Effective ways to wash traces of a marker from clothes

Using the markers is a pleasure, because they are so bright and quite resistant. But not every one of us knows how to wipe a marker when it gets on clothes. It is only a loyal assistant to leave his mark not where it was originally intended, as his merits instantly turn into disadvantages.

Preparatory stage

You can display random letters from clothes if you do everything correctly. Remember, it is much easier to remove fresh marks, so do not put off such a pleasant occupation in a long box. It is impossible to rub the stain with the first stain remover. You must first determine what kind of dye base - oil, water, alcohol - is fraught with the cause of confusion. Then select the appropriate solvent and start acting.

To avoid spoiling your clothes, test the solvent somewhere in an inconspicuous area. Put a little money on the material, look at the reaction. If the color has not changed, the fibers have not begun to “get torn”, get down to business.

We derive a marker on the water or chalky basis

Consider yourself lucky if the dye is water based, chalky. Moisten the contaminated area with dishwashing gel, wait until the fabric dries a little. Then you can zastira economic soap.

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And with leather clothes such an ugliness is easily washed off with soapy water. Dip a clothes brush into the prepared solution and wipe the skin. Remove the remaining foam with a damp cloth, wipe dry with a napkin.

We struggle with traces of alcohol marker

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With a dye base on alcohol, fight with a similar solvent: vodka, cologne, medical alcohol, shaving lotion. Dampen the cosmetic disc in the medium of your choice and gently blot the ink trail, but do not rub it. Change discs until the ink from the garment disappears completely. So that the pigment does not penetrate further into the fibers of the fabric during the removal of the stain, start the treatment from the inside of the clothes. And do not forget to put a folded napkin several times from the front side, which will absorb the dissolving paint. At the end of the fabric must be locked. If the thing is leather, then wipe the treated place with cream.

Permanent marker is very well removed from the clothes "Vanisham".First, moisten the abstract patterns with a stain remover, and after a while, rinse with warm water. And when you wash your clothes in a typewriter, add a little more to the powder compartment. In order to avoid stains after removing the stain, moisten the cloth around the dirt with water before treatment. This kind of water protection will not allow the dissolving pigment to spread to the sides.

You can remove the traces of the marker and table vinegar. Dampen them the right place, give a little time to dry out the material. Rub baking soda into the fabric on both sides. Wash the residue under the tap in 10-15 minutes and cover with soap.

Traces of alcohol marker perfectly displayed hairspray. At least, so many assure hostesses. Spray the varnish on the cloth and immediately blot with a napkin. Just do not wait until the varnish dries, because it will further fix the pigment on the fabric!

Remove stains from the fat marker

First you need to dissolve the coloring matter. Vegetable oil will help to do this: moisten a cloth in it and gently wipe the traces of the marker. When the paint goes, there will be an ugly greasy stain. It can be gelled with dish gel.

Do not hesitate, act on hot pursuit! Good luck!

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