are a few other nuances that are often the last thing to pay attention to. And in vain! Before you go to the store, think about where you are going to store the unit. Very often after the acquisition, it turns out that your new, beautiful, powerful and high-quality home assistant simply does not fit into the locker intended for its storage. And so many nozzles and do roll around the house. Most likely, the joy of purchasing such a vacuum cleaner will soon be replaced by irritation.

    The next item is the price. This is another point that can significantly narrow the search. Modern unit can cost a lot. The price range here is huge - from 40 to 3,000 US dollars. Conditionally, they can be divided like this:

    • up to $ 250 - ordinary household appliances with various types of filtration( except for separator filtration with water and steam generator);
    • from $ 250 to $ 385 are high quality home appliances. These are units with improved tightness, more durable and reliable. The assembly of such vacuum cleaners is made most often at leading enterprises.
    • from $ 385 to $ 800 - semi-professional units. Most often, this technique is equipped with a powerful engine and different build quality. Has the increased characteristics of wear resistance. In this price category there are models that have a powerful steam generator.
    • from $ 800 to $ 1900 - elite household appliances. Such models are characterized by the highest quality of cleaning, powerful economical engine, small dimensions, maximum suction power, multifunctionality.
    • from $ 800 to $ 2,300 - professional household equipment falls into this category. Such devices are designed for long, almost continuous operation on the maximum area. Professional cleaning equipment of this level has considerable dimensions and weighs quite a lot.

    After we dealt with the frequency and quality of cleaning and determined the amount that we are ready to allocate for the new unit, let's talk about how to choose a good vacuum cleaner for your home or office based on the technical characteristics of the device.


    What should I look for when choosing the best vacuum cleaner in 2018?Here are a few criteria:

    • power;
    • type dust collector;
    • filter type;
    • noise level;
    • type of cleaning;
    • availability of necessary attachments;
    • ease of operation of the device.

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    Choosing a vacuum cleaner for power is not easy. And that's why. Unlike other household appliances, the vacuum cleaner has two types of power:

    1. suction;
    2. power consumption.

    The second indicator shows how much electricity your device eats from the network. But the first one will show with what force a vacuum cleaner draws in dirt and dust.

    Suction power

    Most often, this figure varies from 250 to 500 watts. Much less common are models with 600-800 watts. There are also models in which this indicator can be adjusted depending on the level of pollution. To do this, simply turn the corresponding knob.

    In a good vacuum cleaner, this indicator, as you already understood, should be the more, the better. In any case, you should not buy a model with a suction power of less than 350 watts. It is simply ineffective.

    Power consumption

    Another important indicator - the power consumed by the device from the network. Most often household vacuum cleaners have power consumption from 1 to 2.5 kW.When choosing, however, it is worth to stick to the golden mean. One and a half - two kilowatts will be quite enough.

    The ideal option would be one in which the suction power tends upwards and the energy consumption downwards. For example, if one vacuum cleaner has the performance 1600 \ 350 W, and the other 1650 \ 400, preference should be given to the second. Despite the fact that in the first case the indicator of energy consumption is less, because of the lower suction power the cleaning will last longer, which means that the savings will be quite dubious.

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    filters And how to choose the right vacuum cleaner based on the type of filter it contains? And what do they happen to be? In general, all cleaning elements can be divided as follows: HEPA

    • ;
    • electrostatic;
    • cleaning element S-class.

    HEPA filter

    Capable of capturing even the smallest particles of debris and dust. A cleaning unit with such a cleaning element is ideal for those who have small children or relatives suffering from allergies. The HEPA filter can be both disposable and replaceable.

    Electrostatic microfilter

    Such microfilters in different models of a vacuum cleaner can absorb 85–98% of dust microparticles. Their biggest drawback - the service life. For high-quality cleaning, the electrostatic microfilter should be replaced after every 5-6 changes of the dust collector.


    Filters Based on user feedback, various ratings and recommendations, it can be concluded that such cleaning devices are by far the highest quality and most effective. It is believed that they are able to retain almost 100% of pollution. S-filters can be disposable or washable.

    Of course, you should give preference to those models of vacuum cleaners that have the ability to change the filter. After all, even if you very thoroughly wash and clean the filter "permanent", a certain proportion of dirt in it still remains. So, over time, the efficiency of the device will steadily decrease.

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    Here we can distinguish the following types:
    • dust collector in the form of a bag;
    • cyclone type dust collector( container);
    • aqua filter.

    dust collector bag Units of this type collect dirt into special bags located inside the case. Regardless of the design, the bags are of two types:

    • disposable, made of paper or synthetic;
    • reusable fabric.

    In addition, some models of vacuum cleaners can “take” bags of a strictly defined design. Others are "omnivores."They fit any bag suitable for the volume. This type of dust collector is most often equipped with an inexpensive vacuum cleaner that does not have any outstanding parameters. It usually comes with one fabric bag and two or three disposable paper bags. After they run out, the dilemma unfolds before the hostess: spend additional funds on the purchase of disposable dust collectors or reuse fabric.

    As you understand, the pore size of a fabric bag is much larger than that of a paper bag. And this means that you have to sacrifice something one thing: money or quality cleaning.

    In different models, the capacity of a disposable bag can vary from 2 to 6 liters. If you are used to cleaning the house at least 2 times a week, such a dust collector will last for about a month and a half, after which it must be replaced. In order not to miss the moment, it is better to purchase a vacuum cleaner equipped with a dust bag full indicator.

    Cloth bags have another major drawback - this is the moment of its devastation. Contact with dust you can not avoid. Therefore, if you are not too limited in cash, it is worth considering another option.


