How to remove double-sided tape from plastic, furniture and glass

Double-sided tape - a useful invention, firmly embedded in the life of not only builders and repairmen, but also ordinary citizens. It is not surprising, because thanks to him you can easily and quickly glue a lot of materials on any surface.

But there is also a fly in the ointment, because the properties of miraculous and durable scotch work against you if you try to remove it. How to remove a similar tape without a trace?

Remove the adhesive tape

To clean the surface of the adhesive tape, you must first remove the polymer base. There are several ways to do this:

  1. Try to remove it with a clerical or regular knife, prying the base with it. Often this is enough to unstick it.
  2. If you don’t remove the tape so easily, and you have a drill or a screwdriver at your disposal, buy a rubber disc specially designed to wipe even the most durable adhesive tape at a hardware store. You need to install the disk on the drill and gently remove the entire tape. It is important to do this at low speed in order not to damage the surfaces on which you work. This addition is especially useful for those who often deal with cleaning double-sided tape.
  3. Chemicals can be used. One of the most popular is white spirit. If you can not find it, take gasoline for lighters or kerosene. Soak the liquid with unnecessary rags and attach it to the base of the adhesive tape and rub gently. Remains quite easy to withdraw. Be careful with this method. It is quite harmless to plastic, is not very suitable for delicate surfaces and can easily be washed together with glue a layer of polishing or paint. The best option is if you plan to glue something on the surface to be cleaned in the near future to hide traces of exposure to the solvent.
  4. Scotch tape is easier to remove at high temperature. Heat it with a hair dryer, building or household. After heating, the base can be removed with a rounded plastic spatula. Be careful, some surfaces, such as thin or brittle plastic, can be damaged due to heat, do not blow them on for too long, or only heat the edge of the base to remove it.

Remove glue

Durable acrylic glue is responsible for the stickiness of adhesive tape. The fight against him and his untidy traces can be delayed for a long time.

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Do not resort to the help of soap solutions, ordinary detergents and cleaning products. In the fight against acrylic glue, they are either useless or ineffective.

One of the following methods is suitable for cleansing:

  1. The easiest way is to use vegetable oil. Apply it on a rag, with it, liberally smear glue with oil and leave for a few hours, better for 12 hours. After that, the glue is easy to wipe off. If the surface allows, use a solvent to complete the process. The method is not suitable for processing furniture from unprotected varnish and paint wood. The wood will absorb the oil, and the furniture will remain greasy stains that can not be removed by anything.
  2. Remove the glue can and stationery eraser. It is necessary to scrub them with glue, as you would erase traces of the pencil, removing the pellets that appear. This method is harmless and universal. It can be used both for furniture and glass and plastic products, but it is not very convenient if you have to clean a large surface.
  3. The best option to remove traces from the glass - glass cleaner. If the ordinary household cleaner does not fit, find the one that is sold in car dealerships. It is much more effective in combating glass contamination and is able to quickly and easily clean the glue.
  4. White spirit, gasoline, solvent, acetone and even medical alcohol are also suitable for removing glue. Be careful when using them, observe safety precautions and evaluate the capabilities of the material you are cleaning. Proceed to treatment only when you are sure that the product does not harm.

To never again wonder how to remove double-sided tape, next time for sticking anything, use scotch tape designed specifically for quick or easy peeling. Today, there are a lot of options for adhesive tapes, which are easy to attach and at least easy to remove, even if they were used a long time ago.

Now you know how to scrub the double-sided tape and its tracks, so in the future it will not be a problem for you.

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