How to wash knitted things

Handmade knitted things are always exclusive and individual, and they require special care. Therefore, buying a dress, jacket or tunic handmade, you should be prepared to comply with special rules, other than caring for things mass production. The implementation of recommendations for the care of knitted garments will guarantee their preservation from deformation and damage. In particular, acquiring such items of clothing, you need to imagine how to wash knitted things.

We erase properly knitted things

If you are a lover of exclusive hand-knitted things, you should know the basic rules for the care of things of this kind. There are not many of them, and, nevertheless, they will save you from premature deterioration and deformation of your favorite items of clothing:

  • Knitted items from any yarn - cotton, blended yarn, flax and even more wool - should be washed by hand, machine washing will have to be abandoned,if you do not want to permanently ruin a jacket, cardigan or dress.
  • It is better to make washing in warm water using a special tool designed for washing items made of delicate materials with vegetable composition that supports the natural composition of the fiber.
  • During washing the product is not recommended to rub, exerting a mechanical impact on them. It is best not to bring clothes to a state where they form lasting pollution. If this happens, for example, on the cuffs and neck, the dirt can be washed using a brush with natural bristles.
  • The thing is laid out on the bottom of the tank( basin or bath) with water and detergent; polluted places are rubbed with detergent using a brush. After that, the product should be held in water for several minutes. After such a procedure, as a rule, the dirt quickly leaves, the thing remains to be gently pressed and rinsed in clean water.

Features of washing things made of mohair, angora and lint

Things connected from angora, mohair yarn or lint are not suitable for machine washing, they cannot be cleaned with a brush, too, as the surface can be damaged. Such products require special delicacy during washing. Wash them should be immersed in warm water, adding soap means. After they should be a little shake, not taking out of the water.

After the end of washing, knitting should not be done by pressing; you just need to let them flow naturally.

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We rinse things properly

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After washing it is important to rinse the product correctly, it should be done in sufficient amount of clean water without using spin, otherwise your favorite things may be deformed. Adding vinegar to the water during rinsing will prevent the products from stretching and also help to refresh the color. This is especially important if when knitting used yarn, prone to loss of color.

How to dry

correctly If you do not want your sweater or cardigan to lose its shape and stretch out after washing, it is best to dry them flattened out on a horizontal surface. After water is removed from a glass product, it is recommended to spread it out on a soft towel or a terry sheet, after straightening it properly. It is in this condition that it should dry.

Ironing of the product must be strictly based on the recommendations for care: this procedure is contraindicated for some things, in other cases ironing through gauze or careful steaming is recommended.

Knitted products are always in trend and never go out of fashion, in them you will look individually and effectively. In order for such exclusive things to please you for a long time, they need special care. But don't let that frighten you, stay always at the peak of the ode, be beautiful and unique.

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