    These units are much more popular. Although they have a slightly lower suction power, but it remains constant and does not decrease as the bag is filled. Externally, such cleaning units can be recognized by the presence of a large round bulb, into which dirt gets during the cleaning process. Although it is still possible to avoid contact with dust when cleaning the dust collector, it is much easier to clean such a vacuum cleaner. You only need to remove the flask, carefully pour out the garbage, and rinse the tank with cool water. Emboss and shake do not have to.

    In addition, if during the cleaning process you accidentally “sucked” the necessary thing, it would be much more convenient to get it than from the bag.


    The principle of operation of such a unit is as follows. Suction air flows through the water tank. As a result, all the garbage and dust remains in the container. At the end of the process, you only need to pour out the dirty liquid and flush the tank.

    These units have a constant suction power, and it does not decrease as water is polluted. In addition, the vacuum cleaner with a water filter during operation can additionally humidify the ambient air in the room.

    The only drawback of this “cleaner” is its size. Because of the water tank, its weight and dimensions are slightly larger than those of the “dry” models.

    Noise while running

    Now let's talk about how to choose a good vacuum cleaner depending on how much noise it creates when working. It is very important. After all, if you have to clean up often, the noise level can significantly affect your well-being.

    Modern models of vacuum cleaners are capable of making sounds at a level from 50 to 90 decibels. But if you want your eardrums to feel comfortable, you should not buy models that have this figure more than 65 dB.By the way, cyclone-type vacuum cleaners work the loudest.

    Type of cleaning

    There is another important point that may affect the choice of apparatus for cleaning. This is a way to do work.

    Dry Cleaning

    If we are talking about sanitizing a small room or a house of compact size, then a model with dry cleaning is enough for you. Such vacuum cleaners are good for cleaning regular flooring, synthetic flooring, artificial carpets and carpet. These are the most popular models and they are relatively inexpensive. Moreover, all devices for dry cleaning can be divided into three types:

    1. Manual vertical - in appearance more reminiscent of electric mops with a bag for collecting dust. Easily hiding in the closet or behind the door. Such models, although small in size, cost a little more than their usual counterparts.
    2. Compact - small size models. Have a small weight, rather small dimensions. They can be raised and easily moved with one hand or hang on the shoulder. Most often, these units are used for daily quick surface cleaning, as well as for cleaning car interiors.
    3. Full-size - devices that are somewhat overestimated in size and weight. Equipped with all the necessary functionality. Most often used for cleaning in hotels and large areas.

    Wet cleaning

    If you want to do everything at once and be able to clean not only dry but also wet, you can not do without a washing vacuum cleaner. This unit is used to clean tile, tile, stone, waterproof laminate and any other flooring. In addition, such a vacuum cleaner can be cleaned upholstered furniture and carpets with a long nap. The only thing that he can not do is natural carpets, as well as parquet and furniture, which is afraid of moisture. With the help of such a vacuum cleaner, you can quickly collect a puddle or clean the windows to shine( if you have a special nozzle).

    But the washing unit has drawbacks: the

    1. has a weight - such a vacuum cleaner is much heavier than usual and not every woman will easily cope with it;
    2. price - this unit is significantly more expensive than its "dry" counterparts.


    Regardless of the type and model of vacuum cleaner you purchased, you need special tips for high-quality cleaning. What they are and what they are for:

    • Slit. A long flattened tube that allows you to get to the most narrow and hard to reach places. Most often it is used to get rid of dust inside the radiator or along the baseboard.
    • Soft round brush with extra long nap. She is used to clean books on open shelves, curlicues in carved wood and stucco, cornices and other items with complex relief.
    • Round, oval or small rectangular brush with a short, rather stiff pile. It is used for cleaning wall coverings, upholstered furniture, wide and heavy curtains.
    • Turbo brush. An indispensable thing for fans of cats and dogs. Ideal removes even very small bristles and hairs from the carpet and upholstered furniture, well-collected thread.
    • Electric brush. It is about the same as the turbo brush, however, it has a slight difference. Due to the fact that it rotates by electric current, it works much quieter. However, due to the wires leading to the body, such a brush makes the telescopic tube of the device a little heavier.
    • Wide bristle brush made from natural bristles. It is used for the treatment of parquet, stone, porcelain stoneware and other expensive coatings. Such stubble will not scratch anything.

    For vacuum cleaners with a wet type of cleaning, there is an additional set of accessories:

    • cleaning nozzle for flooring;
    • aqua nozzle for sofas and armchairs;
    • special device for washing windows;
    • vacuum nozzle;
    • others.

    control In this particular case, we will focus on the device's on / off system and power level control. The adjustment system of the vacuum cleaner can be:

    1. Electronic. Here a rheostat-type regulator is used, which allows you to smoothly adjust the power( like the volume of a radio).Most often, the regulator is located on the body, less often - on the telescopic tube of the vacuum cleaner. Some models are equipped with additional displays showing the value of( current) power.
    2. Mechanical. In this case, a rotator or slider is used, located directly on the body of the vacuum cleaner. Switching is carried out in stages, with clearly fixed values.

    In some of the most modern models there is the possibility of automatic control of the suction power. That is the vacuum cleaner independently analyzes the processed surface and sets the necessary indicators.

    TOP models of vacuum cleaners 2017

    Despite the fact that now you have much more information on how to choose the right vacuum cleaner in 2017 in terms of price / quality parameters, let's consider a small rating of the best based on customer reviews.

    TOP 5 models with dust collector in bag form631

  • Vax 7151
  • MIE Ecologico Maxi
  • Zelmer ZVC752ST( 919.0 ST)
  • In our estimates we reliedon consumer reviews. Of course, the list is not exhaustive and you may like a completely different model. The main thing is that the new vacuum cleaner satisfies all your needs.

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