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Every day, the female half of society is engaged in styling and caring for their hair. This is a long and painstaking procedure that requires certain tools and devices. One of these devices are hair dryers for drying and styling hair. They are used not only by women, but also by many men. Now it is hard to imagine a home in which there will not be such an object as a hairdryer. There is a huge amount and variety of them is simply unimaginable. In this article we will talk about the rating of the best hair dryer brushes for 2018 and discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

General information

So, in order to start choosing a hair dryer for your use, you need to know what it is. It is a device that helps not only to dry hair, but also to style it at the same time. In fact, it includes some elements: a hair dryer for drying hair, a brush for combing and curling irons. This item is not used by men, as it is intended for long and thick hair to form curly curls and style bangs. If a woman's hair curls, then this item is simply necessary for daily tearing. The device is easy to use and quite cheap.

On the market now such a device as a hair dryer-brushes for hair, have become very popular and popular. Therefore, the question arises, which devices are both high-quality and inexpensive. Below we give examples of several brushes, their differences, disadvantages and advantages.

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Rating of the best inexpensive hair brushes


The first in our list will be the BOSCH PHA5363 hairdryer. The country of origin is Germany, the price ranges from 2,400 to 2,600 rubles. What can be said about this model? To begin with, it can be noted that this company is Bosch, whose design can be recognized almost immediately. Also for the devices of this manufacturer are characterized by features such as build quality, a variety of functionality, as well as the average pricing policy. In our case, this hair dryer is the cheapest option, but it has good technical characteristics and can compete with its fellows, who have a much higher price.

Let us highlight the following characteristics for this particular model:

  • There is an opportunity to adjust the process of heating the air flow, which is convenient for the operation time, allowing you to select the desired temperature, as well as the power of the air flow for the most comfortable and efficient use of the device. This feature is not present in all units, so this is a major and big plus;
  • Ionization - saturation of the scalp with negatively charged particles, which makes the hair more airy and soft;
  • There is an additional possibility of supplying cooled air, which allows you to keep your hair for a long time.

The essential minus, first of all conspicuous, lies in the power of the dryer itself. It is not so great, only 700 W, while other models have at least 1000. However, this still does not greatly affect the performance of the unit, especially if you have short and not very thick hair.

As for the reviews on this model, for the most part they are good, about 90%.Owners like design, convenience, mobility and ease of use. Complaints to be in the excessive noise of the device, as well as the lack of filters and covers for transfer from place to place.


Next comes the model from BRAUN.The unit has the full name of Braun AS 330 and is a fairly simple and comfortable to use hairdryer brush. Among all the competitors, it has one of the smallest equipment, and is rather poor in performance. There is no ionization as in the previous device, there is no possibility of independent adjustment of the air flow, there is no possibility of changing the temperature mode of operation. Power indicators are quite small, and equal to four hundred watts. The whole unit is made of heat-resistant plastic, no ceramics compared to Bosch. However, all this significantly reduces the cost of the device, even though the country of origin is Germany. The price fluctuates around from 2500 to 2900 rubles.

But despite all the disadvantages, this hair dryer has the highest reliability, judging by the user reviews, which is why we put it on our top list. The service life is approximately five to ten years, which absolutely does not affect the quality of the device.


This model from the same manufacturer is a more advanced model of the Braun AS 330. The functionality has significant differences: three degrees of heating, three speeds of air flow, a button that allows you to turn on cool air and the most important function is steam humidification. However, you need to carefully and carefully use this feature, as hot steam can harm your hair and is not suitable for each type of hair.

Also, according to user feedback, we can conclude that the model has a good range of convenient nozzles. The device shows itself perfectly in everyday life. The price does not really bite, on average, the device costs 3100 rubles, but this is one of the best devices on the market, we recommend for use.

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The best models in price-performance ratio


Philips is probably the most common home appliance brand, but despite the large number of low-end appliances, the brand offers a numbervery high-quality hair dryer brushes. Such a device is PHILIPS HP8664.

According to reviews, it can be concluded that the device is comfortable, has an excellent design and a fairly good performance. The device is very neatly styled hair, evenly dries and straightens at the same time. Absolutely does not adversely affect the appearance of the hair with prolonged use, quite the contrary.

Has a thousand watt hairdryer power, ceramic coating of nozzles, ionization and rotation of nozzles. The downside is the lack of manual installation of temperature heating and air flow. Price on average from 4,000 to 4,400 rubles.

BABYLISS 2736E( 2735E)

Among all the best models listed by , this one is from a French manufacturer. It contains all the functions of previous devices, as well as some additional. For example, in the kit to the device, besides the standard nozzles, a nozzle is included for a more careful straightening of the hair, that is, the need for ironing is no longer necessary. The device has a status indicator of the device. The main advantage is the ability to change filters, and there is also a branded storage case.

The reviews are naturally the most positive. The device is loved for its rich functionality, reliability and ease of operation. Women especially liked the brush of natural lint, which tends to rotate and is adjusted depending on preferences. The device is often possible to see in professional beauty salons, which makes it as attractive as possible for the female half of the population. The price on average ranges from 5,000 to 6,000 rubles, and this is perhaps the biggest minus since it is really expensive. However, a number of advantages still overshadows this incident. Therefore, in our opinion, this hair dryer is the best of all available on the market.


The article presented the ranking of the best hair dryer brushes for 2018, describes their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. We hope this article has helped you choose the most suitable device for you.

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