Choosing a powerful vacuum cleaner for home

  • Power consumption and suction power - two big differences!
  • For what exactly is the power indicated on the device body important?
  • What is the useful power for carpet cleaning?
  • Which vacuum cleaner is better: with a bag, cyclone, with an aqua filter or a robot?
  • What else to pay attention when buying a vacuum cleaner
  • Rating 2018 of the most powerful and good vacuum cleaners

from the carpet? In this article you will learn how to choose the most powerful vacuum cleaner for the house in 2018, how to determine the very same suction power needed and what kind of this equipment will suit you best in all respects.

Power consumption and suction power - two big differences!

Yes, exactly. The vacuum cleaner has two capacities. One of them that you see on the case is just the power consumption of electricity, not more. And it doesn’t have anything to do with how much the device will dust!

It would seem that the more electricity a vacuum cleaner pulls, the better it will clean the surface. But, oddly enough, one has nothing to do with the other. The suction power is indicated on the box or in the data sheet, in modest and small numbers. And often, in vacuum cleaners, on the cases of which 2000 power is proudly indicated, the suction power is quite modest, for example 300. And this is not the case if you plan to regularly clean the carpet from the omnipresent wool of your favorite Murzik.

Why so? A marketing ploy, apparently. See a big number? Impressed? Bought. What else does? And in the end, the cleaning will not be too high quality, but the electricity bills are big.

Perhaps, manufacturers just do not want to deceive the consumer, demonstrating first of all the power of consumption, but on the contrary, they warn. After all, this is a good thing, but it is absolutely necessary in other cases, which you will learn about in the block below.

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For what exactly is the power indicated on the device body important?

Vacuum cleaner, like other household appliances, equipped with a motor. And the more powerful it is, the more durable the product is and the longer it can be operated without shutting down, without fear that the motor will not stand and burn.

So, for whom is this parameter important? And for homeowners with a large area. Agree to do the cleaning in five rooms, intermittently interrupted by the fact that the vacuum cleaner rested - uncomfortable. And if you take a low-power vacuum cleaner, then you have to do just that.

But for those who need to vacuum one or two rooms daily there is no reason to overpay for electricity! If you use the device infrequently and not for wear, then it will serve you faithfully for a very long time, despite the fact that it has modest digits on the case.

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What useful power is suitable for cleaning carpets?

And now let's be more specific and in numbers. What is suitable for cleaning linoleum, and what for carpets stuffed with wool?

For Lenoleum and other smooth surfaces, the useful power is enough for you - 300W.But for carpets you need at least 450 watts. But, if you find a vacuum cleaner that has a suction power value of 530 W, then do not rush to rejoice in advance. Maybe he pulls well, but he is equipped with an ordinary bag, which is so inconvenient to empty. And the second model, which has a parameter of 450 W, removes no worse, but you will not need to bother with the bag. These extra 100 watts vacuum cleaner consumes in order to drive the air through the cyclone filter and release it back into the room already cleaned. And it is on this that unnecessary efficiency is spent, but the initial electricity consumption may be completely identical.

By the way, in practice there is no tangible difference between 450 W and 530 W.Both that and another adequately cope with strong pollution.

Which vacuum cleaner is better: with a bag, cyclone, with an aqua filter or a robot?

This is what you need to pay attention to secondarily. Convenience is a good thing, especially since people clean it quite often.

There is not much point to tell about vacuum cleaners with bags. Everyone already knows what it is and how uncomfortable it is to clean this very bag, while sneezing and ingesting dust. But they are cheaper than other models. If there is no problem for you to shake out the dust collector, you can safely take it, not forgetting to check the level of suction power.

But about cyclones worth mentioning separately. Today it is a great invention for mankind. Not only does such a vacuum cleaner clean the surface itself, it also improves the microclimate. It draws dust in, and gives back completely clean air. This is great for allergy sufferers and those with asthma. Such vacuum cleaners are, of course, more expensive. But then you no longer have to mess around with the bag and it will be necessary to vacuum it much less often. After all, an ordinary vacuum cleaner, though, draws in large dust, but back it still produces dusty air! Of course, he holds up 80 percent of the dirt, but the rest calmly gives it back. Only they get no longer on the carpet, but on all surfaces in the room.

Water vacuum cleaners are also good. They will not miss a speck of dust back. But their big disadvantage is that they are not universal. The surface treated with such a vacuum cleaner remains wet for a while. Therefore, for regular and daily use, this is not an option at all. You can get such a vacuum cleaner, if you already have one, as a nice addition. And the price for them bites. .. If you already take a vacuum cleaner with the possibility of wet cleaning, then take a universal, which is capable of both dry and wet cleaning.

But about robots in general is a separate song. If your funds allow, then take it boldly! This is a nice thing: you sit for yourself, drink coffee, and the vacuum cleaner quietly crawls and cleans. Absolutely silent, high quality and without any complaints. Beauty, and only. The only negative is that the failure of such a device will cost you a pretty penny. After all, it is not the mechanical that often breaks there, but the “brain” itself, that is, the electronic board, gets off. But for people with money, this is not a problem at all. And in any case, having a robot is much more profitable than hiring the incoming Mrs. Hudson for cleaning.

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What else to look for when buying a vacuum cleaner

What else? More important is the convenience of the tube itself. There are models in which the length is not adjustable and this is often a problem. For example, it’s not necessary to bend a vacuum cleaner for parents, but for a child it will already be great and therefore it will be problematic to charge vacuuming.

Try still to take vacuum cleaners, in which the force of retracting is regulated. This is a rather important aspect. Sometimes you need to clean the carpet, and sometimes the curtains would do well to go through a vacuum cleaner. Can you imagine what will happen to your curtains if you send a stream with a power of 530 W to them? Yes, he just pull them out of the loop.

Dina wires are also extremely important. The best option is 5 meters. If less, then you will need to rearrange the plug, moving from room to room.

And, of course, the wheels are important. The larger they are, the more agile the vacuum cleaner will be to maneuver around the room, without stumbling over small obstacles.

In addition, do not neglect the additional features that make life easier and prolong the life of the vacuum cleaner. For example:

  • Engine Overheat Control
  • Surge Protection
  • Indicator indicating that the dust collector is time to change. After all, if you do not release it, then your motor will work simply for wear

And most importantly, look at the warranty period! The more it is, the more reliable thing. Producers are not enemies themselves, you know. And if he knows that their product is designed for a couple of years with a stretch of exploitation, then they will give you a half year warranty. And those whose conscience is clear, those dates are guaranteed for at least five years. And this is perhaps the most important criterion when buying.

And now let's look at models that are popular on the market and have received good feedback from consumers.

Rating 2018 of the most powerful and good vacuum cleaners

In this list we will not paint the parameters of each of the vacuum cleaners, as this is a great material for the whole article. If you wish, you can find information about each model on the Internet. Here we have indicated only the top 10 best vacuum cleaners, based on customer reviews and compiled in descending order of price and quality.

That is, the most expensive and best are higher, and those that are worse are at the bottom of the list. But, in any case, these are the best models on the market. And now, for a minute, more than 2,000!

  1. Karcher DS 6000
  2. IRobot Roomba 870
  3. Tomas Cat & Dog
  4. Dison DC37
  5. Samsung SC20F70UG
  6. Electrolux Ultra Geekypowerful vacuum cleaner for home, without spending extra money and not overpaying regularly for the light.

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