How to clean the iron from scale inside and out at home?

Modern models of irons are of high quality. However, they still require a careful attitude and some care. Dirt inside the device and on the sole is a common problem. That’s why the question is urgent, how to clean the iron from scale, without damaging it, either inside or outside? There are several proven tools for this.


  1. What will help rid the iron of pollution at home?
  2. Self-cleaning: how to make it more effective
  3. Inside scale cleaning
  4. Descaling the soleplate

What will help rid the iron of pollution at home?

Scale occurs in the iron due to the use of hard water containing impurities. And also because of the frequent or not quite correct operation of the device, such pollution can appear on the surface of the appliance. The iron should be descaled regularly. Otherwise, pollution will affect the efficiency of ironing, leading to a quick failure of the equipment.

Descaling at home

What will allow you to get rid of scale at home, which has accumulated inside?

  1. Sparkling water, as well as a mixture of filtered or distilled and tap water.
  2. Citric acid, lemon juice.
  3. Specially created products suitable for cleaning devices from contamination. For irons, substances that eliminate scale inside electric kettles can also be suitable options.

Choosing a descaler, you can give preference to the following options:

  • "Silite";
  • "Antinakipin";
  • "Delu";
  • "Optima Plus PO-020";
  • "Luxus".

What household products can be used to remove scale from an iron?

  1. With the help of hydroperite.
  2. Using sulfur match box, but this method is not suitable for devices that have a Teflon coating, such as Tefal irons. There will be scratches on the surface due to this effect.
  3. It will help remove pollution from the surface of the iron ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, vinegar solution, laundry soap.
  4. The dishwashing detergent perfectly copes with scale on the surface.
  5. Cleaning the iron from scale can also be carried out using special tools. Contamination pencil - A fairly popular descaler that removes dirt from the sole of the device.

To clean the iron from limescale easily, you should use soft sponges, a cloth, or gauze, on which a solution or a special tool is applied. It is necessary to exclude the use of powder mixtures and metal sponges, which even on aluminum or ceramic surfaces will leave traces.

In addition to using chemical or folk remedies that help solve the issue of how to clean the iron from scale, in modern models of devices, for example, Bosh, Rowenta and others, there is a special function. It is with the help of it that cleaning can occur inside the iron. And a number of Philips irons have an improved ability to cleanse dirt.

An additional feature of Philips, Tefal, Braun electrical appliances is that they are equipped with the “Anti-scale” function. This simplifies the process of eliminating scale in the iron and on its surface, because the device is slightly contaminated.

Self-cleaning: how to make it more effective

If a iron Since it has a function that helps to clean the plaque from the inside, you should resort to this method once every 2-3 months. Depending on the brand of steam iron, the name of the self-cleaning system may differ. The most commonly used designation is “selfclean». But the Philips iron equipped with this system has a button “on the case”Clacclean».

Vinegar should not be used to create a solution that will be used in order to remove scale from the iron. Vinegar, in contrast to the "lemon", is able to adversely affect the rubberized parts, putting the device out of order.

But how to clean the iron from scale inside, so that the result is worthy?

  1. Pour either a mixture of distilled and tap water into the water tank (3: 1 calculation), or use a solution of citric acid. 2-3 small spoons of “lemons” should be poured into a glass of hot water, stir and pour the solution into the tank.
  2. Then you need to connect the device to the network, setting the heating level to a value for ironing (about 140 degrees) or at maximum power.
  3. As soon as the iron is hot, it will turn off automatically. After this, you need to repeat the heating again, especially in the case when you need to learn how to clean the iron from limescale with citric acid with an instant result.
  4. Having disconnected the device, it is necessary to substitute a basin under the iron.
  5. Next, activate the self-cleaning button, keeping it pressed until all residual water or solution comes out after steam.
  6. The iron can be gently chatted.
  7. At the end of the procedure, when the scale is removed from the device, the tank must be washed, filled again with clean water and again “let out” steam.

Even in situations where the iron model does not have a special system, you can still clean the iron with steam, using the steam function.

Inside scale cleaning

Removing plaque inside the iron with steam from a solution of citric acid or mixed distilled and tap water is a popular method. But not always completely eliminates pollution in the steam holes. What to do in this case?

Instead of trying to figure out how to clean the iron from limescale with citric acid, you can take sparkling water. The cleaning process will be the same as in a self-cleaning situation, only carbonated liquid is poured into the tank.

Applying lemon juicediluted with water in a ratio of 2: 1, it is possible to remove dirt from steam depressions. To do this, a cotton swab is dipped in the solution, with which the holes are rubbed. Then, using the "steam boost" or "steam exposure”, After pouring water into the iron, the holes should be cleaned of the remnants of lemon juice.

At the end of all the manipulations, trying to get rid of the scum at home, the iron should be wiped with a soft cloth.

In a situation where chemical agents are used to destroy plaque, dirt, it is necessary to perform all actions strictly according to the individual instructions attached to the tool.

Descaling the soleplate

If the question is not how to get rid of scale in the iron, but you need to clean the outer sole, you can resort to simple but effective options.

Iron sole cleaning
  1. Grate the surface of a heated iron 72% laundry soap. After cooling the appliance and cleaning the soap, wiping the sole with a soft cloth. If soap particles get inside the holes, pull it out from there using a cotton swab, and then “blow” it with steam, using softened water.
  2. Moisten a piece of gauze or bandage in the selected improvised product (vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, lemon juice), wipe the cold surface of the device. Applying dishwashing detergent, you need to pour it on a soft sponge and wipe the sole. Then wash off the product, wipe the surface.
  3. Warming up the appliance, you can use pencil (small) from scale for various coatings of soles of irons. This tool rubs the entire desired surface. The pencil will melt quickly, it is easy to erase with scum.
  4. Cleaner works great hydroperite. The tablet of the tool rubs the heated surface of the appliance. Then, when the device cools down, the sole must be wiped with a piece of soft cloth.
  5. An extreme way is to use not only vinegar, but also sulfur with matchbox. It is necessary to rub the heated surface of the iron with the sides of the box covered with sulfur. Then wipe the sole with a sponge.

You can watch how to descale your iron in the short video below:

The process of getting rid of plaque inside and outside the ironer is not difficult. The main thing to remember is that you need to get rid of the scum as soon as at least a small amount has formed. And in order to less often cause a problem, you do not need to often use hard water from the tap. It is better to use special for irons, distilled or, in extreme cases, cleaned with a household filter.

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