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  • Heaters that run on electricity, cover all their advantages by the expense of consumed electricity. Therefore, buyers are increasingly looking in the direction of gas heaters to give. Gas is still the most affordable type of fuel. Depending on the purpose of use, they are portable, fixed, connected to a gas pipe, or the gas must be delivered independently in a cylinder. Gas heaters are of different types, so to decide which gas heater is better to buy for giving is difficult.

    What is important to pay attention to when buying an

    . Power is the main parameter that you need to pay attention to when choosing a gas heater to give. This indicator will determine how much room it can heat. There is a widespread opinion that for every 10 square meters of space, 1 kW of power is required to heat it. In practice, these figures do not differ much, so they can be repelled when choosing the required heater power. Also, it is recommended to pay attention to heaters that are equipped with an emergency system to turn off the gas supply. Unlike other types of heaters, gas is better to buy more expensive European-made - foreign manufacturers are better concerned about the quality of the materials used for the assembly.

    Advantages and disadvantages of gas heaters

    The main advantage of gas heaters in their efficiency, as gas is the cheapest fuel for heating devices. Other advantages include:

    • long service life;
    • adjustable power level;
    • most models can work with electricity off;
    • portable models do not use an open flame for operation.

    A significant lack of a gas heater in a low degree of security, even though the devices are equipped with protection. A device that runs on liquefied gas, always has a high risk of fire. Also, for most devices, it is necessary to think about the ventilation in the house or garage and the system for bringing the products of combustion to the street.

    Stationary gas heaters

    The stationary gas heaters include convectors. The device consists of a cast iron or steel body with a heating element and a combustion chamber, which is installed outside the house. The principle of operation is that the device sucks the air in itself, heats it and releases it already warm. Some models are equipped with a fan inside the case for faster heat distribution. Advantages of convectors:

    • are equipped with gas supply control sensors;
    • gas emergency shutdown;
    • acceptable cost;
    • easy installation;
    • do not pollute or burn indoor air - the products of combustion are displayed on the street.

    Mobile gas heaters with infrared radiation

    Portable heaters are compact, convenient, consume less gas, but have less power and are suitable for heating a small area. The most popular option is an infrared heater. Inside the device is a heating element - ceramic panels. The device emits infrared rays that heat the surface and objects encountered.

    There is an infrared heater option for outdoor use. The appearance of the device resembles a lamppost, a pipe is installed on a gas cylinder, and a reflector of infrared rays is placed on it. Infrared rays in a street heater are produced by obtaining energy from gas combustion. It is convenient because it does not require an electrical connection, and also, when tilted, it will automatically shut off the gas supply.

    Catalytic Heaters

    This type of heater has a small capacity and is suitable for effective heating of small rooms. They can run on gas, gas or electricity. This heater is the safest, since no flame is emitted during operation;liquefied gas collides with a fiberglass catalyst plate, converting gas energy into heat. For the same reason, the catalytic gas heater is also eco-friendly, since it does not produce environmental and health-friendly combustion products. In some models, a fan is installed that accelerates the distribution of heat around the room.

    Gas Cannons

    A gas heat gun has more power and can quickly and efficiently heat a large area. To operate the gas gun does not need electricity. It is compact and often used for outdoors, large open spaces and for construction purposes. Also, it will work no less efficiently even in the rain and strong wind. The principle of operation of the device in the fan which creates air passing through the heated heating element inside the case. Types of devices:

    • heat gun of direct heating( warm air comes out with the combustion products);
    • heat gun of indirect heating( combustion products are not removed with air, but through a separate pipe);
    • heat gun on liquefied gas.


    To choose a good gas heater to give, you need to decide what will be required of the device. If it is needed for construction purposes, or on a plot a garden and a vegetable garden that may suffer from premature frosts, then heat gas cannons should be considered - they will most effectively dry out fresh cement or save the garden from cold. Fans of spending the cool evenings outside in the gazebo should put an infrared street heater next to them, which will warm and create the relaxing effect of being in the sun.

    If the purpose of heating is not a street, but a house, then depending on the size of the room, you can consider a convector for heating large areas or a catalytic heater for small rooms. It is also important to regularly clean the gas heating devices and check them for gas leaks.

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