Iron without wires

Current models of cordless irons are far from perfect. Use instruments in a free mode without recharging may be from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Showing a hefty resourcefulness, manage to smoothen thing in the allotted time. Iron without wires - a good idea, if we move quickly.

The operating principle of the cordless iron

We have already mentioned that the design is far from perfect. Remote energy transfer have not yet learned. Iron wirelessly operates on the principle of a capacitor. Said element accumulates the electric charge, the reporting unit extracts heat from the AC mains. Cordless iron kettle resembles the old type. When the round has not yet invented a central contact.

Iron wire without being charged

In recent times, for connecting the water tank was manufactured with the docking station contacts a rectangular type. A kind of platform with a projection, which included the kettle fail. Similarly charged portable radio similar noted in the case of iron. Comparison with tea is more suitable. The radio accumulated charge electric cordless iron accumulates heat:

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  • The sole is heated to the desired temperature.
  • It passes an acoustic or sound tone.
  • Product may be used until the heated soleplate to cool down, as additional iron inform the landlord.

Inside stands the battery designed only for delicate electronics. Coarse heating to a high temperature is performed solely by the network. Special sensors monitor the state of the sole in the case of cooling supplied a signal to return the iron on the docking station. After a short time still manages to use the device, but the result falls heavily - sole cool.

Typical cordless iron steam function shows the impact and spryskivaniya linen. Top like simple models strategically placed circular thermostat with temperature risks exhibition. The e-filling most of the elements is controlled mechanically, but, for example, a flashing light, signaling the approach of charging time, not without a minimum of electricity. The style of functioning of the cordless iron is considered to be mixed.

The process of ironing

The commercials - a pleasure to follow the vigorous young men who cleverly manipulate the instrument, playing no electrical connection. Iron turns around and issues a pretzel. True Housewives outline the process differently.

Confused by the fact that in the docked cordless iron stands horizontal. We'll have a lot of effort to make retraining women who are used to set the device vertically between the ironing.

Ironing cordless iron

The second point becomes a time limit. Wired iron may hold any number of sheets, vytselivaya comfortable position. With the novelty will have to act quickly and in a military accurately. The higher the selected temperature regime, the less time to complete a successful weld. Need to carefully spread out thing on the board until the iron is in the dock, then lightning ironed cooked portion. The instrument then returns to the heat on the board unfolds a new piece of clothing.

Pleased with the presence of self-cleaning mode for most irons. There is no information about how this happens, the site dedicated to the Electrolux products, mentioned that sole dyuriliuma covered with a thin layer of palladium. This fact helps get rid of scale.

Power typical wireless irons is 2400 watts. This rate is not too different from the younger colleagues, equipped with a power cord. Frequently sole equipped with a special groove for machining buttons. According to the fringe along the perimeter of the recess is, where the edge of accessories included. Property allows you to operate a wireless iron in difficult places.


Touching upon the principle of operation of the cordless iron, can not be silent about the curious features of some models. In aggregate dock steel products from plastic, devoid of electrical components.

There is a group of contacts made in a separate housing which tightly clings to iron, and the second side of the dock. Such constructive refinement allows the use of the product in the usual style. If necessary, a cordless iron is converted into wire and is capable of operating indefinitely without docking with the docking station. Allowed to put the device on the end as standard.

Cordless iron from Panasonic

wire holder for the iron will not interfere. It is interesting that on the underside of the dock there is a clamp through which clings to the edge of the table and hangs in the air. Said step, of course, saves space, but security doubts - the nut and the screw there is plastic, which is clearly not achieve the desired strength.


Iron Tefal without wires built on an assessment of a typical cycle of ironing. During the survey, researchers found that housewives manner is cyclical ironing: 8 seconds to iron product, then 4 seconds to correct or remove creases. Iron at this time resting.

Given the fact the developers put into the product algorithms: without food product maintains the properties for 25 seconds. The allotted time, the typical owner is enough to hold the hot soleplate of the laundry and again return the product to the dock. Charging the cordless iron took 4 seconds. During the flashing green LED turns steady. Then it's time to continue ironing.

If inconvenient to constantly watch the lights, activate the audible signals, prompting when supposed to perform an action:

  1. Put the iron on the docking station.
  2. Start ironing.

Tefal developers think of housewives. Special positioning system allows you to put in place a cordless iron, do not follow contacts. It reminds kettles discussed above. When installing the dishes, do not look at all the contact shall remain in place, but the device becomes accurate and does not require additional intervention. The wireless irons ironing on this important point, the focus is on the laundry. Additional fixation is provided by special magnets.

Docking station is equipped with a shock absorber spherical shape, softens the blow when setting the unit in place, facilitating slip back when you have to remove the iron. Steam generation does not differ tremendous value showing 35 g / min. The disadvantage is compensated fully steam blow. Perhaps iron clothes on weight. Just like a steamer.

In addition to the self-cleaning function is present calcareous rod, further protecting the product from the scale, there is a drop-stop function.

Iron from Tefal without wires


Cordless irons with a steam generator relies fill clean, ideally, distilled water. Limescale is created salts present in the water. The fact is taken into account when choosing a model, consumables can be costly, and get on their own is not possible. Without adequate water powerful steam turns into an expensive piece of metal and plastic. Any attempt to iron untreated water end abundant scum.

Sometimes limescale scores cordless iron insides and out. Indispensable detergent will be a special pencil. The product get rid of any dirt, grease, synthetic, scale. Pencil does not contain abrasives, will not damage the delicate sole. After application of the cleaning agent evaporates from the surface of the cordless iron. A distinctive feature of the majority of products considered the applicability of any model.

It is curious that the developers pencil consists of urea by 97%. In some sources substance called urea is suitable as fertilizer in the garden.

As for the ironing board, iron without wires does not submit to it specific requirements.


Wireless steam iron owner provides unprecedented freedom of movement. If skill ironing debugged, and there is no fear that in 25 seconds, not to govern with folds before the new charge, the choice use of the product described relieve joints of the hands of unnecessary and complicated movements is certainly contributing to the preservation of health Housewives.

You no longer need a wire holder for iron, no more pirouettes around confused cord. You and underwear - alone with each other.

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